The Prosecutions of Larry Layton

Laurence (Larry) Layton was a member of Peoples Temple and Jonestown resident who participated in the attack at the Port Kaituma airstrip on November 18, 1978, that resulted in the deaths of Rep. Leo Ryan and four others. Layton himself was initially charged with murder, but the criminal trials he faced in the years that followed were for conspiracy to murder and for the wounding of two Jonestown defectors, Vernon Gosney and Monica Bagby. Layton spent approximately 18 years in either the Georgetown Gaol in Guyana or U.S. federal prisons before his release in April 2002.

The government records below outline many of the details of his arrest, his incarceration, the investigations into his role in the attacks, and his trials. They are arranged in chronological order. Almost all records are either cables generated by the U.S. State Department and its embassies – particularly in Georgetown but also other Caribbean and South American countries – or serials generated by the FBI and its field offices, notably in San Francisco, during its RYMUR investigation. All were obtained by this website under the Freedom of information Act.

While there is some overlap, the records fall generally into the broad categories of :

  • Layton’s arrest and detention;
  • Judicial inquiries and trials in Guyana;
  • Efforts to deport Layton to the U.S.;
  • Proceedings against Layton in U.S. federal court.

The chart below includes: the date (year, month and day) and time (in Greenwich Means or Zulu time) of the cable or serial; the State Department or FBI citation; the office of origin; a brief description of each document’s contents; a PDF of the document; and its text.

Arrest, Detention and Investigation


Date & Time Cite Origin Description PDF Text
781119 • 0315 1978GEORGE03776, Serial 10 Georgetown Layton unnamed in first description of Kaituma shooting PDF State, FBI
781119 • 2035 1978GEORGE03787, Serial 7 Georgetown Larry Layton arrested PDF State, FBI
781121 • 0103 Serial 105 San Francisco US Atty to call grand jury on conspiracy charges against Laurence Layton et al. PDF FBI
781121 • 0141 FBI-Justice, Serial 879 FBI-HQ First summary of Kaituma events indicate defectors didn’t trust Layton PDF State, FBI
781121 • 0341 Serial 123 FBI-HQ Reporter Ron Javers describes Layton role in Port Kaituma shooting PDF State, FBI
781122 • 0200 Serial 148 Portland, OR Temple defector Phil Kerns describes Layton as “psycho,” Jones “hit man” PDF FBI
781122 • 0200 Serial 149 Portland, OR Temple defector Ruth Kerns states Layton gave them firearms training PDF FBI
781122 • 0545 1978GEORGE03853 Georgetown Layton among four survivors detained in Georgetown jail State
781122 • 1500 1978STATE295786, Serial 472 State State Situation Report 13 notes that Layton will be arraigned PDF State, FBI
781122 • 1918 1978GEORGE03876 Georgetown Death record for Lisa Layton lists Larry Layton as next-of-kin PDF State
781122 • 1935 1978GEORGE03877, Serial 516 Georgetown Guyana immigration records includes name of Laurence Layton PDF State, FBI
781122 Serial 1001 FBI-HQ Airstrip survivors claim Layton was not defector, used concealed weapon PDF FBI
781123 • 0256 1978STATE296315, Serial 229 State State Situation Report 14 notes that Layton has been arrested and charged PDF State, FBI
781123 • 0331 1978GEORGE03884 Georgetown Layton charged with murder and remanded to prison PDF State
781123 • 0332 1978GEORGE03885, Serial 370 State State Department briefing of 11/22 notes Layton arrest, possible extradition to US PDF State, FBI
781123 • 0632 1978STATE296504, Serial 301 Georgetown Biographical details on Larry Layton PDF State, FBI
781123 • 2300 1978GEORGE03899, Serial 255 Georgetown Layton charged with murder of Ryan and intent to murder three others PDF State (FBI)
781125 • 0322 Serial 363 Los Angeles Temple defector Joyce Shaw lists Layton as among Temple’s “enforcers” PDF FBI
781125 • 0405 1978GEORGE03932, Serial 420 Georgetown Biographical details on Larry Layton PDF State, FBI
781126 • 1846 1978STATE299149, Serial 480 State State Situation Report 21 notes that Layton trial date set for January 15, 1979 PDF State, FBI
781126 • 2109 Serial 994, State retransmittal FBI HQ FBI reports no criminal record for Chuck Beikman and Larry Layton PDF FBI, State
