GROOT, Pauline

Photos Courtesy of California Historical Society, MSP 3800

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Last Name
Given Names
Better known as
Date of Birth
Age at Death
Place of Birth
Richland, Washington
Family Tree
Birth Mother
Birth Father
Non-Temple Relatives
Body Identification Number
Burial Location
Remains claimed by next of kin; burial location unknown
Source of Death Information
House Foreign Affairs Committee report; FBI document 89-4286-1302 (prepared 12/78)
Entry into Guyana
Residence (US)
Santa Rosa, California 95401
Residence (JT)
Dorm 4
Occupation in U.S./Skills, Talents & Interests
physical therapy, nurse's aide, tutoring, math, IBM computer operator (RYMUR 89-4286-E-2-A-1oooo); agriculture, nurse's aide, linguist, physical therapy (RYMUR 89-4286-E-2-A-1uuuu - vvvv); chemical engineer (RYMUR 89-4286-X-5-a-32a); teacher (PT occupation record); convalescent hospital worker (Maaga); Chemist/ Nurse
Occupation in Jonestown (Temple Records)
Chemical Engineering (RYMUR 89-4286-C-7-h-4b); Mathematician & Scientist (RYMUR 89-4286-X-4-l-4b); Medical staff (medical machine consultant, infection control, Bond) (RYMUR 89-4286-E-2-A-1kkkk)
Jonestown Roles (FBI Records)
"Explosives committee" (FBI document 89-4286-1207); Electrical engineer (FBI document 89-4286-1552); Chemical analysis of plants, research medical department (FBI Report, 89-4286-1681)
Government Income
“Pauline Groot was a one-of-a-kind goofy girl. She was a little younger than me, but never had the polish to work easily with people. She was feisty and outspoken, and didn't listen to the little voice that told her to think first before speaking. So, the great part of her was that whatever she said was her truth. She didn't sugar coat what she said, and she was refreshingly honest. Whatever entered her head just emptied out. and it was always delightful. I remember once she told me that she never wanted to taste alcohol because she didn't want to take the chance that she'd like it. She said she would rather not, "Take the cap off of that particular bottle." I think she avoided other things that might complicate her fairly simple take on life. But, she was bubbly and goofy, and comfortable with who she was. She was content to be a part of Peoples Temple and work in an inclusive community where she had many friends. ” - Laura Johnston Kohl