the jonestown report, Volume 22, October 2020

Berkeley City College students clean Jonestown memorial at Evergreen Cemetery, Oakland • Photo by Linda McCallister
  1. Peoples Temple in the News
  2. The People of Peoples Temple
    1. Shirley, by Glenda Randolph Bates
    2. Always with Open Arms: A Letter to Christine Bates, by Linda Mertle
    3. Remembrances of Danny Beck, by Don Beck
    4. Patty Cartmell, My Mom, by Mike Cartmell
    5. The Loss of My Dear Friends, Gene and Phyllis Chaikin, by Sandra Crane
    6. The Middle Picture, by Glenda Randolph Bates
    7. The Troubled Life of Penny Kerns DuPont, by Andy Silver
    8. The Last to Remember Stanley Gieg, by Deb Harper
    9. An Angel in the Midst of a Storm: A Letter to Beverly Mitchell, by Dawn Gardfrey
    10. A Letter to My Nephew Jamal Patterson, by Jordan Vilchez
    11. The Joy of Cynthia’s Dance, by Glenda Randolph Bates
    12. Edith Roller’s Childhood, by Brad Crowell
    13. Shirley Smith: A Quiet Confidence, by Vera Washington
    14. Janice Louise Wilsey: A Profile, by Heidi König-Porstner
  3. Personal Reflections
    1. Interviews with American Embassy officers
    2. Reflections by Glenda Randolph Bates
      1. Night Whispers
      2. A Sunday Drive
      3. An Empty Jungle
      4. The Summer of ‘72
  4. Special Report: New Website Documents Military Response to Jonestown
  5. Articles, the jonestown report 2020
    1. Drinking the Kool-Aid: A Collection of Articles
    2. Women’s Roles in Peoples Temple and Jonestown, by Catherine B. Abbott and Rebecca Moore
      1. Peoples Temple and Women’s Roles Timeline
    3. An Appeal to Emotion: History, Emotions, and Jonestown, by Connor Ashley Clayton
    4. Joel’s Army: The Manifested Sons of God, by John Collins
    5. Communal Learning in the Socialist Context of Jonestown, by Edward Cromarty
    6. Indigenous Materials and Learning in the Education Programs of Jonestown, by Edward Cromarty
    7. The Abject Failure Of Religious Studies, by Blair Gadsby
    8. Understanding Cult Membership: Beyond “Drinking the Kool-Aid”, by Melissa M. Greiser
    9. Jim Trump or Donald Jones? Choose Your Poison(er), by Katherine Hill
    10. Jones on Jesus: Who Is the Messiah?, by Kristian Klippenstein
    11. Jonestown in American Religious Life, by Rebecca Moore
    12. The Erasure (and Re-inscription) of African Americans from the Jonestown Narrative, by Rebecca Moore (PDF here)
    13. The Communism of Jonestown: Marxist or Utopian?, by Thomas Mrett
    14. In the Hands of Jim Jones: Jonestown and Culpability, by Michael Sutherland
    15. Leo Ryan: How Did His Trip to Jonestown Come Together, and Why?, by Bonnie Yates
    16. The Push and Pull of Jonestown, by Kassidy Scott
  6. The Foreign Language Section
    1. Jim Jones und der Massensuizid von Jonestown 1978, by Marie Eisenburger
    2. French Translations by Vincent Moulard
      1. Q 048: A French Translation
      2. Q 875: A French Translation
      3. Une déclaration commune de Marceline Jones et Lynetta Jones, 1975
      4. Guyana: 400 dead bodies in the jungle
    3. Tempelj ljudstev skozi moje razmišljanje, by Manca Konjedic (Slovenščina)
    4. A nevem, by Hegedűs Máté (Magyarországról)
    5. Representations of Peoples Temple in the U.S. Press: 1978-2018, by Ekaterina Stetsyuk (Russian)
  7. Commentaries and Opinion
    1. Sikamikanico Blogs, by Nico Bell
      1. Everything you know about Jonestown is wrong
      2. Jonestown: Did Jim Jones have AIDS?
    2. What Were They Thinking?, by Amy Brown
    3. The Business of Living, by Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons
    4. Lines and Strings, by Kelly Lavoie
      1. Finding Goodness
      2. Forty One Years
      3. Congruent Mistakes
      4. From Academia to Infotainment
    5. Entries from the Diary of My Mind, by Archie Smith, Jr.
    6. Understanding the Note, by Danielle Walker
  8. Peoples Temple in the Arts 2020
    1. Arts and popular culture notes (2020)
    2. Jonestown Documentaries on the Fortieth Anniversary: A Media Review, by Jason Dikes
    3. Books and Writing Projects
      1. The Collected Sermons of Jim Jones: A Ten-Volume Set, by Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood
      2. A Jonestown Trilogy, by Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood
      3. Marrow: An Origin Story, by darlene anita scott
    4. Performing Arts
      1. Staging White Nights, Black Paradise’s Virtual Performance at the Museum of the African Diaspora, by Sikivu Hutchinson
      2. White Nights, Black Paradise: A Meditation On Hunger, by darlene anita scott
      3. White Nights, Black Paradise: We Deserved Better, by Glenda Randolph Bates
      4. White Nights, Black Paradise: A Superficial Interpretation of a Complex Reality, by Eugene Smith
      5. White Nights, Black Paradise: A Commitment to Understanding and Justice, by Jordan Vilchez
      6. Music
        1. The Song of an Outsider, by Rebekah Griffiths
      7. The Third Peoples Temple Podcast Review, by Jason Dikes
  9. News from the Archives
    1. SDSU Library Digitizes Stephan Jones’ Photograph Collection, by Robert Ray
      1. An Archivist’s Farewell…, by Robert Ray
      2. … And a Letter of Introduction, by Anna Culbertson
  10. Website news
    1. The Special Sections of the jonestown report
    2. 40 Years After Jonestown, a listing of online videos compiled by Henri Helander
    3. Alternative History (Conspiracy) Theory Index, a listing of resources compiled by Henri Helander
  11. Obituaries 2020
    1. My Sistership with Laura, by Janet Shular
    2. Farewell to a Friend, by Tim Carter
    3. Laura Johnston Kohl: Fierce in Her Defense of Those She Loved, by James Randolph
    4. True Survivor, by Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons
    5. In Loving Memory of Claire Ol’ Bean, by Liz Schwartz
    6. Remembrances: Claire and Richard Janaro & The Ranch, by Don Beck
    7. The Girl in the Library, by Richmond Arquette
  12. Literary contributions
    1. Greetings., by Danielle Walker
  13. the jonestown report archive