Student Papers

Over the years, the editors of this report and people on this website’s Speakers Bureau have assisted scores of students in secondary schools, colleges and universities, and graduate programs in their research into different aspects of Peoples Temple history. Beginning this year, we are publishing some of the papers which have come out of that research. The papers will also be collected and published at the bottom of the Articles page.

  1. Secondary School
    1. The Jonestown Project, by Abbey Gunderson & Jessica Spiro
    2. The Jonestown Massacre, by Matt Williams
  2. College and graduate school
    1. Jim Jones and His Peoples Temple: Dual Racial Identities, Dual Results, by Brooke Agee
    2. State of Mind, by Ruth Engler
    3. Leadership Styles: Martin Luther King vs. Jim Jones, by Tina Parrish
Originally posted on July 25th, 2013.

Last modified on November 11th, 2018.
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