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This page lists articles, tapes, documents and resources which have been added to this website within the past 15 months. Previous pages with substantive revisions are listed in italics. (Note: This does not include entries from the jonestown report, an annual publication featuring articles, remembrances, personal reflections, and artistic interpretations of Peoples Temple.)

The People of Peoples Temple’s History

Glenda Randolph Bates, Shirley (August 2020)

Glenda Randolph Bates, The Middle Picture (August 2020)

Andy Silver, The Troubled Life of Penny Kerns DuPont (August 2020)

Glenda Randolph Bates, The Joy of Cynthia’s Dance (August 2020)

Brad Crowell, Edith Roller’s Childhood (May 2020)

Heidi König-Porstner, Janice Louise Wilsey: A Profile (May 2020)

Interviews with American Embassy officers (May 2020)

Contributions in Writing and Music

Rebekah Griffiths, The Song of an Outsider (February 2020)

Danielle Walker, Greetings. (November 2019)

Special Report: New Website Documents Military Response to Jonestown (February 2020)


Drinking the Kool-Aid: A Collection of Articles (May 2020)

The Special Sections of the jonestown report: A Compilation (May 2020)

The Foreign Language Section (May 2020)

Jim Jones und der Massensuizid von Jonestown 1978, by Marie Eisenburger (May 2020)

Q 048: A French Translation, prepared by Vincent Moulard (August 2020)

Q 875: A French Translation, prepared by Vincent Moulard (August 2020)

Une déclaration commune de Marceline Jones et Lynetta Jones, 1975, prepared by Vincent Moulard (August 2020)

Edward Cromarty, Communal Learning in the Socialist Context of Jonestown (November 2019)

Blair Gadsby, The Abject Failure Of Religious Studies (August 2020)

Melissa M. Greiser, Understanding Cult Membership: Beyond “Drinking the Kool-Aid” (January 2020)

Kristian Klippenstein, Jones on Jesus: Who Is the Messiah? (May 2020)

Rebecca Moore, Jonestown in American Religious Life (May 2020)

—–, The Erasure (and Re-inscription) of African Americans from the Jonestown Narrative (PDF here) (May 2020)

Michael Sutherland, In the Hands of Jim Jones: Jonestown and Culpability (December 2019)

Kassidy Scott, The Push and Pull of Jonestown, a student paper (May 2020)

Commentaries and Opinion

Amy Brown, What Were They Thinking? (November 2019)

Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons, The Business of Living (March 2020)

Kelly Lavoie, Lines & Strings

Finding Goodness (October 2019)
Forty One Years (November 2019)
Congruent Mistakes (January 2020)
From Academia to Infotainment (February 2020)

Jolene McDonald, Jim Jones Information Blog (2019-2020)

Danielle Walker, Understanding the Note (November 2019)


Janet Shular, My Sistership with Laura (November 2019)

Tim Carter, Farewell to a Friend (December 2019)

Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons, Laura Johnston Kohl: True Survivor (November 2019)


Online Resources

40 Years After Jonestown: A Video Compilation, by Henri Helander (August 2019)

Alternative History (Conspiracy) Theory Index, by Henri Helander (February 2020)

Archived articles and webpages (May 2020)

Peoples Temple Photo Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

Primary Sources

Jim Jones Transcript at Indiana and Butler Universities (January 2020)

Wings of Deliverance Articles of Incorporation (January 2020)

Corporate Seal of Wings of Deliverance (January 2020)

Peoples Temple Solicitation Permit (January 2020)

Peoples Temple Acquisition of Church Properties in San Francisco and Los Angeles (January 2020)

Peoples Temple and Carolyn Pickering (December 2019)

Posters Announces Jones Appearance in Chicago (January 2020)

Peoples Temple Promotional Booklet (January 2020)

Endorsements of Peoples Temple After New West (January 2020)

Writings of Lynetta Jones in Jonestown (July 2020)

Peoples Temple and Kathy Hunter (January 2020)

Joe Mazor’s Criminal Record (January 2020)

The Departure of Teri Buford (January 2020)

Rick Cordell Re: JJ, an interview (January 2020)

Early Draft of Temple History and Conspiracies Against It (January 2020)

Affidavits on the Paternity of John Victor Stoen (June 2020)

Guyana Court Records on John Victor Stoen (June 2020)

The State Department Cables on the Stoen Custody Case (February 2020)

The Stoens, the U.S. Embassy, the State Department, and Congress (June 2020)

State Department Cables on Leo Ryan’s Trip (January 2020)

American Embassy Reports Ryan’s Assassination (March 2020)

Peoples Temple Lists of Jonestown Dead (January 2020)

U.S.-Receiver Agreement on Recovery of Foreign Assets (January 2020)

Col. William Cowan Report on Autopsies to Justice Department, April 24, 1979 (January 2020)

Congressional Tributes to Leo Ryan (January 2020)

John Roberts Memo to Fred Fielding (1983) (January 2020)

Findings, Analysis and Inventory of the Peoples Temple Agricultural Settlement (text) (January 2020)

California Attorney General Report of Investigation of People’s Temple (January 2020)

The NBC Videotapes: Pathway to Oblivion (January 2020)

The Murders of Al and Jeannie Mills (May 2020)

Joe Holsinger and His Questions on Jonestown (January 2020)

“The Penal Colony” (January 2020)

The Campaign to Release Larry Layton from Federal Prison (January 2020)

The Freedom of Information Act and Jonestown

Jonestown Research

Map of Proposed Leasehold (January 2020)


Q 156 Jones reads the news (September 25, 1978) (June 2019)

Q 159 Jones reads the news (August 28, 1978) (June 2019)

Q 160 Jones reads the news (July 29, 1978) (June 2019)

Q 201 Jones reads the news (August 9, 1978) (June 2019)

Q 203 Jones reads the news (August 16, 1978) (June 2019)

Q 205 Jones reads the news (August 3, 1978) (June 2019)

Q 214 Jones reads the news (August 5, 1978) (June 2019)

Q 218 Jones Sermon, San Francisco (1974) (December 2019)

Q 225 Jones reads news of August 7, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 229 Jones reads news of August 15, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 237 Jones reads the news (August 17, 1978) (June 2019)

Q 244 Jones reads news of August 8, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 250 Jones reads the news (July 14, 1978) (June 2019)

Q 254 Jones reads news of August 17, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 257 Jones reads news of September 22, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 263 Jones reads news of July 14, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 281 Jones reads news of August 14, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 282 Jones reads news of September 23, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 301 Jones reads news, early April 1978 (December 2019)

Q 305 Jones presents tape of Barbara Walters interview with Castro (December 2019)

Q 311 Jones reads news of July 19, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 324 Jones reads news, July 10 or 11, 1978 (December 2019)

Q 364 Jones reads news, July 13, 1978 (December 2019)

Q 390 Jones reads news, May 21, 1978 (December 2019)

Q 433 Jones reads news of July 27, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 603 Tish Leroy reads Jim Jones astrological chart (#1) (December 2019)

Q 604 Tish Leroy reads Jim Jones astrological chart (#2) (December 2019)

Q 766 Jones reads the news (late March, 1978) (June 2019)

Q 949 Council meeting, Jones criticizes members (1972 or 1973) (December 2019)

Q 1031A Jones Sermon, Redwood Valley (1972) (December 2019)

Originally posted on January 5th, 2013.

Last modified on August 4th, 2020.
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