JOHNSON, Naomi Esther

Photos Courtesy of California Historical Society, MSP 3800

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Last Name
Given Names
Naomi Esther
Better known as
Date of Birth
Age at Death
Place of Birth
Chicago, Illinois
Family Tree
  Naomi Johnson Family Tree
Birth Mother
Birth Father
Donald Robert Bower
Linda Theresa Arterberry, aka Linda Pierce; Verna Lisa Johnson aka Shawntiki Johnson; Clarence Edward Moore, Jr., aka Clarence Arterberry (grandson/ ward); Ricardo David Arterberry; Traytease Lanette Arterberry (grandchildren)
Non-Temple Relatives
Body Identification Number
Burial Location
Paradise Memorial Park, Santa Fe Springs, CA
Source of Death Information
House Foreign Affairs Committee report; FBI document 89-4286-1302 (prepared 12/78)
Entry into Guyana
Residence (US)
San Francisco, California 94115
Residence (JT)
Cottage 05
Occupation in U.S./Skills, Talents & Interests
Medical secretary, clerical, elementary teacher, ceramics, children's nurse, cosmetologist (RYMUR 89-4286-E-2-A-1zz); Beautician (RYMUR 89-4286-X-5-a-26o); Librarian
Occupation in Jonestown (Temple Records)
Teacher in Jonestown school (RYMUR 89-4286-E-2-A-1yy)
Jonestown Roles (FBI Records)
Government Income
FBI document 89-4286-1302 (prepared 12/78) says birthdate is 10/10/1929; PT occupatioon record says birthdate is 11/25/1927; passport DOB above
“Your contribution to this world and my heart is victorious and appreciated. ” - Susan White Hicks

“This is my step mother. We might have met in Marin county at the house my Dad took me to once. May she rest in peace in heaven with God's protection for eternity. ” - Greg Bower

“Grandmother I miss You so Much. I was so young when you left. I Can still remember holding ur hand and the Big hug and kiss u gave me before you left. I will always remember You. I love you always, Lil Anthony. To whom ever read this and knew my Grandmother or my other family members.. Please contact me via email.... I want to know if any had spoke with them before they left or have any picture of them.. PLEASE HELP IF YOU HAVE ANY PICTURES OF MY GRAND MOTHER SEND THEM TO [SKINTONE03@GMAIL.COM] THANK YOU.. ” - Anthony Jefferson Jr.

“Dear Naomi, You are listed as my dad's wife. I hope so much that you were both happy. So sorry we never met. May the Great Spirit bless and keep all of you. ” - Sarah Anne Bower

“GRAM~ My memories are foggy, but this is you. May you rest in peace my love. I remember my mother telling me I was supposed to go as well at the last minute she refused. This situation hurt her in the worst way. She was never the same again. Now I understand why she would become upset when I asked about her family. This would make me mental too. She would say random statements about Jonestown and don't let people brainwash your head. We worshiped God, but wouldn't step foot in a church. The only time she did, she ended going OFF on the preacher. I now know he triggered memories for her and she ran out, poor thing. Guess that why I work in mental health field. Gram I was a cosmetologist as well as taught by Auntie Vickie in her shop on Adam's. DNA ain't no joke! R.I.P little lady you will NOT BE FORGOTTEN SWEETS...” - Pamela Rose

“My beautiful grandmother my moms Pamela Jones told me a lot about you. Would love for the Bower family or any family to reach out to me ASAP Anthony Jefferson jr the family misses you and Aunt Vickie Please contact Pamela ” - deon murphy

“This my grandmother. I never met. Born 1982 Pamela Jones my mother. Any family contact me 213-256-7500 ” - deon murphy