Commentaries by Annie Dawid

Portrait by Darryl Halbrooks
Portrait by Darryl Halbrooks

Annie Dawid lives and writes in the Sangre de Cristo range of South-Central Colorado. An English professor and director of creative writing for 15 years at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, Annie left full-time teaching for full-time writing. She still teaches part-time, however, including appointments in 2013 at the Taos Summer Writers Conference and the Castle Rock (Colorado) Writers Conference. She is the author of Resurrection City, a novel of Jonestown which awaits publication. She can be reached at Her website is

Fictional Cults Lack Verisimilitude (2016) NEW

“Are We Black, Proud and Socialist?” (2015)

Poetic Faith: A Review of Children of Paradise: A Novel (2014)

A Long And Suffering People (2013)

Complicating Matters: A Review of Stories from Jonestown (2012)

A Thousand Lives A Painful and Disturbing Read (2011)

Metaphor b. 11/18/78 (2010)

What They Chose (2006)

Articles about her novel include:

Jonestown Manuscript Sees Partial Publication (2014)

Saying Farewell to Jonestown (2010)

Jonestown, a “hard sell” (2009)

Four Protagonists, One Author (2007)

The Yuck Factor (2007)

A Writer’s Journal, Part II (2006)

Resurrection City: A Novel of Jonestown – An Introduction and an Excerpt (2006)

Fathom These Events: Jonestown, a Novel: A writer’s journal, excerpts (2005)

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