781126 Serial 387 FBIHQ SF & St. Louis FBI tasked with investigating Layton and Beikman PDF FBI
781127 • 1835 1978GEORGE03963, Serial 439 Georgetown Lionel Luckhoo declines to take Layton criminal case PDF State, FBI
781127 • 2203 1978STATE300272 State Layton’s father asks if relatives can visit PDF State
781127 • 2235 1978GEORGE03970,  Serial 496 Georgetown Weapon used by Layton with police in Georgetown PDF State (FBI)
781129 • 1815 Serial 588 New Orleans Mark Lane describes Layton’s departure with Ryan’s party on November 18 PDF FBI
781129 • 2225 Serial 658 St. Louis No military records located on Layton PDF FBI
781129 Serial 1212 (Part 7) Baltimore Airstrip survivor Carol Houston Boyd describes Layton’s actions PDF FBI
781130 • 1610 1978GEORGE04017, Serial 628 Georgetown Description of Layton’s weapon PDF State (FBI)
781130 • 2200 1978GEORGE04041, Serial 669 Georgetown Dwyer report on CODEL attack discusses Layton’s role PDF State, FBI
781130 Serial 1214 (Part 4) Baltimore Reporter Tim Reiterman describes Layton’s actions on Kaituma airstrip PDF FBI
781201 Serial 714 FBIHQ Investigation of Layton will include interviews with father, brother PDF FBI
781201 • 2126 Serial 786 Dallas Unidentified former member says Layton among Angels tasked as hit men PDF FBI
781203 • 0310 Serial 762 San Juan NBC producer Bob Flick claims Layton insisted in being on single-engine plane PDF FBI
781203 Serial 893 FBI Edith Parks claims Layton killed Ryan and others PDF FBI
781204 • 1800 1978GEORGE04095, Serial 839 Georgetown List of survivors includes Layton as one of two arrestees PDF State, FBI
781204 • 2359 Serial 850 Newark New Jersey psychiatrist reports airstrip survivors claim Layton was “plant” PDF FBI
781205 • 2340 1978STATE307154 State State Dept asks for info on Layton PDF State
781206 • 0540 Serial 774 Miami Richard Clark claims Layton was on “silent weapons squad” PDF FBI
781206 • 2245 Serial 1092 Newark Unnamed former member says Layton was on “inner-core council” PDF FBI
781206 Serial 1207 (Part 4) Brooklyn-Queens Survivor Beatrice Orsot Grubbs describes Layton as weird and too quiet PDF FBI
781207 • 1703 1978GEORGE04152, Serial 1120 Georgetown Layton to be permitted visits from family PDF State, FBI
781207 Serial 1217 (Part 2) San Juan Interview with Vern Gosney, wounded by Layton PDF FBI
781207 Serial 1217 (Part 3) San Juan Airstrip survivor Beverly Oliver describes Layton’s actions PDF FBI
781208 Serial 1217 (Part 5) San Juan Airstrip survivor Bob Flick describes Layton’s actions PDF FBI
781213 • 1615 1978GEORGE04258 Georgetown Preliminary inquiry into Layton delayed PDF State
781214 • 1230 1978GEORGE04273 Georgetown Dale Parks called as witness in Layton preliminary hearing PDF State
781218 • 1130 1978GEORGE04318 Georgetown Two witnesses testify at Layton inquest PDF State
781218 • 1717 1978GEORGE04329 Georgetown Harold Cordell testifies at Layton inquest PDF State
781219 Serial 1305 Brooklyn-Queens FBI Report includes statements on Layton by Temple survivors in Georgetown PDF
781220 • 2304 Serial 1353 Brooklyn-Queens FBI interviews with 12 Temple members include several descriptions of Layton’s action PDF FBI
781221 • 1935 Serial 1347 Sacramento Former member Jeannette Kerns says Layton was on PT Security Force PDF FBI
781222 • 1100 1978GEORGE04408, Serial 1350 Georgetown Juanita Bogue testifies in Layton inquiry PDF State, FBI
781222 • 1729 1978GEORGE04433, Serial 1408 Georgetown Odell Rhodes testifies in Layton inquiry PDF State, FBI
781226 • 1200 1978GEORGE04436, Serial 1421 Georgetown Neville Annibourne testifies in Layton inquiry PDF State, FBI
781226 • 1205 1978GEORGE04441 Georgetown Money transferred in Layton’s account State
781227 • 1817 1978GEORGE04462 Georgetown Balance in Layton’s account is $25 State
781128 • 0438 Serial 569 San Francisco Detailed descriptive data furnished for Layton PDF FBI
781228 • 1845 1978GEORGE04483, Serial 1458 Georgetown Several witnesses testify in Layton inquiry PDF State, FBI
781128 Serial 574 San Francisco Sherwin Harris identifies Layton among those who are “dangerous” and “bear watching” PDF FBI
781228 Serial 1473 Baltimore Reporter Ron Javers describes Layton’s actions on Kaituma airstrip PDF FBI
781228 Serial 1552 (Part 1) Brooklyn-Queens James Bogue refers to Layton as “one of Jones’ undercover guys” PDF FBI
781228 Serial 1557 (Part 10) Brooklyn-Queens Interview with Monica Bagby, wounded by Layton PDF FBI
