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This is the archive of a large website of research and writing that predates the creation of our own Alternative Considerations site.

In 1998, Laurie Efrein Kahalas launched “” as a means to present information which was not part of the general public’s knowledge and understanding of Peoples Temple and the events of 18 November 1978. As a member of the Temple who had never lived in Jonestown, Ms. Kahalas had access to hundreds of documents stateside which investigating agencies never included in any official findings. She also pursued her own ongoing and independent research.

After six years in operation and over six million hits, “” was discontinued as a separate entity on the Internet. In the interest of preserving the information from the site for future generations of Jonestown scholars and researchers, the managers of the Alternative Considerations site asked Ms. Kahalas for permission to archive her work in its entirety.


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WWW.JONESTOWN.COM offers a provocative, one-of-a-kind investigation into one of the most devastating events of the 20th century, The Jonestown Tragedy, including both the assassination of Congressman Leo Ryan and the suicides at Jonestown. It includes materials available nowhere else.

This site is designed by a survivor from Peoples Temple who rescued the entire archives from the Peoples Temple headquarters in San Francisco immediately following the tragedy in November, 1978. The information is based upon personal knowledge, investigative work, exclusive documentation, and records that have never been explored or placed in context. The site will be periodically revised.

The exposé of evidence relating to the assassination is ongoing. This evidence has never been aired in any public hearing or legal proceeding. Most contradicts the public mythologies on key points.

WWW.JONESTOWN.COM serves the dual purpose as a forum for education, and an exposé of one of the most covered-up and lied about events in modern history. Organizations and individuals across the world are contributing to this venture, with the goal of spurring a new Congressional investigation.

You can also use this site to order the most controversial view of Jonestown in print, written as a riveting memoir, "SNAKE DANCE: Unravelling the Mysteries of Jonestown," by Laurie Efrein Kahalas.

NOTE: This site in no way defends or justifies mass suicide. It is rather an exploration of every factor of persecution, zealotry, and raw political power which was aggravated rather than defused, with the tragic results. This site is designed to give the public the truth, to reverse the cover-ups, and to restore humanity to the people who died.

With edging towards the 3 million-hit mark, we are humbly grateful for your support, and appreciative for your interest. If you have any questions or comments, you may e-mail the author at

"SNAKE DANCE: Unraveling the Mysteries of Jonestown"
may be ordered by mail, by,
or requested through Barnes & Noble stores.

Laurie and Dan Kahalas

For $20  - you may purchase
"SNAKE DANCE: Unravelling the Mysteries of Jonestown."

(See description below.)

If you wish to order with a check
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MILLENNIUM SPECIAL: What if you could foresee a cataclysmic event years in advance, yet were powerless to prevent it? What if it involved the collapse of your entire world and the death of your friends? What if your visions were met with ridicule and scorn?

Read PREMONITIONS: The Story of "Allegory" for a real-life account of one of the most astounding pre-cognitive episodes of the closing Millennium! Piece includes complete text of "Allegory," written four years prior to the Jonestown Tragedy.


PREMONITIONS: The Story of "Allegory": Read this unparalleled story of how a survivor-to-be of Peoples Temple was shown the Jonestown Tragedy years in advance, and "given" an extraordinary text which pre-recorded the future in uncanny detail. This moving tour-de-force is finally revealed, and how it altered the author’s views of life and death forever. If you relate to angels or spiritual guidance, this piece is for you.

"UN-SILENT NIGHT": A Reconstruction of the Events of November 18, 1978 at Jonestown Guyana: Finally we can know exactly what happened at Jonestown that perilous night. New details include evidence that C.I.A.-directed military entered the community within hours. How did they arrive so quickly in a foreign country, remote locale, heavy tropical storm, no local airstrip to land on, and no on-site assessment? Were they already there prior to the assassination? Why did they keep all humanitarian aid out for two whole days? "Un-Silent Night" refers to testimony of shouts and gunfire after the community had already fallen completely silent in death. Here is an explosive "untold story" that will knock your socks off.

JONESTOWN: THE HUMAN STORY: Did the murders and suicides at Jonestown "just happen," or did specific suspect individuals push a fanatical, isolated group to the finish line? This is the inside story of who pushed the Congressman to investigate Jonestown, their connections, motives, and secret activities. Also explored is the escalating human pressures upon the residents of Jonestown. How a thousand lives were caught in a vice between zealotry from both without and from within.

You will probably never have to face the choices facing the people of Jonestown, but can you judge without knowing how devastating and real those choices were?

