GARCIA, Tiffany La Trice

Photos Courtesy of California Historical Society, MSP 3800

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Last Name
Given Names
Tiffany La Trice
Better known as
Date of Birth
Age at Death
Place of Birth
Los Angeles, California
Family Tree
  Callie Mae Mitchell Family Tree
Birth Mother
Tanya Rena Cox Garcia, aka Tanya Rena Cox; Ruby Jean Bright (great-aunt); Callie Mae Mitchell (great-great-aunt)
Birth Father
Cleveland Desmond Garcia
Juanita Jean Bright; Lawrence George Bright III, aka Babo Bright; Stephanie Katrina Chacon (first cousins once removed)
Non-Temple Relatives
(grandmother) Barbara Ann Foster, (great-aunts) Vera Jean Foster Chacon, Shirley Ann Foster; (uncle) Gerald L. Banks
Body Identification Number
Burial Location
Evergreen Cemetery, Oakland, CA
Source of Death Information
FBI document 89-4286-1302 (prepared 12/78)
Entry into Guyana
Residence (US)
San Francisco, California
Residence (JT)
Cottage 41
Occupation in U.S./Skills, Talents & Interests
Occupation in Jonestown (Temple Records)
Jonestown Roles (FBI Records)
Government Income
“Poor little children. May they rest in piece. Such a beautiful girl ” - Anonymous

“Love you so much. So sorry I never got to know you. Your Uncle, Jerry ” - Gerald L. Banks

“You, sweet angel, will not be forgotten. ” - Anonymous

A Note to My Tiffany ” - Linda Mertle

“You will always be my little baby girl, I was so blessed to have had the privilege of taking care of you. You were only about 1 year old but you were such a sweet baby. You were the first baby I had ever cared for and leaving you in the Temple was one of the hardest things I had to do, but you were not mine and I knew I could not have taken you with me. I think of you to this day . I remember how you used to giggle with your tiny thumb in your mouth. And I would rub your eye brows to help you drift off to sleep. I loved just holding you in my arms while you slept and tried not to move so I wouldn't wake you. You were such a happy baby and it was fun caring for you. I will treasure my memories of you always...Always Linda” - Linda Mertle