Brenda Carol Cobb: My “BFF”


I write this on September 4, 2012, the birthday of my “Best Friend Forever.”

Brenda Carol Cobb and I were inseparable. From Indianapolis to California to Jonestown, we were always together. Those who knew us could see we were “two peas in a pod,” “thick as thieves,” and whatever other pairing you could use to describe the friendship we shared. To me she was a “BFF” before the phrase became part of American slang.

“Precisely Indubitably”; “Indubitably Precisely”! Those who knew Brenda knew that was her catch phrase of choice.

I miss your beautiful smile, Brenda, that could light up any room. I miss the talks we shared about our future. I miss our bad days as well as our good days. I am saddened you were cheated out of experiencing the things you wanted to do.

I thank you for your spirit you gave me that I carry with me daily. I thank you for the opportunity to have known such a beautiful person.

I miss you so much my friend, my sister. Never will I ever experience a friendship as special and strong as ours. I Love You Forever, my “BFF,” my Sister.

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