The Tattoo Theory: Inaccuracies vs. Facts Part 4

by Jolene McDonald

(Editor’s Note: This blog was originally posted here.)

Conspiracy theory: Jim had a chest tattoo

Fact: Jim did not have any tattoos

This is not really a misconception, it’s just a conspiracy theory. I’m not sure how or why it started but a conspiracy theorist tried to convince me that he had a large cross tattooed all over his chest when he was eighteen, which is odd in itself considering he was never a believer in religion. And even more bizarre considering no reliable sources have referenced it. There is nothing to back up that claim at all, as usual with conspiracies. For some reason the theorist uses it as “proof” that he faked his death, which is ridiculous. It is not a believable theory anyway, but his autopsy report which states “no scars or tattoos are identified” and the death photos are more than enough to prove he did not have any tattoos.

Originally posted on January 6th, 2020.

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