Wayne Pietila: A Life of Quiet Passion

I am fortunate for having shared a part of my life’s journey with Walter Wayne Pietila. Wayne was a quiet, calm, clear, and humble man with genuine compassion for all people. He never lost his passion in a world of peace, racial equality, and acceptance for all people. Wayne’s life spoke of his beliefs through his marriage, children, friends and confrontations.

Wayne and I took our granddaughters to attend computer classes. One day while waiting outside for them, we saw a group of guys walking towards us. Just before I could say, let’s go into the lobby – as I practice prevention – the guys began to call Wayne by name. As they said their goodbyes, Wayne asked them to please stay out of trouble. I asked him once, how could he could just trust people? He told me, it’s not a matter of trust, trust gets involved with judgment, etc. I help where I feel I am needed and leave it at that.

The last conversation that I remember having with Wayne, he expressed how important it is for one to stop living the pain of decisions that are made beyond your control. Change what you can, and the rest let-it-go!!!

Wayne’s spirit and smile will live on forever. Be at peace, my brother.