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Commentary & OpinionHistorical accounts of life in Peoples Temple, and especially of the events in Jonestown, elicit strong opinion and analysis of what the Temple was, why people joined and stayed, where it succeeded and where it failed, and what went wrong at the end. This page gathers together some of the commentary which has been submitted to this site. This forum includes thoughtful discussion from a wide range of perspectives written by people who were not part of Peoples Temple. In effect, this section of the site is our newspaper op-ed page which features shorter, non-academic articles which have a point of view.

Looking Past the Stereotypes, by Anonymous (2009)

Brave Angels: A Song for Jonestown, by Joyce Applegate (2017) NEW

Reflection on Jonestown, by Jodie Arnold (2013)

Commentaries and Poetry by Judy Bebelaar

Jonestown Memorial Coda, by David A. Berdass (2011)

The Other Side Of The Story, by Nicole Bissett (2009)

Message from Jonestown, by Scott Blackwood (2009)

Revealing Peoples Temple through Creative Writing, by Chelsea Blundon (2011)

Jonestown Wipeout: A Poem, by Jim Boone (2012)

The Pain of Restoring Humanity, by Mighael Botha (2013)
Scars Of The Past, by Mighael Botha (2013) 

The Salesman by Sara Brody (2016)

The Colour of Fire – Part 1, by Robin Boyd (2014)

Jonestown Revisited, by Jan Carew (2014)

Those Who Do Not Remember the Past Are Condemned to Repeat It, by Jaime Caron (2010)

Commentaries by Niels Colesky

Commentaries by Seriina Covarrubias

A Terrible Solitude on Every Side, by Rev. Barbara Crafton (2006)

In Defense of Alternative Considerations, by Darren Crawford (2012)

The Memorial to Jonestown Victims at Evergreen Cemetery, by Natalia Danesi (2011)

Commentaries by Laurie Davis

Reviews, Commentaries and Stories by Annie Dawid

Jonestown, Naipaul, and Me, by Nathan Deuel (2012)

The Deaths of Children, the Death of Childhood, by Jane Devin (2008)

The Dick Tropp Poems, by Dorothy Field (2015)

Commentaries and Observations by Leigh Fondakowski

Reviews by Matthew Fulmer

Peoples Temple seen through the eyes of Asperger’s, by Esben Lykke Gadgaard, Elg (2016)

Reviews by Mark Gallaga

The Children of Jonestown, the Children of the Church, by Genexxa (2013)

Commentaries by Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons

Writings and Poetry by Carmen Gillespie

What I learned about Peoples Temple, by Kimberly Gomez (2008)

An Exhortation to Write, by Jeff Guinn (2017) NEW

Commentaries by Susan White Hicks

The Theology of Jonestown: Radical Explorations in Redemption, by Jeff Hood (2017) NEW

Jonestown: Community, by Michael Kaplan (2012)

Stacking Of Arms After Fighting The Good Fight, by Tom Kinsolving (2016)
Jonestown Apologists Alert Archive.

Leading to the Final Question by Phil LaMonica (2007)

Children of Jonestown and the Children of God, by Don Lattin (2008)

San Francisco Laid Low by Jungle Fungus, by Bart Lee (2008)

Commentaries by Mike Lieber

Running Away, by Sharon Maas (2013)
A Guyanese perspective of Jonestown, 1979, by Eileen Cox (2013) 

Commentaries by Sylvia Marciniak

The “C” Word, by Ken Musen (2016)

Commentaries by Bill Neri-Amadeo

The Jonestown Trio – Volume II, by Stirling Noh (2017) NEW
The Jonestown Trio, by Stirling Noh (2013)

Writings of Ken Risling

Joining the Temple Community, by Daniel Russell (2011)

Just Like The Jones’, by Gerard Sarnat (2008)

Poetry of darlene anita scott

Writings of Norman Scott

Empathy: A Personal Relationship with Jonestown, by Matthew Sochocki (2013)

The Why People: Aphrodite Child’s 666, Jim Jones and the Doom of the 1960’s, by Lincoln Swain (2012)

Jonestown, Alabama: A Story of Annie Bell Washington, by Emma Trebel (2017) NEW

Jonestown & Humanity, by Steven Van Neste (2016)

Oprah!, by Amanda Veazey (2010)
What do you hear in these sounds?, by Amanda Veazey (2010)

I’m not drinking it! by James Welborn (2006)

Untitled, by Brett Wettlaufer (2015)

Essays and Stories by Laura Woollett

The Profound Loss, The Profound Conversation, by Pete Wypyszinski (2017) NEW

Should Jim Jones’ Name Have Been Included on the Marker? A Catholic’s Perspective, by Theresa Yugar (2011)

Remembering Jonestown: A Homage to the Dead, a Prayer for the Living, by Chuan Zhi (2011)

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