The Special Sections of the jonestown report

The following listing is a compilation of the Special Sections of the jonestown report. Several have had articles added since their original publication dates.

  • Special Report: The Single Seniors of Jonestown, by Sarah Rex (2023) NEW
  • Jonestown Survivors at the Park Hotel, Georgetown, November 1978 by Aliah Mohmand (2023) NEW
  • Four Investigations by Joel X. Thomas (2022)
    1. The Jonestown Express, November 17, 1978: Life on the Eve of Tragedy
    2. The Jonestown Radio Tower (It’s not what you think)
    3. The Infrastructure of Jonestown’s Recording and Speaker Systems: A Photographic Overview
    4. Mystery of Q042 Death Tape Unspooled
      1. The Songs on Q042
  • Two Reports by Fielding M. McGehee III (2022)
    1. Peoples Temple Meetings with the Soviet Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana, 1978
    2. The Prosecutions of Larry Layton
  • Special Report: Dr. Hardat Sukhdeo: The Man Who Knew Too Little, by Rebecca Moore (2022)
  • Special Report: New Website Documents Military Response to Jonestown (2020)
  • A Special Investigation: Where are the Jonestown dead buried? (2019)
  • A Special Section: 40 Years After Jonestown (2018)
  • A Special Section: Guyana After Jonestown (2017)
  • Special Section: Peoples Temple and the Politics of 2016
  • Special Section: Jonestown 35 Years Later (2013)
  • Special Report: Outreach Effort for Prisoners with Temple Connections (2012)
  • Special Section: The New Jonestown Memorial (2011)
  • Special Section: 1979 and Beyond (2010)
  • Special Section: Beyond the Kool-Aid Reference: Teaching Jonestown and Peoples Temple (2010)
  • Special Section: He’s Able (2009)
  • Special Section: 30 Years After Jonestown (2008)
  • Was It Murder or Suicide: A Forum (2006)