San Francisco and Los Angeles, California – 1972-1977

  1. Peoples Temple Free Will Donation Card
  2. Amendments to Peoples Temple Articles of Incorporation
  3. Edith Roller Journals (1975 – 1977)
  4. Peoples Forum
  5. San Francisco Board of Supervisors Certificate of Honor
  6. Jones Appointment to San Francisco Housing Authority
  7. California State Senate Resolution Commending Peoples Temple
  8. Peoples Temple Endorsements
  9. Nouvelle Observateur Interview with Jim Jones
  10. Peoples Temple and New West
    1. “Inside Peoples Temple”
    2. Police Report of New West Break-In
    3. Peoples Temple Response to New West Article, July 1977
    4. Peoples Temple Statement of August 1977
  11. Wills of Jim Jones and Marceline Jones
  12. Invitation to December 1978 Benefit Dinner
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