Brenda Carol Cobb: My “BFF”

by Dawn Gardfrey


I write this on September 4, 2012, the birthday of my “Best Friend Forever.”

Brenda Carol Cobb and I were inseparable. From Indianapolis to California to Jonestown, we were always together. Those who knew us could see we were “two peas in a pod,” “thick as thieves,” and whatever other pairing you could use to describe the friendship we shared. To me she was a “BFF” before the phrase became part of American slang.

“Precisely Indubitably”; “Indubitably Precisely”! Those who knew Brenda knew that was her catch phrase of choice.

I miss your beautiful smile, Brenda, that could light up any room. I miss the talks we shared about our future. I miss our bad days as well as our good days. I am saddened you were cheated out of experiencing the things you wanted to do.

I thank you for your spirit you gave me that I carry with me daily. I thank you for the opportunity to have known such a beautiful person.

I miss you so much my friend, my sister. Never will I ever experience a friendship as special and strong as ours. I Love You Forever, my “BFF,” my Sister.

(Dawn Gardfrey is a regular contributor to the jonestown report. Her other articles in this edition are Surviving November: My Life After Jonestown Finds New Passion and New Branches on the Family Tree. Her previous writings for this site are collected here. She can be reached at

Originally posted on July 28th, 2013.

Last modified on July 25th, 2018.
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