JONESTOWN: THE TRUTH: From a politically controversial group riddled with plants, to a McCarthyistic smear campaign, to a mercenary attack, to threats of "mass extinction," the truth has been concealed to this day. What happens when the power of the press, the power of the government, and the power of the military combine to threaten a small community trapped in a jungle with neither arms to fend off attackers nor phones to the outside world?

What really happened once the stage was set? Why is there reason to believe that it may not have been anyone from Jonestown who shot the Congressman? How were disinformation and cover-ups used to conceal the truth?

COULD IT HAPPEN AGAIN?: Parents and other concerned individuals worry that a catastrophe like Jonestown could happen again. Were the factors at Jonestown exclusive to their time, or are there warning signs that can be applied across the culture? Where is the line between appropriate intervention, and the trampling of human and religious rights? What can be done when investigatory bodies of the press and government are used to escalate and provoke catastrophe instead of defusing it?

"JONESTOWN: DISMANTLING THE DISINFORMATION": Reprint of article from NEW DAWN Magazine, Melbourne, Australia. There is no clean slate on which the truth may appear without first seeing the lies, cover-ups, and disinformation that have dogged this subject from the start. Special attention is given to debunking the disinformation of "C.I.A. mind control experiment," and to revealing why this fiction was invented in the wake of the tragedy.

RAVE REVIEWS: Jonestown was smeared in the press before a single reporter had visited. Were the rumors true? This piece reveals scores of glowing reviews which were completely blocked from the U.S. press. To the people of Jonestown and its scores of visitors, this was a miraculous breakaway from inner city conditions of racism, drugs, crime, unemployment, substandard housing, education and medical care. How could a community acclaimed as "a paradise," "a utopia," and "a credit to humanity" veer into the catastrophe of mass death? One can never condone suicide. But this piece will give you a bird’s eye view of what was at stake for the people of Jonestown.

FINAL WITNESS: A moving and eloquent "final letter" from Jonestown was just discovered recently in an independent researcher’s FOIA files. What did the people of Jonestown feel in their final hours of life? Was it all chaos, terror, and fear, or were there more humane factors of unity, purpose, and love in play? In a time where human emotions were pushed to the limits and beyond, how did the community respond? One woman’s real-life record of how a whole community died.

WAS THERE A C.I.A. CONSPIRACY TO DESTROY JONESTOWN?: Jonestown has long been a happy hunting ground for conspiracy theorists, but most of the information has been dis-information, and the real story has been covered up. What was covered-up, by whom, and why? What was the political story? What was the role of government operatives? Why are there lingering questions about both the assassination and the suicides? What secret military reports are emerging to this day? This is not the story you expect, but it’s the only one that makes sense.

OPEN LETTER TO SCHOLARS, ACTIVISTS AND ADVOCATES OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: The Jonestown Tragedy has been a natural magnet for scholars, theologians, and advocates for religious freedom. This piece details, point by point, the many pitfalls that have stood in the way of accurate scholarship, and why new paradigms must be embraced to comprehend what happened at Jonestown.

BOOK EXCERPTS: Excerpts from four chapters of the moving memoir, "SNAKE DANCE: Unravelling the Mysteries of Jonestown," by Peoples Temple survivor, Laurie Efrein Kahalas. There is much more in the book than can be included on the site -- moving stories, insights, and a riveting memoir told from the heart. It also contains raw truths about Jim Jones and internal problems, and is a testament of honesty as well as reconciliation. The writer loved the people of Jonestown and tells the complete truth about what happened. The book also highlights human and spiritual capacities to overcome trauma.

"ON THE RECORD: THE BOOK OF DOCUMENTS": The serialized version of this documentary sequel to "SNAKE DANCE: Unravelling the Mysteries of Jonestown" is coming soon to Exclusive documents and analysis, available nowhere else, will be periodically rotated. Includes documentation from the Peoples Temple archives retrieved in the wake of the tragedy.

NEW RESEARCH: This piece will be periodically updated. Individuals and organizations all over the world have become activated by the 20th anniversary of the Jonestown Tragedy just past. New and startling information is filling in the missing pieces in Jonestown research, as the time to re-open the investigation draws closer. See what is "hot" in foreign contributions, revelations from the military, piecing together of previously-unavailable or discarded clues.

MASS SUICIDE: THE FINAL TABOO: For all the millennia of human existence, suicide has provoked revulsion, shame, and condemnation across the globe. The "mass suicide" at Jonestown is something the world cannot forget or forgive. Author has strong feelings against suicide – even, or especially for people she loved. She offers insights that may assuage, pique, or even re-define the public’s horror. Did the last taking of life happen at their own hands or by invading forces? Now, finally, we may know. Will it alter what the world had been led to believe?

