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This page lists articles, tapes, documents and resources which have been added to this website within the past 15 months. Previous pages with substantive revisions are noted in italics. (Note: This does not include entries from the jonestown report, an annual publication featuring articles, remembrances, personal reflections, and artistic interpretations of Peoples Temple.)

The People of Peoples Temple

Neva Sly: Only A Thought Away, by Mickey Touchette (April 2024)

The Family of Neva Jean Hargrave Sly, by Rebecca Moore (May 2024)

Remembrances of Juanell Smart, by Rebecca Moore (April 2024)

Silence with Friends: A Remembrance of Bobby Stroud, by Jim Murphy (November 2023)

Jonestown Research

Website News

Introducing Our Volunteers: Sarah Rex, by Rebecca Moore (May 2024)

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Primary Sources

The Freedom of Information Act and Jonestown


1977 Phone Call between Jim Jones and Housing Commissioner Tony Ubalde, C-7-h-12a – h-12h (March 2023)

Q 133 Jones autobiography (June 2023)

Q 283 News and commentary (August 19, 1978) (June 2023)

Q 378 News and commentary (July 17, 1978) (June 2023)

Q 385 News and commentary (early May 1978) (June 2023)

Q 574 Conversations with children in Jonestown (June 2023)

Q 758 Ukiah television station interview with Jones (June 2023)

Q 769 Temple member acknowledges free-will gift (June 2023)

Q 770 Charles Garry interview; M. Jones phone calls (June 2023)

Q 947-1 Jonestown meeting, 12/11/77, after death of Lynetta Jones (June 2023)

Q 1058-4 Indianapolis sermon (June 2023)