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This is a listing of video and audio on Jonestown which is available online.

Articles from the jonestown report which discuss a number of the works listed below appear in the Jonestown in the Arts section, both on the Film & Documentaries page and the Music & Audio page.

Due to the sometimes ephemeral nature of YouTube – the location of many of these videos – the managers of this website ask that you contact us if you discover any broken links or videos which have been either redirected or withdrawn so that we may correct them.

The categories of videos include:

News footage (November-December 1978)

An hour-long compilation of NBC footage – primarily scenes from Jonestown that NBC cameraman Bob Brown filmed, but also including some early scenes from the military’s walk-through of Jonestown afterwards – appears as the first clip at There is a great deal of material not previously released, almost all of it of the living people of Jonestown. There are also some omissions, such as most of the footage from the airstrip (including the few seconds from the shootings themselves), plus the entirety of the interview between Don Harris and Jim Jones, as well as the film from Congressman Leo Ryan’s first few days in Georgetown. But the clarity of the film and the vibrancy of the colors puts a human dimension on the tragedy which is unique and irreplaceable.


NBC News Archive footage of JONESTOWN (59:10)

Jonestown, Guyana – (0:59)

Jonestown Singer (0:49)

Airstrip shootings (0:17)

The Return Of The Body Of Congressman Leo Ryan From Guyana (0:41)

KGO News Scene 1978 (7:34)

CBS, Channel 5, Eyewitness News, San Francisco, 11/19/78 (2:33)

AP News Footage, Reactions of Mark Lane, Teresa Cobb, Jeannie Mills, 11/20/78 (2:25)

News Conference With Stephan Jones After Jonestown Massacre (MSNBC) (8:15)

Jonestown Aftermath – 1978 (AP) (1:12)

KQED’s A Closer Look: People’s Temple, November 20, 1978 (26:30)

Profiles of NBC newsmen killed in Guyana (4:42)

NBC Biography of Leo Ryan (1:32)

1978 report on suspected shooters (1:51)

Jonestown An Eyewitness Account (Interview with Stanley Clayton) (10:01)

NBC producer’s eyewitness account of airstrip shooting (10:04) (with Bob Flick)

ABC News Jonestown mass suicide – 1978 (5:26) (with Bob Flick)

Nov. 19, 1978: Jonestown Airstrip Shootings (7:19)

Three Peoples Temple members who escaped massacre: Tim and Mike Carter, Mike Prokes (6:50)

A mother’s excitement turns to horror: Interview with Claire Janaro (7:20)

Father searches for daughter missing in Jonestown: Interview with Lou Gurvich (2:16)

Death At Jonestown (December 1, 1978, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) (10:12)

1978 CBS Evening News Coverage Of Saga Of Reverend Jim Jones And Guyana Massacre (3:05)

Bill Worden-WKTV-Jonestown Massacre-1978 (0:55)

Jim Jones Attorney Mark Lane (2:17)

NBC~Jim Jones & Peoples Temple “Atrocities” ~Dr. Walter Martin interview (2:42)

Collection of films relating to 1978 news coverage

CNN Photo Gallery

Raw Footage

Much of the “home movies,” Brownie-8 films, old videos, and other amateur motion pictures of Peoples Temple life, both inside and outside the sanctuary of the church, has been lost. A few of the remaining copies of film stock may be accessed through the Internet Archive site. Footage from Jonestown itself may be found through the California Historical Society page on the Internet Archive.

A compilation of stock footage – most of it available for purchase – is at It consists primarily of newsreel footage and interviews from the week prior to the deaths in Jonestown and in the aftermath of the tragedy.

