Reviews, Commentaries and Stories by Annie Dawid

Portrait by Darryl Halbrooks
Portrait by Darryl Halbrooks

An English professor and director of creative writing for 15 years at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, Annie Dawid left full-time teaching for full-time writing in her home in Colorado. She can be reached at Her website is

She is the author of Paradise Undone: A Novel of Jonestown, published by Inkspot Publishing in 2023. Several articles, reviews and podcasts appear immediately below. Her stories about her 19-year effort to find a home for her novel appear at the bottom of this page.

Articles and reviews

Persistence Pays Off for Jonestown Novelist: An Author’s Journey, by Annie Dawid
All Are Punished, A review by Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons
Paradise Undoing, A review by darlene anita scott

Interview Podcasts

New Books Network, November 14, 2023

Annie Dawid interview with Peter Okonkwo of Nigeria, December 27, 2023


Short Stories by Annie Dawid

Marceline Baldwin Meets Jim Jones (2021)

Long Before Jonestown: Indianapolis, 1956 (2017)

Jonestown, Japantown (2017)

Reviews and commentaries

Bloodlines: A Jonestown Subtext to a Family in Disarray (2018)

New Materials Worth Reading in Jones Biography (2017)

Jonestown Plays Minor Role in Novel (2017)

Fictional Cults Lack Verisimilitude (2016)

“Are We Black, Proud and Socialist?” (2015)

Poetic Faith: A Review of Children of Paradise: A Novel (2014)

A Long And Suffering People (2013)

Complicating Matters: A Review of Stories from Jonestown (2012)

A Thousand Lives A Painful and Disturbing Read (2011)

Metaphor b. 11/18/78 (2010)

What They Chose (2006)

Articles about her novel include:

Jonestown Manuscript Sees Partial Publication (2014)

Saying Farewell to Jonestown (2010)

Jonestown, a “hard sell” (2009)

Four Protagonists, One Author (2007)

The Yuck Factor (2007)

A Writer’s Journal, Part II (2006)

Resurrection City: A Novel of Jonestown – An Introduction and an Excerpt (2006)

Fathom These Events: Jonestown, a Novel: A writer’s journal, excerpts (2005)