781228 Serial 1562 (Part 1) Brooklyn-Queens Brenda Parks describes actions of Layton on plane at Kaituma airstrip PDF FBI
781228 Serial 1644 (Part 3) Brooklyn-Queens Jerry Parks describes Layton’s actions on Kaituma airstrip PDF FBI
781230 • 1050 1978GEORGE04517, Serial 1493 Georgetown Several witnesses testify in Layton inquiry PDF State, FBI
790102 Serial 1557 (Part 2) Brooklyn-Queens Dale Parks describes actions of Layton on plane at Kaituma airstrip PDF FBI
790102 Serial 1578 (Part 1) Brooklyn-Queens Edith Bogue describes actions of Layton on plane at Kaituma airstrip PDF FBI
790103 • 1545 1979GEORGE00019, Serial 1504 Georgetown Larry Layton bound over for trial PDF State, FBI
790103 Serial 1562 (Part 1) Brooklyn-Queens Tracy Parks describes Layton firing gun inside plane at Kaituma airstrip PDF FBI
790104 • 2228 1979STATE002465 State Question on visiting Larry Layton in prison PDF State
790109 • 1017 1979GEORGE00066 Georgetown Georgetown prison policies on contacts with prisoners PDF State
790111 • 1719 1979STATE008245 State Question on visits to prisoners in Guyana PDF State
790112 Serial 1681 San Francisco Report compiles interviews with survivors of Port Kaituma, Layton shootings PDF FBI
790113 • 0256 Serial 1662 San Francisco Layton charged with violation of Congressional Assassination Stature PDF FBI
790115 Serial 1683 FBI-HQ Arrest warrant issued for Layton PDF FBI
790116 Serial 1668 FBI-HQ GOG imposes guidelines, restrictions on FBI interviewing survivors PDF FBI
790117 • 1416 1979GEORGE00223 Georgetown Embassy works on guidelines for visiting Layton PDF State
790117 • 2200 1979STATE012983 State Layton family sets up account for Larry in jail PDF State
790118 • 1843 1979GEORGE00233 Georgetown Status of Temple members in jail PDF State
790122 • 1309 1979GEORGE00310 Georgetown Consular 1/28 visit to Layton in prison PDF State
790125 • 1052 1979GEORGE00375, Serial 1772 Georgetown Layton trial date set PDF State, FBI
790125 Serial 1743 Brooklyn-Queens Review of NBC footage includes several shots of Layton PDF FBI
790207 Serial 1851 San Francisco FBI narrative of Port Kaituma airstrip attack sent to Guyana police PDF FBI
790212 • 1103 1979GEORGE00638, Serial 1862 Georgetown Layton trial postponed one week PDF State, FBI
790214 • 0332 1979STATE038092 State Dr. Layton responds to son’s questions from Georgetown jail PDF State
790215 • 0745 1979STATE038962 State Dr. Layton forwards money to son in Georgetown jail PDF State
790216 • 2000 1979GEORGE00745, Serial 1927 Georgetown Embassy answers to committee’s questions include Layton’s gun PDF State, FBI
790219 • 1520 1979GEORGE00756, Serial 1909 Georgetown Layton trial begins PDF State, FBI
790221 • 1130 1979GEORGE00777 Georgetown Consular 2/16 visit to Layton in prison PDF State
790301 • 1600 1979GEORGE00909, Serial 1950 Georgetown Report on 2/28 session of Layton trial PDF State, FBI
790301 • 1925 1979GEORGE00918, Serial 1933 Georgetown Report on 3/1 session of Layton trial PDF State, FBI
790306 • 1939 1979GEORGE00993, Serial 1982 Georgetown McKay urges judge in Layton trial to recuse self PDF State, FBI
790307 • 1755 1979GEORGE01028. Serial 1979 Georgetown Report on 3/7 session of Layton trial PDF State (FBI)
790308 • 2357 Serial 1984 San Francisco Charges dismissed against Layton in Guyana PDF FBI
790315 • 0111 Serial 1994 San Francisco Grand jury indicts Layton with assassination and conspiracy PDF FBI
790315 Serial 2005 San Francisco Grand jury lists unindicted co-conspirators, all dead in Guyana PDF FBI
790403 • 1815 1979GEORGE01471, Serial 2099 Georgetown Date for second preliminary inquiry for Layton not yet scheduled PDF State, FBI
790405 • 1855 1979GEORGE01552 Georgetown Consular 4/3 visit to Layton in prison PDF State
790417 • 1730 1979GEORGE01740 Georgetown Consular 4/11 visit to Layton in prison PDF State
790420 • 0327 1979STATE099381 State Layton attorney in US asks for assistance PDF State
790421 • 1528 1979STATE101322 State Refusal of witnesses to return to Guyana threatens Layton trial PDF State
790501 Serial 2142 San Francisco Guyana government open to idea of deporting Layton for prosecution in US PDF FBI
790507 • 1731 1979GEORGE02023 Georgetown Discussions start on extraditing Layton State
790507 Serial 2164 FBI-HQ FBI reports on grand Jury, talks with GOG PDF FBI