News Footage (post-1978)

The Jonestown Massacre (2:18) (one year anniversary)

The Jonestown Tragedy (CBS) (2:05)

CBS Special Report: The Horror of Jonestown (49:02)

USA: Jonestown Guyana Massacre Marked 20 Years On (2:38)

GUYANA/USA: Jonestown Massacre 20 Years On (3:04)

USA: Jonestown Guyana Massacre 20 Years On (4) (2:47)

Jonestown – Report 25 Years Later (3:59)

The Real Kool-Aide Drinkers (2:56) (NBC 30th)

Jonestown Massacre 30th Anniversary (3:44)

30th anniv of Jonestown massacre when more than 900 died, survivor, file (2:58)

Reporter recalls father heading to final story (30th anniv.) (5:02)

Slain reporter’s legacy kept alive by son (4:30)

Jonestown memorial service, Oakland, Ca. (2011) -2 (15:57)

Jonestown memorial service 2011, Oakland, Ca.- part 3 (13:15)

Jonestown memorial service, Oakland, Ca. 5/2011 -5 (2:12)

jonestown interview 1 (1:12)

Memorial Dedicated to Victims of Jonestown Murder Suicide (1:16) (News coverage)

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson introduces Resolution to honor Leo Ryan and Jackie Speier (1:18) (35th anniv)

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson introduces Resolution to honor Leo Ryan and Jackie Speier (1:18) (35th anniv)

Congresswoman Jackie Speier Recalls Jonestown Massacre, 37 Years Later (2:57)

Rep Cheri Bustos Interviews Rep. Jackie Speier on Jonestown and Need for Action on Gun Violence (14:13)

Leo J Ryan Park, Foster City, California, USA (2:47)

Jonestown Massacre Remains Discovered in Del. (2014) (1:43)

Discovery of Jonestown Victim’s Remains Hits Home for Antioch Man (1:29)

Michele Weston Ministering to “Broken But I’m Healed” (6:14) (36th Anniv)

The surprising link between the Patty Hearst saga and the Jonestown Massacre (1:45) (March 2017)


Jonestown Massacre – Stephan Jones (The Set-Up) (14:07)

Interview with Stephan Jones (3:00)

Jonestown survivor reveals how he avoided death (35 years later, KITV, Vern Gosney interview) (4:55)

Understanding Jonestown & Peoples Temple (Hawaii presentation with Laura Kohl and Vernon Gosney) (1:53:38)

Invitation to Vernon Gosney’s Jonestown Talk on Nov 18, 2013 (4:08)

Introduction to Jonestown (12:44) (36th anniv. Commentary) (2014 intro to Vernon)

EXCLUSIVE – 35 Years Later: Escape from Jonestown (0:15) (Vern Gosney)

Jonestown Survivor Speaks Of Her Harrowing Escape (Leslie Wilson) (16:58)

The Mic Show with special guest Leslie Wagner-Wilson (1:05:03)

Deborah Layton 4 Min Clip from lecture at IVC ‘Stanford’ (4:11)

Utopia Lost: Laura Johnston Kohl and the People’s Temple (4:00)

Journey For Truth-Jonestown Cult Mass Suicide (Interview with Laura Kohl) (32:47)

Tanya Beckett:–: BBC Witness – 06 Dec. 2015 – Jonestown Massacre (9:50) (Kohl interview)

Local Jonestown Massacre survivor speaks out amid new discovery of victim remains (Laura Kohl, 2014) (2:03)

Why did more than 900 people die because of this man (Interview with Laura Kohl) (4:18)

Interview with Laura Kohl “My Jonestown Experience” (46:48)

The Ochelli Effect 1 8 2015 A survivor from JONESTOWN Laura Kohl (1:59:45)

Jonestown Survivor Laura Kohl Interview (made with Spreaker)
(part 1 of 4) (15:00)
(part 2 of 4) (15:00)
(part 3 of 4) (15:00)
(part 4 of 4) (8:10)

Cults & Conspiracies, presented by Hulu’s The Path (Interview with Laura Kohl 2017) (50:45)
A story about the interview on the Movie Pilot website appears here.

PTSD – Interview with Tim Carter (made with Spreaker)
(part 1 of 5) (15:00)
(part 2 of 5) (15:00)
(part 3 of 5) (15:00)
(part 4 of 5) (15:00)
(part 5 of 5) (12:54)

Most Evil – Jonestown Follower (Tim Carter) (3:18) (Dr. Stone, 30 years later)

Jim Jones “wanted to make a statement” (Interview with Teri Buford) (1:05)

Life after Jonestown (Interview with Teri Buford, pt 2) (2:45)

Jonestown Lullaby by Teri Buford O’Shea (2:00)

Jim Jones & The Hue Fortson Family – The “Jim Jones” Town Story (11:13)

