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This page lists tapes, documents and resources which have been added to this website within the past 15 months. Previous pages with substantive revisions are listed in italics. (Note: This does not include entries from the jonestown report, an annual publication featuring articles, remembrances, personal reflections, and artistic interpretations of Peoples Temple.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Primary Sources

The Freedom of Information Act and Jonestown

Jonestown Research


Speakers & Resources

Podcasts on Jonestown (February 2018)

Judge, John. “The Black Hole of Guyana.” (February 2018)


Q 155 Jones reads news (Oct. 30, 78) (January 2018)

Q 417 Jones reads article about Huey Newton (January 2018)

Q 573 Meetings of Jonestown pioneers (January 2018)

Q 705 Jones preaches at Sacred Heart, Georgetown (January 2018)

Q 868 Radio conversation among PT members (January 2018)

Q 964 San Francisco sermon (1973) (January 2018)

Q 971 San Francisco sermon (September 1973) (January 2018)

Q 989 Jones reads news (April 1978) (January 2018)

Q 1014 San Francisco sermon (Oct 1973) (January 2018)

Q 1015 San Francisco sermon (July 1973) (January 2018)

Last modified on November 23rd, 2018.
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