790515 • 1645 1979GEORGE02136, FBI Serial after 2231 Georgetown Alleged US-Guyana prisoner exchange may include Layton State, FBI
790518 • 1825 1979GEORGE02222 Georgetown No Date Fixed Yet for New Preliminary Inquiry in Layton Case PDF State
790613 • 1910 1979GEORGE02663, Serial 2223 Georgetown Layton’s release said to be imminent PDF State (FBI)
790614 • 1649 1979GEORGE02682 Georgetown Consular 6/12 visit to Layton in prison PDF State
790614 • 2327 Serial 2222 San Francisco FBI outlines summary of evidence against Layton for GOG PDF FBI
790615 • 2037 1979STATE154216 State Embassy to allow events run their course in Layton trial in Guyana PDF State (FBI)
790629 • 0448 1979STATE167626 State Money placed in Layton account State
790706 • 1216 1979GEORGE02982 Georgetown Consular 6/18 visit to Layton in prison PDF State
790717 Serial 2242 San Francisco Odell Rhodes report Jones’ claim that Larry blamed Debbie for mother’s death PDF FBI
790719 • 2151 Serial 2253 San Francisco San Francisco office submits synopsis of evidence against Layton to FBI-HQ PDF FBI
790723 • 1613 1979GEORGE03227 Georgetown Consular 7/19 visit to Layton in prison PDF State
790810 • 1237 1979GEORGE03557 Georgetown Consular 8/8 visit to Layton in prison PDF State
790812 0100 Serial 2267 San Francisco US Attorney in San Francisco wants to interview Layton in Guyana PDF FBI
790813 • 1625 Serial 2270 San Francisco US AG reluctant to seek extradition “absent compelling convincing evidence” PDF FBI
790814 Serial 2268 FBI-HQ Justice considers whether Layton can be interviewed in Guyana without attorney PDF FBI
790815 Serial 2272 FBI-HQ Meeting between Justice and State on Layton inconclusive PDF FBI
790816 • 1622 Serial 2273 San Francisco SF outlines evidence against Layton to pass along to AG PDF FBI
790817 Serial 2281 FBI-HQ US will encourage Guyana to pursue charges against Layton in that country PDF FBI
790823 • 1357 1979GEORGE03774, Serial 2290 Georgetown Embassy reports results of conversation with Skip Roberts re: Layton confession PDF State (FBI)
790831 • 1439 Serial 2296 San Francisco Guyana has change of heart, will likely prosecute Layton PDF FBI
790918 Serial 2301 FBI-HQ US officials seek to encourage Jonestown survivors to testify against Layton PDF FBI
790928 • 1435 1979GEORGE04415, Serial 2311 Georgetown Embassy discusses Layton legal proceedings with GOG PDF State (FBI)
791001 • 1617 1979GEORGE04437, Serial 2307 Georgetown Embassy has copy of Layton written confession PDF State, FBI
791019 • 1325 1979GEORGE04750 Georgetown Consular 10/17 visit to Layton in prison PDF State
791023 • 1215 1979GEORGE04787, Serial 2317 Georgetown Oral confession of Layton PDF State (FBI)
791023 • 1030 Serial 2315 Bogota Guyanese indictment against Layton PDF FBI
791023 • 1910 1979GEORGE04807, Serial 2339 Georgetown Preliminary inquiry of Layton to begin State
791025 • 1909 1979GEORGE04837, Serial 2330 Georgetown Request for Vern Gosney and Odell Rhodes to return to Guyana for Layton trial PDF State (FBI)
791025 Serial 2339 Criminal Div.-DOJ Preliminary inquiry into Layton to begin PDF FBI
791026 • 1938 1979STATE279701, Serial 2323 State FBI Witnesses arrive for Layton trial PDF State (FBI)
791029 • 1553 1979STATE281913, Serial 2356 State Two Temple witnesses due to arrive for Layton trial PDF State (FBI)
791101 • 1400 1979GEORGE04919, Serial 2342 Georgetown Second day of preliminary hearing feature Gosney and Rhodes testimony PDF State (FBI)
791106 • 1529 1979GEORGE04969, Serial 2344 Georgetown Fourth day of preliminary hearing in Layton trial; Secret Service check PDF State (FBI)
791107 • 0005 Serial 2348 San Francisco Efforts underway to persuade Dale Parks to return to Guyana for testimony PDF FBI
791107 • 1410 1979GEORGE04981, Serial 2346 Georgetown Third day of preliminary hearing features medical testimony PDF State (FBI)
791108 • 1906 1979GEORGE05010, Serial 2350 Georgetown Report on three witnesses at Layton prosecution PDF State (FBI)
791108 Serial 2349 FBI-HQ Parks had requested FBI agent to accompany him PDF FBI
791109 Serial 2370 FBI-HQ Background paper on Layton case to be prepared for media PDF FBI
791120 • 1916 1979GEORGE05152, Serial 2366 Georgetown Layton trial delayed due to witness unavailability PDF State (FBI)
791220 • 1936 1979STATE327918 State US to consult with GOG authorities in Layton trial State
