Serial 2627

O 022030Z JUN 81
FM SAN FRANCISCO (89-250) (P) (SQD 10)

On June 2, 1981, Assistant Commissioner of Police Skip Roberts, Guyanese National Police, Georgetown, Guyana, telephonically contacted SA Donald R. Hale to confirm the following information.

At suppression hearing scheduled on July 7, 1981, the following Guyanese witnesses will be traveling to San Francisco. Tentative travel dates according to Skip Roberts will be departing Georgetown, Guyana, on July 3, 1981, en route to San Francisco via Miami,


scheduled to arrive in San Francisco late evening of July 3, 1981. Witnesses are scheduled for pre-trial conference on July 6, 1981, and are to testify July 7, 1981. Testimony may continue to July 8, 1981. Witnesses will be free to return to Guyana after testimony. The following witnesses have been requested and according to Skip Roberts will travel to San Francisco as indicated above:

1. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Skip Roberts;
2. Superintendent of Police, Alvin Smith;
3. Inspector Jugmohan [Jagmohan], Guyanese police;
4. Sgt. Daby Dyal, Guyanese police;
5. Supernumerary Constable Mortimer Kasinally.

The following witnesses are requested to give testimony at trial during the first part of August 1981 (no specific date has been set):

1. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Skip Roberts;
2. Guyanese police Inspector Jogmohan;
3. Supernumerary Constable Mortimer Kasinally;
4. Joel Clementson, Port Kaituma citizen
5. Dr. Leslie Mootoo


At present, Superintendent Smith and Sgt. Dyal are not being requested for trial.

In addition to the above, US Attorney has requested that Guyanese Doctor Winston Gobin and Assistant Superintendent of Police Eustace Lam be contacted and determined if they would be available. Dr. Gobin and Officer Lam would only be requested to appear if Layton’s defense does not stipulate to custody of projectile removed from victim Monica Bagby. If defense will stipulate custody, Dr. Gobin and Officer Lam’s presence will not be requested. FBI, San Francisco will advise at the earliest possible date if in fact Dr. Gobin and Officer Lam will be necessary.

Information copies being furnished to Miami as it is anticipated that Miami may be requested to assist Guyanese police witnesses at Miami.

San Juan is requested to coordinate with American Embassy at Georgetown concerning above request. Skip Roberts requested confirmation from FBI in cable form.

Bureau is requested to relay above to U.S. State Department; Bureau of Consular Affairs, CA/CS/CCS/ARA, attention [name deleted] for infor[mation].