BAKER, Jair Alexander

Photos Courtesy of California Historical Society, MSP 3800

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Last Name
Given Names
Jair Alexander
Better known as
Date of Birth
Age at Death
Place of Birth
Los Angeles, California
Family Tree
  Barbara Baker Family Tree
Birth Mother
Barbara Baker
Birth Father
Chris Lewis (uncle)
Eric Tyrone Baker, Shawn Valgen Baker, Tarik Earl Baker; (cousin) Dana Michelle Lewis
Non-Temple Relatives
Body Identification Number
Burial Location
Evergreen Cemetery, Oakland, CA
Source of Death Information
FBI document 89-4286-1302 (prepared 12/78)
Entry into Guyana
Residence (US)
Los Angeles, California
Residence (JT)
Cottage 04
Occupation in U.S./Skills, Talents & Interests
Brickmaking, singing, acting (RYMUR 89-4286-E-2-A-1hhhhh); student (RYMUR 89-4286-X-5-a-26b)
Occupation in Jonestown (Temple Records)
Brick factory (RYMUR 89-4286-E-2-A-1ddddd)
Jonestown Roles (FBI Records)
Government Income
“Jair Baker had all the qualities of a first-born son. Ever-mindful of the example he was setting for his three younger brothers, he was responsible, arrow-straight and always on the lookout for pitfalls. In Jonestown, Jair continued to attend high school classes, and all Edith Roller's journals from February through May 1978 mention him. He was reported for saying he was not happy in Jonestown (ER Jnls 2/78), did best when working with an adult who was a slow learner (4/78), and worked in the brick-making shop. Jair and the shop are shown in the Group Photos album on the "Who Died, a memorial album" Facebook Page, but I had to be assured that the muscular man in the doorway was actually Jair--he had filled out so much from the slender teenager shown in his passport photos. A faithful follower of their stories, Kimberly White-Minter, commented: "Jair what a wonderful guy u were the coolest of the cool!! big brother to all not jus Tarik,Eric and Shawn. Man i miss U, especially you with your cool handsome self, my crush &! may you be happy with your family and the crew on heaven and always watch over us (halo emojis)"” - Kathryn Barbour

“I went to high school with Jair after 9th grade. I always wondered what happened to him. He was on the freshman track team. His life hadn't even begun yet. RIP: Jair Baker” - Laurentony Hubbard