791227 • 1628 1979GEORGE05678, Serial 2468 Georgetown Judicial Assistance: U.S. v. Layton PDF State, FBI
800107 • 1255 1980GEORGE00075 Georgetown Consular 12/28 visit to Layton in prison PDF State
800111 • 2036 1980STATE083678 State TV journalist wants to interview Layton PDF State
800122 • 1644 1980GEORGE00314 Georgetown Layton lawyer from US visits client PDF State
800123 • 1415 1980GEORGE00324 Georgetown Embassy officer delivers mail to Layton PDF State
800205 • 1028 1980GEORGE00518 Georgetown Embassy talks to Layton about treatment, conditions PDF State
800222 • 1130 Serial 2405 Bogota Guyana indictment against Layton relates only to Gosney, Bagby shooting PDF FBI
800228 • 1925 1980GEORGE00890, Serial 2409 Georgetown Layton trial to start April 1 PDF State, FBI
800303 Serial 2412 FBI-HQ Layton trial tentatively scheduled for April 1 PDF FBI
800313 • 0457 1980STATE066237 State Money placed in Layton account for expenses PDF State
800314 Serial 2422 Criminal Div.-DOJ Gosney willing to travel to Guyana with FBI agent accompaniment PDF FBI
800319 Serial 2423 FBI FBI authorizes agent to travel with Gosney, Rhodes PDF FBI
800320 • 1808 1980GEORGE01252,Serial 2424 Georgetown Presence of Dale Parks not needed at Layton trial PDF State, FBI
800320 • 1827 1980GEORGE01265 Georgetown Beikman and Layton seek Temple assets PDF State
800325 • 1541 1980STATE078590, Serial 2418 State Travel of FBI, witnesses to Guyana for Layton trial PDF State (FBI)
800328 • 1834 1980GEORGE01394 Georgetown Prosecutor will use only Gosney in Layton trial PDF State
800331 • 1035 1980GEORGE01436, Serial 2426 Georgetown Embassy talks to Layton about treatment, conditions PDF State, FBI
800402 • 1825 1980GEORGE01506, Serial 2433 Georgetown Trial delayed until May 5, Layton to plead not guilty PDF State, FBI
800403 Serial 2429 FBI New trial date of May 5, 1980 set PDF FBI
800404 Serial 2437 Criminal Div.-DOJ Trial date delayed, request for agent to accompany witnesses to be renewed PDF FBI
800411 • 1837 1980GEORGE01677, Serial 2432 Georgetown FBI agent and US attorney will attend Layton trial PDF State, FBI
800422 • 1926 1980GEORGE01886 Georgetown Consular visit of 4/3 to Layton PDF State
800416 Serial 2428 FBI Guyana requests Gosney, not Rhodes, for Layton trial PDF FBI
800429 • 1807 1980GEORGE01997 Georgetown Consular visit of 4/25 to Layton PDF State
800506 • 1925 1980GEORGE02098 Georgetown Judge in Layton trial agrees that GOG has case against defendant PDF State
800507 • 1935 1980GEORGE02163, Serial 2439 Georgetown Day 3 of Layton trial features Gosney testimony PDF State (FBI)
800509 • 1925 1980GEORGE02179, Serial 2438 Georgetown Judge in Layton trial allows confession into evidence PDF State, FBI
800513 • 1724 1980GEORGE02244, Serial 2442 Georgetown Day 7 of Layton trial features testimony of Guyanese officials PDF State (FBI)
800516 • 1850 1980GEORGE02292, Serial 2443 Georgetown Day 8 of Layton trial features testimony of “rural constable” PDF State (FBI)
800520 • 1313 1980GEORGE02314, Serial 2444 Georgetown Day 9 of Layton trial features testimony of Hardat Sukhdeo PDF State (FBI)
800520 • 1845 1980GEORGE02329, Serial 2445 Georgetown Day 10 of Layton trial features testimony of three defense witnesses PDF State (FBI)
800521 • 1932 1980GEORGE02358, Serial 2450 Georgetown Defense counsel makes closing arguments on Day 11 of Layton trial PDF State (FBI)
800522 • 1805 1980GEORGE02383, Serial 2451 Georgetown Layton acquitted PDF State (FBI)
800523 • 1830 1980GEORGE02406, Serial 2448 Georgetown Aftermath of Layton acquittal PDF State, FBI
800530 • 1830 1980GEORGE02496 Georgetown Embassy promises info on possible Layton release PDF State
800604 Serial 2453 San Francisco Federal complaint against Larry Layton PDF FBI
800606 Serial 2457 San Francisco Complaint against Layton forwarded to embassy PDF FBI
800611 • 0011 1980STATE151895 State State offers advice on handling money in Layton account PDF State
800702 • 1928 1980GEORGE03022 Georgetown Layton expresses anxiety about resolution of case PDF State
800703 • 1405 1980GEORGE03036 Georgetown Embassy lists dates of visits to Layton PDF State
800707 Serial 2467 San Francisco San Francisco seeks status of Layton passport PDF FBI
800715 Serial 2461 Washington Field Layton passport has expired PDF FBI
