Contemplations and Commentary

Ronnie Beikman on tractor with Guyanese children, 1974 in Matthews Ridge
  1. Four Commentaries by Jeff Hood
    1. Phenomenology / Healing & Rev. Jim Jones
    2. God is not silent
    3. Dreams and Nightmares: Prayers to the Father
    4. Microphones Ain’t Antennas
  2. Born in San Francisco, Raised within a Group, by Esther Cohen
  3. Tragedy in Jonestown and its Impact on the Future, by Manca Gartnar
  4. Commentary on Q 170: “Jones announces defection of Teri Buford”, by Ian Kehoe
  5. Jonestown: The Untold Story, by Vicki Perry
  6. Craving Knowledge, by Catherine Peters
  7. Questions that Matter: An Eye-Witness Reflection on the 39th Jonestown Memorial Service by Archie Smith, Jr.