MILLER, Christine

Photos Courtesy of California Historical Society, MSP 3800

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Last Name
Given Names
Better known as
Date of Birth
Age at Death
Place of Birth
Brownsville, Texas
Family Tree
Birth Mother
Birth Father
Non-Temple Relatives
Body Identification Number
Burial Location
Remains claimed by next of kin; burial location unknown
Source of Death Information
House Foreign Affairs Committee report; FBI document 89-4286-1302 (prepared 12/78)
Entry into Guyana
Residence (US)
Los Angeles, California 90005
Residence (JT)
Cottage 07
Occupation in U.S./Skills, Talents & Interests
clerk (RYMUR 89-4286-X-5-a-32a); Intermediate county clerk, housing inspector, Sewing (RYMUR 89-4286-E-2-A-1dd)
Occupation in Jonestown (Temple Records)
Sewing Dept (RYMUR 89-4286-E-2-A-1dd)
Jonestown Roles (FBI Records)
Government Income
Other records say birthyear is 1917; passport DOB above
Christine Miller: A Voice of Independence ” - Michael Bellefountaine

“the only sane voice in the crowd. i can only imagine your horror. ” - Anonymous

“RIP ” - tonya

“She stood up, alone, one voice against a thousand, and spoke sanity to insanity. Christine Miller was a true hero on that ugly day. ” - Dave L

“It is really sad that no one heeded what you had to say on that awful day. May God be with you now. ” - Anonymous

“You fought so bravely... A single voice of reason... ” - Corisa

“I admire you to this day, Christine, as the only one who seemed to recognize it was not another test, to speak your mind and to speak for the countless ones who were too afraid to speak up... ” - Anonymous

“You were a very brave woman Christine. I only wish everyone would have followed your lead ” - Frank

“Listening to the tape and researching the massacre I have nothing but pride for you and what you tried to do that day. If only they listened to you instead of that man the children would have survived. You have a clean soul to this day long live Christine Miller in our hearts. I do not bear to think how you suffered that day watching them killing the children. ” - ash

“Only a mother would put the lives of children before her own.....RIP ” - Lina Juncaj

“That day must have been more fear that I can imagine. To take a stand to save the children against what was about to happen. I know that God put a place in heaven for you. I am saddened that your life was taken because I do not believe you took your own. At the very last moment the true Bible spoke because God said, " my sheep know my voice." At the end, you heard the true God's voice. RIP ” - sam

“Christine, your valiant bravery speaks volumes to this day. Thirty years later you are a representation of what a true hero is: you held your own while others chastised you and were willing to die than to have others disrespect you. Moral courage is to a representation of values one holds dear. Christine, you never wavered from the belief that respect is never taken and broken; your hard struggles represent a spirit that refused to be broken by madness, evil, and systematic brainwashing. We will remember your courage and may you rest in peace. ” - Anonymous

“R.I.P. Christine, you're in my prayers even though I was only 8 when you passed on ....I'm sure your voice will be speaking out again in heaven on that day of reckoning when Jim Jones has to answer to the REAL GOD Almighty JAH and pay for what he did to you my brothers and sisters! was the only one who fought not for your life but for the life of the children and for that I thank you!” -

“Thank you for being the angelic voice to stand up against the treacherous plots of mass genocide. ” - D.K. Foreman

“Very brave person who spoke up for the children, may she rest in peace..... ” - cory zachariasen

“My GOD! I felt like I was there listening to you talk. Fear, I have to believe overwelmed those that were too scared to speak or shocked and could not. You did it and the World heard you and for that I cannot forget you for that. "Power to the People," and especial, "Black People who want to believe that religion is our refuge and damn man who get in the way of that belief!" GOD is in your heart and you are there! ” - Heather

“I admire your courage; your courage will give me strength to face what terrifies me. God bless you, and I will think of you when I am face with a situation when it is much easer to cower down and remain silent. You remained me of some of the Jews who would not cower down to the Germans in the face of certain death. May God bless you and your family, I regret that I can not meet you in person and give you a hug! ” - Mark Gallaga

“Christine Miller = True bravery. You are my hero. ” - Anonymous

“Her story breaks my heart. May she rest in peace and her death not be in vain. 'As long as there's life, there's hope...' ” -

“Christine you were so brave when you obviously were scared like I'm sure many others where that last day. I'm so proud of you for tryihg to save the children and babies. I think you knew it wouldn't help, but you tried anyway. Those kid who may have heard you felt your love for them. I see your picture and you have so much love in your eyes and I would have loved it for you to stick up for me in a time like that. I'm sure there are others who were by your side who felt closer to you than and it helped them feel your love. My sincere sadness in your loss and all the other at Jonestown. I which there could be a place like that without the theories and just live normal there. You almost did it. Sorry it didn't work out. ” - Anonymous

“I'll won't forget what happen to you during on the Saturday, November 18, 1978 may you rest in peace!. ” - Anonymous

As Long As There's Life, There's Hope ” - Tim Engel

“May God Bless your soul, Christine Miller. Although, I did not have the opportunity to meet you personally, I feel a connection through your voice. Sadness overcomes me with the thoughts of the Jonestown tragedy and how you stepped out of this life. I applaud you for speaking out in the mist of absolute madness. RIP ” - Anonymous