800818 • 1644 1980GEORGE03854 Georgetown Embassy visits Layton in prison, presses GOG on disposition of case PDF State
800826 • 1845 1980GEORGE04078, Serial 2485 Georgetown Extradition of Larry Layton PDF State (FBI)
800917 • 1600 1980GEORGE04460, Serial 2490 Georgetown Deportation of Larry Layton PDF State (FBI)
800918 Serial 2488 San Francisco US Attorney seeks interviews with reporters at Port Kaituma airstrip PDF FBI
800922 Serial 2502 FBI-HQ FBI considers request for agents to assist in Layton deportation PDF FBI
800924 • 14?? 1980GEORGE04593, Serial 2495 Georgetown GOG will take no further action on Layton PDF State, FBI
800929 Serial 2494 FBI-HQ FBI authorizes travel of agents to assist in Layton deportation PDF FBI
800929 Serial 2503 Criminal Div.-DOJ DOJ considers how to charge Layton PDF FBI
800930 • 2056 1980STATE261698, Serial 2497 State Layton will not receive passport from US, may need escort from Guyana PDF State, FBI
801001 • 1950 1980GEORGE04751, Serial 2504 Georgetown Discussion of passport for Layton PDF State (FBI)
801007 • 1730 1980GEORGE04830, Serial 2524 Georgetown Layton agrees to deportation PDF State (FBI)
801008 • 1339 1980PORTO03054, Serial 2527 Port of Spain Trinidad government concerned about Layton layover PDF State (FBI)
801008 • 1610 1980GEORGE04871, Serial 2526 Georgetown Trinidad govt to be notified of Layton transit through airport PDF State (FBI)
801008 • 2324 1980STATE269399, Serial 2518 State Layton will travel to US with his attorney PDF State (FBI)
801008 Serial 2506 FBI-HQ Layton preparations to depart Guyana with FBI agents underway PDF FBI
801009 • 1255 980STATE269870, Serial 2507 State Issuance of identity card for Layton PDF State (FBI)
801010 • 1237 1980PORTO03088, Serial 2519 Port of Spain Layton may be detained in Guyana until lawyer paid PDF State, FBI
801010 • 1335 1980GEORGE04912, Serial 2520 Georgetown Layton expelled from Guyana (erroneous report) PDF State (FBI)
801010 • 1547 1980PORTO03103, Serial 2516 Port of Spain PanAm reports someone wants to board plane to see Larry Layton PDF State (FBI)
801010 • 1715 1980GEORGE04926, Serial 2508 Georgetown Layton not on scheduled flight


PDF State (FBI)
801010 Serial 2510 FBI-HQ Layton did not depart Guyana, pending resolution of payment to lawyers PDF FBI
801010 Serial 2512 San Francisco Indictment of Layton PDF FBI
801014 Serial 2513 FBI-HQ Status of Larry Layton (from HQ) PDF FBI
801014 Serial 2521 San Francisco Status of Larry Layton (from San Francisco) PDF FBI
801015 Serial 2522 FBI-HQ Travel of two agents to Guyana approved PDF FBI
801018 • 1245 1980GEORGE05041, Serial 2550 Georgetown Guyana court to consider merits of financial claim against Layton PDF State (FBI)
801018 Serial 2511 San Francisco Federal indictment of Layton made available PDF FBI
801021 • 1900 1980GEORGE05071, Serial 2569 Georgetown Court hearing on legal fees inconclusive PDF State (FBI)
801023 • 1250 1980GEORGE05121, Serial 2538 Georgetown Hearing fails to conclude claims against Layton for fees PDF State (FBI)
801024 Serial 2531 San Francisco US Attorney to fly to Guyana to meet with Guyana counterpart PDF FBI
801027 • 1331 1980GEORGE05171 Georgetown Embassy visits Layton in prison, prepares travel docs PDF State
801028 Serial 2535 FBI-HQ US agencies discuss transporting of Layton from Guyana PDF FBI
801103 • 1921 1980GEORGE05310, Serial 2551 Georgetown Layton agrees that he owes Guyanese lawyer PDF State, FBI
801106 Serial 2547 San Francisco Restraining order against Larry Laytondismissed in Guyana PDF FBI
801110 • 1805 1980GEORGE05432, Serial 2570 Georgetown Restriction on Layton leaving country is lifted PDF State (FBI)
801110 Serial 2553 San Francisco Guyana seeks expulsion at earliest possible date PDF FBI
801112 • 1349 1980GEORGE05449, Serial 2576 Georgetown Layton travel arrangements PDF State, FBI
801112 • 1815 1980GEORGE05459, Serial 2571 Georgetown Layton to be accompanied by marshals, but not in custody PDF State (FBI)
801112 Serial 2544 San Francisco US Marshal’s Service assumes responsibility in transporting Layton PDF FBI
801114 • 0056 1980STATE303499, Serial 2555 State Layton will not be in US Marshal custody on flight PDF State (FBI)
801114 • 1145 1980GEORGE05487, Serial 2545 Georgetown Layton departure postponed PDF State (FBI)
801114 • 1251 1980PORTO03477, Serial 2549 Port of Spain Embassy wonders if Layton is traveling PDF State (FBI)
