Articles, the jonestown report, 2018

Claire Janaro & Kaluga, a rescue dog, working with others to tend the vineyard
  1. To Live and Die for Social Justice, by E. Black
  2. ‘Something must come of this’: Confronting the faces and spaces of Jonestown in Literature, by Tayla Boote
  3. Alienated Commitment: A New Understanding of November 18, 1978, by Kolby Cameron
  4. Countdown to Armageddon: The Reverend Jim Jones and Indiana, by Dan Carpenter
  5. Jim Jones and the Postwar Healing Revival, by John Collins
  6. The Unique Integration of Activity-Based Learning in the Jonestown Commune, by Edward Cromarty, EdD
  7. The Culture of Jim Jones: An Analysis of Reactions to the Jonestown Tragedy, by Whit Denton
  8. Which group or individual outside Peoples Temple had the most significant impact on Jim Jones’ decision to order the Jonestown Massacre?, by James de Planta
  9. Escaping the Event Horizon: A rebuttal to John Judge’s The Black Hole of Guyana, by Matthew Thomas Farrell
  10. Jim Jones and Romantic Socialism, by James L. Kelley
  11. Jim Jones’ news broadcasts in 1978: The Red Army Faction & the two Germanys, by Heidi König-Porstner
    1. Appendix: West Germany’s Red Army Faction in Jim Jones’ Jonestown news broadcasts
  12. The Playbook On Deception: The Lesson Of Jonestown, by Angelique J. Lawrence
  13. The Downfall of Jim Jones, by Larry Lee Litke
  14. I Saw Dead People, by Mark Massar
  15. Meditating on the Fate of the Earth and Its Species: Wilson Harris’ Jonestown, by Gentian Miller
  16. Articles by Rebecca Moore
    1. The Forensic Investigation of Jonestown Conducted by Dr. Leslie Mootoo: A Critical Analysis
    2. The Brainwashing Myth
    3. Cult, New Religious Movement, or Minority Religion?
    4. Jonestown Journal
  17. Preliminary Notes on a Possible Antecedent: Andrew Jackson Davis, by Adam Morris
  18. Jim Jones & Pariah Warlord Leadership – Primer for Alternate Perspectives, by John Scott Nelson
  19. “We’re Not Babysitters!” Communist ‘Subversion’ in Jonestown and America’s Disillusionment with Détente, by Soh Chuah Meng Esmond
  20. Comrades in Mass Murder: The Secret Alliance Between Suicide Cult Leader Jim Jones and North Korea, by Nate Thayer
  21. The Legacy of Peoples Temple: A Movement Created and Destroyed by Jim Jones, by Ellie A. DeIanni
  22. Drinking the Kool-Aid: Reasons Behind the Jonestown Massacre, by Jacquelyn Lofstad
  23. STAND Website Publishes Series on Jonestown, by Tom Whittle
    1. Unanswered Questions About Jonestown
    2. Who Silenced Joe Holsinger?
    3. Three Cheers After the Tragedy From “A Lot of People” – Who Were They?
    4. Jonestown Witnesses Report: Murder, Not Suicide
    5. Why STAND Is Covering Jonestown Today