“Oh Brave Christine Miller, you ARE remembered... ” - David

“Great Aunt Christine. You did what you have to do that day. We miss you. Right now, I have a rap group named after you to continue your name. See you one day. ” - Dee Moore

“You brought tears to my eyes. And only one person could do that. My mama. I love you mama. Christine Miller you were unmarried but you are the only person I can truly call 'mother'. I pray that God gives me an opportunity to serve you as your only child in some life later on. ” - her son

“You are one of the bravest woman that has ever lived. Standing up to something like that was heroic and should never be forgotten. You stood up for what you believed in that day. I will never forget your voice on that day, and will use your words of wisdom all my life. Rest in peace Christine. ” - Ann

“Why were you the only one? Were you the only one who could see or were you the only one who was willing to say what you saw? ” - Anonymous

“Christine, you are a hero to me. Your words about where there is life there is hope, have been an inspiration for me when I have faced dark days in my life. Your comment, "I see the children and I think they deserve to live," is so haunting. Nothing in this world could have ever been worse to see those precious children trusting their mother to protect them and then being poisoned. You will always stand out as that one voice of humanity against the devil himself. Your courage has touched many. ” - Joseph King

“Christine you are a hero. When no one else had courage, you did. When no one else had hope, you did. When no one else had a voice, you did. When no one else voiced compassion, you did. I wish I could have known you. ” - kawney

“You truly courageous woman, I'm sure you are resting in peace ” - Tony

“I never met you but we have similar names you were so brave it was so wrong what happened. It makes me hate Jim Jones and, I don't want to hate anyone. When I look for courage in this life I will think of you always. Rest in peace angel ” - Christine Mills

“Christine spoke those inspiring words- "I believe where there is life, there is hope." And she emphasized how we should all have a choice when ending it. Hearing those children screaming in the tape made right before they died, is excruciating. I think in every desperate situation, there is always someone like Christine. Her spirit lives where ever there is hope in the face of destruction. ” - Joseph

“You are an inspiration, and you should be remembered forerver. ” - Lisa

“Hearing your calm sane voice gave me chills. You were hope and courage in a sea of misguided fear. You are remembered as bravery. ” - Anonymous

“RIP love” - Anonymous

“Ms. Miller is my hero for all she did that day (and all other times before). She can be heard on other FBI tapes and also letters survive her which all show who she was and her strong character; and her sense of love and courage. I never knew her but I have her picture on my desk so that each time I feel a bit weak or sad or depressed I remember her words... "I believe where there is life there is hope." Thank You Ms. Miller for being who you were. If more people today knew of your personal experience and what you did that day maybe the world would be in a bit better shape than it is now.” - Laura

“A voice of hope even at the face of darkness and death. You are a hero and you tried. Oh you tried to save those kids. I hope you're in a better place. You've inspired me. The world needs more people like you. God bless you. RIP.” - Anonymous

“A courageous, inspirational, brave woman. There should be a statue of you somewhere. You looked at the babies, and you knew what they were about to do to them. But you were but one person in a sea of a thousand fanatics, trying to plead for individualism. I am sorry it was too late for you... and the babies. See you on the other side, brave woman.” - LG

“Christine, you truly were what this whole thing was about. Your love and strength for others. I wish there was more people that took the stand with you that day. Just maybe it could of been a different turn out. You knew in your heart this was the wrong way. You are a true hero with lots of love in your heart. Rest in Peace!” - Dianna Jones

“You are an ANGEL, a STRONG angel who fought for your life and stood your ground against everyone. GOD BLESS YOU” - Courtney Pierce

“I wish you had survived. Christine, being as smart as you were, if only you had found a way out the pavilion. ” - Antajuan Grady

“I have known about the Jonestown Massacre since I was a small child; however, I only learned of Ms. Christine Miller after listening to "The Death Tape" of the Peoples Temple. I found myself with bated breath, praying that the people would hear her logic and turn against their maniacal leader, but alas, I already knew the outcome. Listening to Christine's pleas, I felt as if a family member was trapped in that hell; I wanted to come through the screen and just rescue her. She will never be forgotten, and I pray that somewhere she is in peace and is able to see that she is remembered as a true hero, who tried to face down evil alone and in the face of adversity. ” - Javar Martin

“You were such a brave soul. In a room full of people that were against you, you stood up for yourself which takes great courage. I pray that you are in eternal peace. Your name and your spirit lives on. I will keep a little bit of your courage with me. ” - Kia

“God bless her heart. May she rest in peace. ” - Brandye

“I don't know you, nor will I ever. I've listened to the tapes, and your words were the only words of reason throughout the entire segment. Sad… What a brave, kind, and rational person you were! I hope you're resting in peace now. The world could use more folks like you!” - Joshua A. Traffanstedt

“Although I was only 5 years old on that day, I wish I could have known you. Your strength and courage are still inspiring people to this day. It takes a truly amazing and brave person to truly stand by your beliefs and to never give up hope, even when you were facing death. May you forever RIP and when day is done I hope and pray I have done as well as you.” - kelli

“It is said that not all heroes wear capes. Whoever said that must have been thinking of you Ms. Miller. You who stood up to Jim Jones to try to keep them from killing those babies. You would not be silenced even when the others tried to silence you. You would not back down. If there is a Paradise I am certain you are there for you have earned your wings. ” - Anonymous