The Special Sections of the jonestown report

The following listing is a compilation of the Special Sections of the jonestown report. Several have had articles added since their original publication dates.

  1. A Special Investigation: Where are the Jonestown dead buried? (2019)
  2. A Special Section: 40 Years After Jonestown (2018)
  3. A Special Section: Guyana After Jonestown (2017)
  4. Special Section: Peoples Temple and the Politics of 2016
  5. Special Section: Jonestown 35 Years Later (2013)
  6. Special Report: Outreach Effort for Prisoners with Temple Connections (2012)
  7. Special Section: The New Jonestown Memorial (2011)
  8. Special Section: 1979 and Beyond (2010)
  9. Special Section: Beyond the Kool-Aid Reference: Teaching Jonestown and Peoples Temple (2010)
  10. Special Section: He’s Able (2009)
  11. Special Section: 30 Years After Jonestown (2008)
  12. Was It Murder or Suicide: A Forum (2006)
Originally posted on May 20th, 2020.

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