Student Paper Section

Over the years, the editors of this report and people on this website’s Speakers Bureau have assisted scores of students in secondary schools, colleges and universities, and graduate programs in their research into different aspects of Peoples Temple history. Beginning this year, we are publishing some of the papers which have come out of that research. The papers will also be collected and published at the bottom of the Articles page.

  1. Secondary school
    1. Learning About Jonestown by Rachel Steele
      1. Tragedy Of 1978: Massacre At Jonestown
      2. Bibliography
    2. Jonestown Project Finishes Third in Florida Competition by Kaitlin Thornburg and Nina Barron
    3. Jim Jones and the History of Peoples Temple by Antoinette Pick-Jones
      1. Escape to Nowhere
    4. Behind the Conspiracy Theories of Jonestown by Nicole Mekler
      1. Why do conspiracy theories surround the evidence of the Jonestown massacre?
      2. Methodology
    5. How did Jim Jones manage to gain such control over his followers? by Tim Brooks
  2. College and graduate school
    1. Living in a “Socialist Paradise” by Logan Silva
      1. The Civil Rights Movement in Mendocino County, California
    2. Culture, Charisma and Peoples Temple by Devin Ross
    3. White Nights In Guyana by Ann Kristin Svendsen
    4. “We Win When We Go Down” by Stephen C. Robinson