This page was created as a collection point for all of the remembrances written for this site about the people who died in Guyana on November 18, 1978, as well as about other people associated with Peoples Temple who have died in the years since the tragedy. We invite former members, relatives, and friends of those who have died to share your memories. Contact us at or so that we may add your story.

The managers of this website are indebted to Heather Shannon for assistance in the planning, structure and research for this page. We also thank Kathryn (Tropp) Barbour for her inspiration in creating the page.

The Deaths of November 18, 1978

Ida Albudy

Martin Amos

Sharon Amos (aka Linda Amos, Linda Harris)

Shirley Baisy

  • Shirley, by Glenda Randolph Bates (2020)

Eric Tyrone Baker

Jack Barron

Christine Bates

Rheaviana Beam

Danny Beck

Rebecca Beikman

Ronald Beikman

Ernestine Hines Blair

Pierre Brian Bouquet

Donald Robert Bower

Lois Breidenbach

Wesley Karl Breidenbach

Joyce Marie Brown

Chris Buckley

Ruby Carroll

Gloria Carter

Malcolm Carter

Trisha Cartmell

Patricia Cartmell

Gene Chaikin

Phyllis Chaikin

Tina Christian

Mary Louise Clancey

Brenda Carol Cobb

Sharon Swaney Cobb

Susan Lee Collins

Edith Cordell

Loretta Cordell

Betty Leon Daniel

Steven Nathaniel Daniel

Newhuanda Rhenelle Darnes

Hazel Hopkins Dashiell

Brian Davis

Cynthia Marie Davis

Lexie Smith Davis

Lovie Hattie Ann De Pina

Joyce Douglas

Ebony Patrice Duncan

Sonje Regina Duncan

Penny Kerns DuPont

Evelyn Marie Eichler, aka Evelyn LeRoy

Don Fields

Shirlee Fields

Dawnyelle Fitch

Rhonda Denise Fortson

Tiffany Garcia

Stanley Gieg

Amondo Griffith

Frankie Grigsby

Ronald Windus Grimm

Sue L. Grimm

Tina Lynn Grimm

Clark Grubbs

Gerald Richard Grubbs

Kelly Grubbs

Kevan Grubbs

Tom Grubbs

Patricia Grunnet

Karen Harms

Liane Harris

Bernell Maurice Hines

Mable Ellen Walker Hines

Pete Holmes, Jr.

Phyllis Tuttle Houston

Barbara Hoyer

Judith Stahl Ijames

Alice Inghram

Ava Inghram

Gladys Margarette Jackson

Leticia Jackson

Rosa Lee Jackson

Bessie Johnson

Bette Johnson

Garry Dartez Johnson

Irra Jean Johnson

Koya Johnson

Richard Lee Johnson

Agnes Jones

Ava Phenice Jones

Jim Jones

Johnny Moss Brown Jones

Lew Jones

Marceline Mae Baldwin Jones

Mary Theresa Carter Jones

Anita Ijames Kelley

Teresa King

Wanda King

Sharon Kislingbury

Tony Linton Lacy

Carolyn Moore Layton

Karen Marie Lendo

Jerry Dwight Livingston

Carolyn Looman

Christine Renee Lucientes

Diane Lundquist

Carol Ann Cordell McCoy

Rose Marie McKnight

Theodore Devanulis McMurry

Christine Miller

Cassandra Minor

Beverly Mitchell

Annie Moore

Oliver Morgan

Esther Mueller

Christopher Newell

Susan Jane Noxon

Bruce Oliver

William (Billy) Oliver

Patricia Louise Parks

Tom Partak

Jamal Patterson

Marlon Deitrich Porter

  • Deitrick, by Teri Buford O’Shea (2011)

Jim Jon (Kimo) Prokes

Eva Pugh

James Pugh

Cynthia Pursley

Darlene Ramey

Mary Johnson Rodgers

Edith Roller

Larry Schacht

Anthony Simon

Jose Simon

Melanie Simon

Nancy Sines

Ronald Sines

Mark Sly

Alfred Smart

Scott Smart

Teri Smart

Bertha Smith

David Elbert Smith

Gladys Meadows Smith

Shirley Smith

Carol Ann Stahl

Sharon Lee Stone

Tracy Stone

Stephanie Swaney

Daren Werner Swinney

Willieater Thomas

Joyce Touchette

Michelle Touchette

Harriet Sarah Tropp

Richard David Tropp

Janet Tupper

Annie Bell Washington

Cheryl Gray Wilhite

Deanna Kay Wilkinson

Mary Pearl Willis

Janice Louise Wilsey

Joseph Wilson

Erma Winfrey

Mary Beth Wotherspoon

Stanley Glenn Wright

Ramona (Mona) Young

  • Mona, by Guy Brewster Young (2013)


Died Before Jonestown

Robert Houston, Jr.


Died After Jonestown

Paula Adams

Monica Bagby

Don Beck

Charles Beikman

  • Chuck, by Stephan Jones (2010)

Teri Buford O’Shea

Patti Chastain

Teresa Ann Cobb

Harold Cordell

June Crym Adams

Danny Curtin

Miguel De Pina

Paul Flowers

Clifford Gieg

Vernon Gosney

Kay Henderson

John F. Heneka

Claire Janaro

Richard Janaro

Laura Johnston Kohl

Sammie Jones

Timothy Glenn Tupper Jones

Walter “Smitty” Jones

Michael Klingman

Emma Mae

Cleveland Newell

Christopher Keith O’Neal

Gerald Parks

Joe Phillips

Wayne Pietila

Michael Prokes

Marilyn Pursley

Odell Rhodes

David Richard Shular

Bobby Stroud

Charlie Touchette


Temple Relatives, Friends and Associates

Frank Bell

Michael Bellefountaine

Jeff Brailey

Ron Cabral

Dianne Feinstein

Bob Flick

Carmen Gillespie

Sherwin Harris

Tchaiko Kwayana

Mark Lane

  • Exit Lane, by Matthew Thomas Farrell (2016)

Barbara Moore

Rev. John V Moore

Robert Moore

Ezra Schacht

Barbara Sines

Lowell Streiker

Phil Tracy

William Traylor