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Much of the information about Jonestown and Peoples Temple which appears elsewhere on this site is primary source material gathered from records of the Temple itself and government investigations before and after the deaths of 18 November 1978. This section of the site presents original research based upon those primary source documents both to give researchers a more complete picture of the Temple as an organization and Jonestown as a community, and to offer context for and coherence of those records.

The material below is organized into two broad categories. The first represents compilations of the documents themselves. The second represents original research by contributors to this site

The managers of this site are deeply indebted to Don Beck and the late Michael Bellefountaine, who compiled most of the material which appears below.

Compilations of Documents

  1. Maps of Jonestown
  2. Peoples Temple Addresses in the US
  3. Jonestown Censuses
  4. Jonestown Organization
  5. Edith Roller Journals
  6. The Opposition

Original Research

  1. A Peoples Temple Timeline
  2. The Demographics of Jonestown
  3. The Family Trees of Jonestown
  4. The Question of Social Security Fraud in Jonestown
  5. Expenditures by Peoples Temple in Guyana
  6. Timeline for Dr. Leslie Mootoo, November 20, 1978 – November 8, 1979 NEW
  7. Where are the Jonestown dead buried? NEW

We are open to suggestions for future research projects. We welcome feedback, corrections, questions and observations from all visitors. Please write to us at

Originally posted on January 5th, 2013.

Last modified on October 8th, 2019.
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