BOWER, Donald Robert

Photos Courtesy of California Historical Society, MSP 3800

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Last Name
Given Names
Donald Robert
Better known as
Date of Birth
Age at Death
Place of Birth
Susanville, California
Family Tree
  Naomi Johnson Family Tree
Birth Mother
Birth Father
Naomi Esther Johnson
(stepchildren) Linda Theresa Arterberry, aka Linda Pierce; Shawntiki Johnson aka Verna Lisa Johnson; (grandchildren) Clarence Edward Moore, Jr., aka Clarence Arterberry; Ricardo David Arterberry; Traytease Lanette Arterberry
Non-Temple Relatives
(first wife) Betty Jean Bower; (children not in Jonestown) Gregory Thomas Bower [DOB: 1/29/59], Sarah Anne Bower [DOB: 4/57]
Body Identification Number
Burial Location
Odd Fellows Cemetery, Port Arena, CA
Source of Death Information
FBI document 89-4286-1302 (prepared 12/78)
Entry into Guyana
Residence (US)
Oakland, California
Residence (JT)
Cottage 09
Occupation in U.S./Skills, Talents & Interests
Biologist (RYMUR 89-4286-X-5-a-26c); cattle ranch (Maaga)
Occupation in Jonestown (Temple Records)
ACAO (RYMUR 89-4286-C-8-a-26a); Biologist & Animal Scientist (RYMUR 89-4286-C-7-h-4b)
Jonestown Roles (FBI Records)
Government Income
“Donald was my grandfather ” - thomas ely bower

“well dad I find something new everytime i visit this web site (a step mom and new sibs)id like to have met them.but everything happens for a reason.some of us learn from it others dont.Danny my son was asking about you the other nite told him i didnt know that much except a few pics i copied at the The California Historical Society and a few i got from your sister (my aunt VJ)i found your resting place at point arena its pretty nice you would like it you can see the light house and hear the ocean if your quiet.well see ya next time i drop by your son Gregory. ” - Greg Bower

Don Bower: A Remembrance ” - Greg Bower

“Thank you for the gift of your son and please remain at blessed peaceful rest. ” - Susan White Hicks

“Hi Donald, my name is Michael Bower I went to your memorial with Thomas and Aunt Sarah along with my Grandpa Greg Bower. I was very young when I went to the memorial, so I could not take It really all In. It's something else to know this information, I love my grandpa and my Aunt Sarah. May you rest In peace!” - Michael Bower

“Don was was married to my grandmother Naomi Johnson. Would love for the Bower family to reach out. Any info or pictures of the family together would be amazing to see. Share stories anything thanks. ” - deon murphy