the jonestown report, Volume 20, October 2018

Darren Swinney leans over shoulder of Cardel Neal, Danny Beck (red curly hair) watches
  1. 40th Anniversary Memorial Events
  2. Peoples Temple News & Updates
  3. The People of Peoples Temple
  4. A Special Section: 40 Years After Jonestown
  5. Articles, the jonestown report, 2018
  6. Contemplations and Commentary
  7. Peoples Temple in the Arts 2018
  8. News from the Archives
  9. Obituaries 2018
  10. Five Literary Contributions
    1. three poems (2018), by darlene anita scott
    2. Dark Temple, by Marganne Glasser
    3. Jonestown Survivor Recounts Dream, by Sara Brody
    4. Oona Chaplin, by Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons
    5. The Homewrecker, by Laura Elizabeth Woollett
  11. the jonestown report archive
Originally posted on September 30th, 2018.

Last modified on October 12th, 2018.
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