Remembering Sharon Kislingbury

Photo courtesy California Historical Society

Sharon Kislingbury and I were friends at Mills High School. She was also very good friends with Sherry Posnick. What I liked about her was that she was her own person. She didn’t have to wear makeup, and she dressed in her own style that was kind of hippie and cool at the same time.

I remember New Year’s Eve party in the early 80’s when I learned that Sharon had been one of his followers and that she had passed away in Guyana. I was so upset of the news, I left the party and went home crying. I just could not believe that she would do that willingly.

I still remember her soft, fun easy way and smile. She was friendly to everyone. When I look at her photos on this site, it reminds me of how innocent we all were at that time in our lives. I will be 62 this month, and think of all the years I had my life. She would have made so many people happy in those years. I truly feel she would have made a difference somewhere.

If her folks are still alive today, I wish them peace because the pain of that loss never goes away.