The Date of Jim’s Death:
Inaccuracies vs. Facts Part 8

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Comment: Jim died on 28th November, ten days after everyone else

Fact: Jim died on 18th November, just like everyone else

I’m not sure who came up with this idea and I know the majority of people did not think it was true, but I wanted to mention it because I found it to be unusual. It was posted on a true crime website and several people were confused. I’m not sure why they said Jim waited ten days to shoot himself in Jonestown – bearing in mind Guyana officials showed up the next day to find everyone dead. Jim was one of the last people to die on the night of 18th November. On a similar note, the audio recording made on the 19th was said by conspiracy theorists to be proof Jim survived until the next morning, but that tape has been debunked. It would make no sense for Jim to stay alive so long anyway, considering he’d be aware the authorities were entering Jonestown at some point. The  six shots heard by survivors  late at night on the 18th matched Annie Moore’s gunshot wound, the wounds on two dogs, two wounds on Mr Muggs and of course, Jim’s gunshot wound.