Jim Jones Story by Hue Fortson Jr. #1.avi (8:56)

Jim Jones Story by Hue Fortson Jr. #2.avi (8:31)

Jim Jones & The Hue Fortson Jr. Family? (12:11)

S O V Classic 5.27.1998 Guest Pastor Hue Fortson (11:27)

“I have forgiven myself” (Interview with Hue Fortson) (0:40)

Jonestown Survivor Gets a Healing Read | Long Island Medium (Tracy Parks) (TLC) (3:20)

CNN Interview with Tracy Parks, including “CNN Back Story,” with account of Parks’ trip to Guyana to participate in documentary (9:20)

Surviving Utopia by: Tim Stoen (11/2/2017) (37:32)

Surviving Utopia – Jim Jones and the People’s Temple (a presentation by Tim Stoen) (21:55)

Interview with David Parker Wise, former member of Peoples Temple (12/13/15)

Interview with Washington Port reporter Charles Krause

30 Years Later, Survivor Recounts Jonestown (Interview with Yulanda Williams) (2:01)

The Jonestown Tragedy (The Real Jim Jones) (2:05) (Steve Sung Interview, 30th anniv.)

Jackie Speier Recalls Jonestown Massacre, 37 Years Later (2:57)

Jonestown Survivor: I was Shot Five Times (CNN conversation with Jackie Speier)

Conversation with Congresswoman Jackie Speier (2016) (54:16)

Reporter Injured at Jonestown Remembers Massacre (Interview with Tim Reiterman) (2:21)

Cecil Williams Remembers Jim Jones & His People’s Temple (5:31)

Baba Dick Gregory: The Truth About Jim Jones & Jonestown (7:24)

Walter Rodney- Jonestown
Part 1 (45:04)
Part 2 (45:23)
Part 3 (12:45)

A People’s Temple Panel Discussion and Collection Viewing (CHS) (1:19:27)

Jonestown Part 1 (Simmons interviews Rebecca Moore) (3:28)

Jonestown Part 2 (Simmons interviews Rebecca Moore) (6:49)

Griot Institute, “Jonestown Reconsidered, 35 Years Later” (Feb 2013)

Fielding McGehee

Rebecca Moore

Stanley Nelson Lunch Talk

Leigh Fondakowski

Jordan Vilchez

Tim Carter

Julia Scheeres

Stephan Jones

Jonestown Reconsidered Student Response

Interviews Related to Peoples Temple

Jay w Author James Kelley-Psychopathology of Jim Jonestown (Jay’s (1:31:42)

Jim Jones and A Thousand Lives of Jonestown with Best Selling Author Julia Scheeres (Truth be Told) (50:14)

Julie Scheeres on the Untold Story of What Happened at Jonestown (3:45)

Julia Scheeres, Author “A Thousand Lives” (5:53)

Story Hour in the Library featuring Julia Scheeres (50:53)

David Conn: Cult Expert, Jim Jones, Peoples Temple, Jonestown Guyana (Opperman Report) (1:37:06)

Aftershow: David Conn 2014 05 09

Jimmy Jones Cult & Obama Parallels by David Conn on TruNews (58:07)

David Conn : Jim Jones & the Jonestown Cultic Horror (1:10:50)

TMR 123 : David Conn : Jim Jones & The Jonestown Cultic Horror

Jim Jones Cult: 900 People Dead But Did You Know… (The Josh Tolley Show) (interview with Conn) (21:57)

Jim Jones & Obama – Cult Leaders (35th anniv.) (Conn Interview) (10:41)
(Full Interview) (58:07)

Under the spell of Jim Jones: Inside the tragedy of the Jonestown massacre (Today Show interviews author Jeff Guinn and Jim Jones Jr.) (5:05) (April 2017)

Peoples Temple Footage

People’s Temple (David Gottleib & Jim Ruxin 1972 doc) (21:56)
[Note: For information about the footage in this, and a second documentary by Ruxin and Gottleib, contact Mr. Ruxin through this website.]