801114 • 1330 1980GEORGE05492, Serial 2554 Georgetown Layton is not traveling that date PDF State (FBI)
801114 • 1855 1980GEORGE05515, Serial 2572 Georgetown Layton travel reservations PDF State (FBI)
801114 • 1947 1980GEORGE05517, Serial 2556 Georgetown Embassy stresses importance of not revealing Layton travel plans PDF State (FBI)
801114 Serial 2546 FBI-HQ Layton transfer for US prosecution delayed PDF FBI
801118 • 1354 1980GEORGE05548, Serial 2566 Georgetown Embassy wishes to expel Layton ASAP PDF State (FBI)
801119 Serial 2559 – post DOJ-CID Layton scheduled to depart 11/21 PDF FBI
801120 • 1916 1980GEORGE05601, Serial 2588 Georgetown Layton scheduled to leave following day PDF State (FBI)
801121• Illegible 1980GEORGE05622, Serial 2563 Georgetown Layton on board plane with three marshals PDF State (FBI)
801121• Illegible 1980PORTO03592, Serial 2574 Port of Spain Flight scheduled to leave Port of Spain PDF State (FBI)
801121• Illegible 1980PORTO03596, Serial 2575 Port of Spain Flight leaves Port of Spain PDF State (FBI)
801122 Serial 2565 Brooklyn-Queens Layton appears before US Magistrate PDF FBI
801124 Serial 2562 San Francisco Layton pleads not guilty PDF FBI
801124 Serial 2589 FBI-HQ Status of Larry Layton (from HQ) PDF FBI
801125 Serial 2561 – post DOJ-CID Layton pleads not guilty PDF FBI
801201 • 1809 1980GEORGE05703, Serial 2567 Georgetown Layton’s expulsion done without fanfare PDF State (FBI)
801204 Serial 2578 San Francisco US Attorney office seeks contact with Hardat Sukhdeo PDF FBI
801205 • 2206 1980STATE323538, Serial 2583 State Privacy Act in relationship to Layton PDF State (FBI)
801224 Serial 2585 San Francisco Layton trial date set, Guyana witnesses sought PDF FBI
810120 Serial 2590 San Francisco Annotations to arrest form for Larry Layton PDF FBI
810207 Serial 2595 San Francisco FBI says defense attorney made “false, inaccurate and inflammatory statements” re: tapes PDF FBI
810226 Serial 2596 San Francisco Motion to dismiss indictment rejected PDF FBI
810304 Serial 2597 San Francisco Court order on physical evidence held in Guyana for use in Layton trial PDF FBI
810310 Serial 2603 San Francisco Guyana agrees to release evidence PDF FBI
810311 Serial 2600 San Juan Arrangements made to obtain physical evidence requested by FBI PDF FBI
810313 Serial 2601 San Juan Description of items to be sent to US PDF FBI
810402 Serial 2609 San Francisco Layton trial delayed until July 9, 1981 PDF FBI
810407 Serial 2606 San Francisco Layton defense team seeks interview with Guyana witnesses PDF FBI
810414 • 1034 1981GEORGE01924, Serial 2610 Georgetown Layton attorney in US asks GOG for statements of witnesses PDF State (FBI)
810422 • 1708 1981GEORGE02058, Serial 2615 Georgetown Layton attorney in US obtains docs from GOG PDF State (FBI)
810424 • 2150 1981STATE106173, Serial 2618 State State tells Layton lawyer to make own arrangements for transporting docs PDF State (FBI)
810507 • 2153 1981STATE118783, Serial 2628 State Statement of Larry Layton (Retransmittal of Serial 2617) PDF State (FBI)
810507 Serial 2620 San Francisco Defense attorney seeks witness statements from Guyana PDF FBI
810509 Serial 2619 San Francisco US Attorney subpoenas Ron Javers, Harold Cordell PDF FBI
810511 • 2003 1981STATE121785, Serial 2621 State State offers assistance to Layton defense PDF State (FBI)
810515 • 1304 1981GEORGE02483, Serial 2638 Georgetown Guyana police suggests names of witnesses for US trial PDF State (FBI)
810516 • 1203 1981STATE128108, Serial 2628x State Travel of witnesses for Layton trial PDF State (FBI)
810524 Serial 2624 San Francisco US Attorney seeks clarification from Guyana response on several issues PDF FBI
810529 • 1318 1981GEORGE02708, Serial 2638 Georgetown Embassies in Georgetown, San Juan will work with FBI and GOG to provide witnesses PDF State (FBI)
810602 Serial 2627 San Francisco Listing of Guyanese witnesses in Layton trial PDF FBI
810608 Serial 2648 DOJ-Criminal FBI help on jury pool requested PDF FBI
810615 Serial 2629 Washington Field U.S. Embassy sends photos, transcripts to US for use in Layton trial PDF FBI
810615 Serial 2630 FBI-HQ GOG official to deliver evidence PDF FBI
810625 Serial 2642 San Francisco Layton trial delayed until August 14, 1981 PDF FBI
810626 Serial 2649 FBI-HQ FBI authorized to help on jury pool info PDF FBI