ADDITIONAL PIECES ABOUT "SNAKE DANCE: Unravelling the Mysteries of Jonestown" by Laurie Efrein Kahalas, include: NEWSFLASH and BOOK REVIEWS.


"SNAKE DANCE: Unravelling the Mysteries of Jonestown,"

by Laurie Efrein Kahalas



Please help support this site and have your own copy of the
book that tells the truth about Jonestown. We are able to maintain this site at this time
but can give no guarantees as to the length of time we will be able to continue.

For $20 - you may purchase "SNAKE DANCE: Unravelling the Mysteries of Jonestown." by mail, through, or requested through Barnes & Noble stores. (See description below.) NOTE: If you wish to order with a check (made out to Laurie Efrein-Kahalas in American dollars),
please send it to P.O. Box 1801, New York, New York 10156.


Twenty years ago, members of a politically
controversial church were trapped in a remote jungle.
On the one side was a dangerously destabilized leader.
On the other a mad dog intelligence agency establishment.

"SNAKE DANCE: Unravelling the Mysteries of Jonestown," by Laurie Efrein Kahalas, Red Robin Press, 1998. Survivor’s riveting tale of terror, inspiration, tragedy, and overcoming the odds. Nearly everyone had moved overseas by the time tragedy struck, but as fate would have it, the author had been left back with a tiny crew doing organizational work in the States. While others wildly shredded documents, she quietly saved them, and has reconstructed what the media blitz of the time completely suppressed.

What unfolds is a blistering political exposé, rife with government plants, agent provocateurs, smears, frames, and an eight-year conspiracy to destroy an interracial, politically controversial church who dared to prove that inner city dwellers could thrive and excel on a worldwide stage. In a story to rival the most twisty spy novel, the forces out to destroy Jonestown, and their interplay with a community under siege, are spun through the sensitivities of one who experienced it first-hand. 

"SNAKE DANCE" is at a 180-degree tilt from the official view. Although devastated by a "suicide option" for a community with children, the author courageously reveals the whole, startling truths, so as to prevent future catastrophes. Author relates to all aspects with searing honesty: traumas, conflicts, cult, philosophical perspective, historical context, the transformative powers of life and death. Written as an autobiography. Gripping, compelling, moving, touching, heart-wrenchingly real.

410 pp. ISBN 1-55212-207-7. Copyright 1998. Complete with special documentary section and color photographs from Jonestown.


"Twenty years later, a voice of clarity and humanity has emerged to set the record straight. Snake Dance is a well-documented and well-written book that kept this reviewer riveted, unwilling to stop turning to the next page. Snake Dance is, in this reviewer’s opinion, THE premiere work about the Jonestown Tragedy!"

Richard Fuller
Metaphysical Reviews

"Ms. Kahalas’ detailing of a conspiracy to bring down Jim Jones and trigger the mass suicides is both difficult to swallow and, at the same time hard to put aside. The tale of what happened in the Guyana jungle has been unsettling to me from the beginning. I do hope that scholars, journalists and public officials will read this book and determine for themselves whether Snake Dance sheds light and insight on this terrible moment in history that claimed so many lives of innocent people."

Prof. Jeffrey Hadden
Department of Sociology
University of Virginia

"My God, I am in amazement. I have finished your book, Snake Dance, and am sitting here in complete shock over what you and the others suffered at the hands of the media and government.

"I would like to name Snake Dance as one of our editor’s picks."

Deborah L. Beeksma
Managing Partner
On Q - The Writer’s Showcase


"I am indeed impressed with your courage and persistence in continuing to communicate about the lies that surround Jonestown. Please continue to keep me briefed on your work."

Rev. Heber C. Jentsch
President, Church of Scientology International

‘In all the hype that followed the tragedy, no one imagined what Kahalas says really happened: a corrupt plot backed by the CIA to destroy the Peoples Temple. Kahalas is brutally honest about Peoples Temple, both the good and the bad, and this gives her credibility. With its Cold War plots, corrupt officials and double agents, Snake Dance reads more like a spy novel than a church chronicle!"

January, 1999


For $20 - you may purchase "SNAKE DANCE: Unravelling the Mysteries of Jonestown." by mail, through, or requested through Barnes & Noble stores. (See description below.) NOTE: If you wish to order with a check (made out to Laurie Efrein-Kahalas in American dollars), please send it to P.O. Box 1801, New York, New York 10156.

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