Farewell to a Friend

How do I bid adieu to a friend who has been in my life since 1973 when we did files together at East House? I’m not sure, so I’ll begin by saying: I hold you in my heart space with love. And I thank you!

It seems like yesterday we were together on different advance crews and getting on each other’s nerves. At the same time, it seems it was many lifetimes ago. Both things are true. You are my sister, Laura, part of my PT extended family. Decades ago when I realized that I no longer had the energy or desire to be the “town crier” for Temple survivors, you stepped in and have done a wonderful job of keeping everyone informed and in touch (certainly a much better job than I ever did!).

I also appreciate the emotional strength you had to speak your truth, in venue after venue, year after year, especially in recent years with the physical challenges you faced. Throughout this time,  you exhibited the objectivity, balance, and integrity to change your personal opinion of what happened on the last day of Jonestown from suicide to murder. I know that to be true, and I thank you for speaking that truth.

You have impacted the world in profound ways, all positive. You have made a difference for the better in people’s lives. You have spoken your truth to power. You have raised a beautiful son and maintained a decades long marriage. Ron, Raul, and Jessica are beautiful souls, just like you. I can honestly say that whenever my time to cross over may come, I hope I will have been as successful in educating and inspiring people as you have. That’s for real.

(Jonestown survivor Tim Carter is a regular contributor to this website. His previous stories may be found here.)