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This page lists articles, tapes, documents and resources which have been added to this website within the past 15 months. Previous pages with substantive revisions are listed in italics. (Note: This does not include entries from the jonestown report, an annual publication featuring articles, remembrances, personal reflections, and artistic interpretations of Peoples Temple.)

Artists’ Contributions

Father Knows Best, by Jack Arnold Beam (October 2020)

I Can’t Pretend Anymore, by Jack Arnold Beam (December 2020)

Marceline Baldwin Meets Jim Jones, by Annie Dawid (August 2021)

An Historical Rhyme, by A. S. White (August 2021)

Poetry by Linda Kime
Terror in Jonestown (March 2021)
The Jonestown Odes (May 2021)


Ida Albudy: A Biographical Sketch (December 2020)

Brian Bouquet: A Biographical Sketch, by John Gilderbloom (December 2020)

Lois Breidenbach: A Son’s Memories, by Harlan Breidenbach (December 2020)

Wesley Breidenbach: My Younger Brother, by Harlan Breidenbach (December 2020)

My Wife Gloria, My Son Malcolm, My Life, by Tim Carter (February 2021)

An Embrace of Terry Carter Jones, by Tim Carter (February 2021)

Patty Cartmell: A Biographical Sketch, by Kathy (Tropp) Barbour (December 2020)

Missing You, Mary Lou, by Tim Carter (March 2021)

Rhonda Denise Fortson: Pouring Everything Into Life, by Hue Fortson (January 2021)

Peter Holmes: A Biographical Sketch, by Kathy (Tropp) Barbour (December 2020)

Anita Ijames Kelley: A Biographical Sketch, by Laura Johnston Kohl (December 2020)

Tony Linton Lacy: A Remembrance, by Susan (Flint) Rajkumar (December 2020)

The Questions of Annie Moore, by Nancy Anderson Campbell (2021)

Carol Stahl: A Sweet, Calm Presence, by Laura Johnston Kohl (December 2020)

Janet Tupper: A Biographical Sketch, by Kathy (Tropp) Barbour (December 2020)

Laura Johnston Kohl: My Friend, by Elena Broslovsky (September 2021)

Personal Reflections

Who Did Sin?, by Glenda Randolph Bates (September 2021)

Losing Anger, by Hue Fortson Jr. (September 2021)

Please Don’t Say The “C” Word, by Vernon Gosney (Written 2009; published May 2021)

Listening to the skeptical side, by Doug Lashley (December 2020)

Jonestown Survivor, the archive of the website of Laura Johnston Kohl (February 2021)


Aloha and Mahalo, by Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons (September 2021)

Bringing Release, Finding Peace: Memories of Vernon Gosney, by Rebecca Moore (July 2021)

Vernon Gosney: A mercurial temperament, a deep generosity, by Fielding M. McGehee III (February 2021)

To A Friend I Never Met, by Mike Selk (April 2021)

The Temple Family Remembers Don Beck (July 2021)

George Donald Beck, by Rebecca Moore (July 2021)

Jonestown in the Arts

Surviving Survival: A Review of Back to the World, by darlene anita scott (September 2021)

Thanks to Eugene Smith: A Review of Back to the World, by Rev. Richard Lawrence (September 2021)

InTOXICating Followership: A Review, by Rebecca Moore (April 2021)

Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple examined in new play ‘White Nights, Black Paradise’, by Wanda Sabir (December 2020)

Silent Command 94: Hurry, My Children: A Jonestown and Peoples Temple Audio History, a podcast by Mike Appelstein, with a discussion of the program and listing of sources here. (December 2020)

Paranoid Planet, a podcast that explores “several historical, philosophical, artistic, psychological, and scientific themes related to conspiracies and the study of knowledge,” presented two episodes on “The Cultic Culture Club” about Peoples Temple at Episode 3.4a and Episode 3.4b. (March 2021)

The Worldview Clash Clash launched the first of of a six-part series that looks at “the Peoples Temple Movement from a biblical Worldview” in Spring 2021. (March 2021)


Until The Name of the Father Do Us Part: A Lacano-Althusserian Analysis of the Jonesism of Peoples Temple, by Marcus Briheim (September 2021)

Another Warning from the Past, by Blair Gadsby (September 2021)

