Photos Courtesy of California Historical Society, MSP 3800

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“You and NBC cameraman bravely gave your lives that day on Nov. 18, 1978. You were there simply on an assignment. You had no idea what lay ahead of you. You help record history, photographing Jonestown, Guyana and the Rev. Jim Jones and his flock. I'll always remember the sacrifices you made. God bless you and all the brave journalists, along with Congressman Leo Ryan and all those tragic souls lost that day in Guyana. ” - Chris Garrett

“In 1978 I was working for Crocker Bank in San Francisco in the Richmond District. Greg was a client. I was in my 20's. Greg was always so cheerful when he came in and I grew very fond of him and I think he grew fond of me. It was the day before he left to Guyana. He walked in more cheerful than ever and told me the wonderful news of being picked to go to Guyana. I was so happy for him. His face just lit up when he was telling me the good news. He was so excited. The last thing he told me was, when I get back the first thing I'm going to do is take you out to dinner. Would you like to go, he asked me? I was honored and said yes!!! When I heard what happened, I experienced such a sadness. I felt lost. I never really talked to anyone about it. Kept it all these years until I started writing my memoir. Greg was special. There was something about him that just lit up the room when he walked in. I have never forgotten him and to this day I often think about where he would be today. Most likely a famous journalist!!! He is with the angels now ” - Martha Cifuentes

“You gave your life doing your job, as a press photographer. You knew your assignment was probably dangerous, yet you bravely went into Guyana, shooting the last photos you would ever take. I'm also a photographer and I know the risks involved. I'm honored to carry on your memory.” - Chris Garrett