810702 Serial 2636 FBI-HQ FBI says no investigation of Layton before 11/18 PDF FBI
810730 Serial 2661 San Francisco DOJ providing security clearances for trial PDF FBI
810801 Serial 2655 San Francisco Jury selection begins PDF FBI
810804 Serial 2652 San Francisco Guyanese witnesses en route PDF FBI
810814 Serial 2659 San Francisco Layton trial begins in San Francisco PDF FBI
810821 • 1816 1981STATE223669, Serial 2666 State State gives contact info for witnesses PDF State (FBI)
810903 Serial 2664 San Francisco Government rests case, defense expected to call 48 witnesses PDF FBI
810908 Serial 2663 San Francisco Layton defense rests without calling witnesses PDF FBI
810909 Serial 2665 San Francisco Layton defense declines to reconsider decision PDF FBI
810928 Serial 2667 San Francisco Layton jury deadlocks, judge declares mistrial PDF FBI
811001 Serial 2668 San Francisco Judge sets date for retrial PDF FBI
811103 Serial 2669 San Francisco Judge denies motion to dismiss indictment PDF FBI
811124 Serial 2670 San Francisco Judge sets new date for retrial PDF FBI
820105 Serial 2673 San Francisco Judge postpones date for motions in retrial PDF FBI
820115 Serial 2674 San Francisco Judge denies government motions, will be appealed PDF FBI
820202 Serial 2676 San Francisco Government files appeal, trial delayed PDF FBI
820312 Serial 2677 San Francisco New trial date set PDF FBI
820423 Serial 2679 San Francisco US seeks additional time in case PDF FBI
820818 Serial 2683 San Francisco Court of Appeals to hear arguments on evidence PDF FBI
830701 Serial 2693 San Francisco Court of Appeals decision on evidence pending PDF FBI
830811 Serial 2695 San Francisco Government may retry Layton PDF FBI
830816 Serial 2694 FBI-HQ Court of Appeals reverses trial judge, allows tapes PDF FBI
831003 Serial 2697 San Francisco Defense asks for en banc hearing PDF FBI
831201 Serial 2699 San Francisco Appeals Court denies defense motion for en banc PDF FBI
840116 Serial 2701×1 San Francisco Appeals court denies defense motion for stay pending SC appeal PDF FBI
840328 Serial 2701x San Francisco New trial date set; request for prosecution to travel to Guyana PDF FBI
840328 Serial 2702 San Francisco Prosecutors to travel to Guyana PDF FBI
840329 Serial 2703x San Francisco New prosecution team will handle Layton case PDF FBI
840602 Serial 2707 San Francisco Prosecution seeks Layton medical records from Guyana PDF FBI
840831 Serial 2709 San Francisco Retrial date postponed PDF FBI
850219 Serial 2709x San Francisco Appeals court hearing on government’s motion to admit tape PDF FBI
850730 Serial 2712 San Francisco Appeals court upholds decision to deny admission of death tape PDF FBI
850911 Serial 2714 San Francisco New trial date set for January 2, 1986 PDF FBI
851027 Serial 2716 San Francisco New trial date set for April 15, 1986 PDF FBI
860107 Serial 2722 San Francisco Prosecutors request to travel to Guyana PDF FBI
860110 • 0233 1986STATE008400, Serial 2720 State State discusses travel plans to Guyana PDF State (FBI)
860225 Serial 2726 San Francisco Trial date may be changed PDF FBI
860311 Serial 2728 San Francisco New trial date set for June 24, 1986 PDF FBI
860602 Serial 2729x San Francisco New trial date set for September 18, 1986 PDF FBI
860710 Serial 2734 FBH-HQ Transmittal of trial exhibits PDF FBI
860821 Serial 2735 San Francisco US alerts Guyanese witnesses of schedule to testify PDF FBI
860925 Serial 2733 DOJ-Criminal FBI summarizes commencement of retrial PDF FBI
860926 Serial 2730 San Francisco Description of tapes to be used in trial PDF FBI
861008 Serial 2739 San Francisco FBI requests additional money for expenses for witnesses PDF FBI
861009 Serial 2740 FBI-HQ FBI-HQ grants request PDF FBI
861009 Serial 2742 FBI-HQ Detailed description of tapes to be used in trial PDF FBI
861030 Serial 2736 San Francisco FBI agents to testify PDF FBI
861202 Serial 2743 DOJ-Criminal Layton convicted PDF FBI
870313 Serial 2746 San Francisco Accomplishment report on Layton conviction PDF FBI
880307 Serial 2747x San Francisco Layton case closed PDF FBI
880913 Serial 2749 San Francisco Petition for Rehearing filed PDF FBI
890316 Serial 2750 San Francisco U.S. rejects appeal; Privacy Exemption no longer needed PDF FBI


Originally posted on August 4th, 2022.

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