The Impact of William Branham’s UFO Theology on Peoples Temple, by John Collins (August 2021)

Jonestown: A case study in examining disparities of differing types of history in the construction of atrocity, by Hannah de Mars (July 2021)

Escaping American Individualism: Peoples Temple, by Georgia Box (July 2021)

A Practical Review of Counseling in Jonestown, by Edward Cromarty (July 2021)

A Monumental Problem: Memorializing the Jonestown Dead, by Rebecca Moore (July 2021)

“Unanswered Questions about Jonestown,” Chapter 11 of the study, The Cult Awareness Network: Anatomy of a Hate Group, by Tom Whittle (February 2021)

“How Orwell’s 1984 Has Influenced Rev. Jim Jones to Dominate and Then Destroy His Followers: With Extensions to Current Political Leaders,” by Dr. Philip G. Zimbardo (December 2020)

Amateur Radio and the People’s Temple Net, by Johann William Rush, CQ Amateur Radio Magazine (1979) [Reprinted with permission from CQ Amateur Radio magazine, August 1979. Copyright CQ Communications, Inc.]

Commentary and Opinion

The Jonestown Themes, by Archie Smith Jr. (September 2021)

An Open Letter to the People of Peoples Temple, by Erin Clymer, Researcher (September 2021)

Calling Out Tim Stoen, by Jessica Mendes (August 2021)

An Apology to Peoples Temple, by Amanda Davis (May 2021)

Conspiracies sell…but who’s buying?, by Henri Helander (December 2020)

The Writings of Jolene McDonald

Me and Mr. Jones (April 2021)

Online Resources

Archived websites (March 2021)

Archived articles (May 2020)

Peoples Temple Photo Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

Primary Sources

The Freedom of Information Act and Jonestown

Jonestown Research

Spreadsheet Offers Downloadable Demographic Tool for Researchers, by Rebecca Moore (July 2021)

Peoples Temple Radio, the archive of the website of Josef Dieckman (March 2021)

The Music of Peoples Temple (February 2021)

Transmissions from Jonestown: He’s Able, a podcast by Shannon Howard (March 2021)


The Tapes of Joseph Mazor (April 2021)

The meeting of September 5, 1978 (April 2021)

Q 192 News and commentary (August 1, 1978) (June 2021)

Q 225 Jones reads news of August 7, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 229 Jones reads news of August 15, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 244 Jones reads news of August 8, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 254 Jones reads news of August 17, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 257 Jones reads news of September 22, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 263 Jones reads news of July 14, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 281 Jones reads news of August 14, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 282 Jones reads news of September 23, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 311 Jones reads news of July 19, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 379 Jones reads news, October 8, 1978 (February 2021)

Q 426 Jones reads news, July 22, 1978 (February 2021)

Q 433 Jones reads news of July 27, 1978 (May 2020)

Q 440 News and commentary (July 18, 1978) (June 2021)

Q 442 Jonestown Express performs, September 29, 1978 (February 2021)

Q 583 Jones & Prokes discuss Guyana PR campaign, Jan 75 (February 2021)

Q 656 Sharon Amos speaks with defector Jeanette Kerns, fall 74 (February 2021)

Q 774 Ben Bowers explains decision to leave Temple, May 77 (February 2021)

Q 777 Jack Beam gives bio statement on Jim Jones (February 2021)

Q 782 News and commentary (April 1, 1978) (June 2021)

Q 786 Fortson audio letter; Katsaris claims abuse by father (February 2021)

Q 973 San Francisco sermon, Aug 73 (February 2021)

Q 985 Jones presides over community meeting, early Aug 1978 (June 2021)

Q 988 Jonestown Express performs; Jones airs grievances, late winter 1978 (June 2021)

Q 994 Jones berates Jonestown community, late winter 1978 (June 2021)

Q 995 Jones asks JT residents why they wish to return to US (Aug 78) (June 2021)

Q 996 Jones reads news (Apr 78); agriculture meeting (winter 78) (June 2021)

Q 997 News and commentary (May 4 & 5, 1978) (June 2021)

Q 1020 Redwood Valley Sermon (1972); Seattle Sermon (1973) (June 2021)

Q 1026 San Francisco sermon, July 72 (February 2021)

Originally posted on January 5th, 2013.

Last modified on September 18th, 2021.
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