Rev Jim Jones – People’s Temple Christian Church, Los Angeles, CA (9:28)

People’s Temple Christian Church – Los Angeles, CA (2:08) (1972 doc with shots of LA Temple)

A People’s Temple meeting with Jim Jones (29:34)

Videos provided by Julia Scheeres

Rare Jonestown footage (6:17)

Jonestown Community Interviews (7:35)

Group Testimonials from Jonestown (12:21)

Jonestown Schoolchildren Craft Show (1978) (3:42)

Jim Jones Gives a Tour of Jonestown (9:31)

The Children of Jonestown (4:20)

Group Singing at Jonestown (1:12)

Jim Jones Gives a Tour of Jonestown’s Food Supply (0:46)

Group Dancing at Jonestown (0:58)

A Child’s Testimonial from Jonestown (0:28)


Death Tape

Archive of FBI Q 042

Other “Death Tape” Q 042 videos (oftentimes with images) are here.

He’s Able – Peoples Temple Choir

01 ‘Welcome’ (1:32)
02 ‘Walking With You Father (2:58)
03 ‘Set Them Free’ (2:31)
04 ‘Walk A Mile In My Shoes’ (3:29)
05 ‘Hold On, Brother’ (2:29)
06 ‘Down From His Glory’ (2:59)
07 ‘He’s Able’ (3:21)
08 ‘Something Got A Hold Of Me’ (3:24)
09 ‘Because of Him’ (3:31)
10 (No video located)
11 ‘Black Baby’ (3:17)
12 ‘Will You?’ (3:34)

Different selections from He’s Able also appear here.

Other Jonestown recordings, most of which originated on this site, appear here.

Jonestown: Life & Death of Peoples Temple

Jonestown: Life and Death of Peoples Temple (2006), directed by Stanley Nelson, was produced for the American Experience series on PBS. Its website appears here. Among its features is the transcript of the film, available both in online text and as a pdf. The site also includes numerous articles and information on purchase of the film.

Jonestown: Life & Death of Peoples Temple (1:24:50)

Jonestown: Life & Death of Peoples Temple (Trailers, Reviews and Interviews)
Trailer (2:17)
Trailer (1:56)
Trailer (1:56)
Tribute trailer (4:09)

Oreius Movie Reviews: Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple (6:01)

MGU Interview: Jonestown director Stanley Nelson (28:15)

Guyana Tragedy

Guyana Tragedy The Story of Jim Jones (TV Movie) (3:09:20)

Guyana: Crime of the Century

Guyana: Crime of the Century – Full Italion Movie (2013) (1:48:06)

RR7912B Guyana/Mexico: Filming The Jonestown Massacre (17:55)

Guyana: Crime of the Century (Trailers and Review)

Guyana Cult of the Damned (1979) trailer (2:14)

Guyana [Movie Trailer] (2:49)

Guyana Crime Of The Century 1976 Trailer (2:50)

The Cinema Snob – “Il massacro della Guyana” SUB ITA (19:08) (Review)

Jonestown: Paradise Lost

Jonestown: Paradise Lost is a docudrama that made its world premiere on Canadian television before being shown on The History Channel. Although split into nine parts – and with Danish subtitles – the documentary appears in its entirety with automatic sequential queueing here.

The sequential breakdowns appear here.

The Sacrament

The Sacrament (1:23:18)

The Sacrament (2014) Official Trailer (2:27)

The Sacrament Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Ti West Horror Movie (2:12)

The Sacrament Featurette – Making Of (2014) – Eli Roth Horror Movie HD

The Sacrament – Featurette (3:46)

Savannah Film Festival 2013 – Horror Filmmaking: “The Sacrament” (1:06:20)

TIFF 2013 Film Review (and vlog): THE SACRAMENT (17:52)

The Sacrament Interview With Ti West, A.J. Bowen, Joe Swanberg and Amy Seimetz [HD] (10:12)

The Sacrament w/ Ti West (11:19)

Opie & Anthony – Ti West In Studio (02-21-2014) (20:15)

Ti West interview – The Sacrament (6:07)

The Sacrament Q&A at Glasgow Frightfest with Ti West (18:06)

Additional trailers, reviews and interviews with the filmmakers appear here.

Documentaries and Films

Deceived – The Jonestown Tragedy (1979 documentary film based on book of the same name by Mel White) (45:31)

Deceived: A Film Forum Discussing how Easily People are Deceived

Jim Jones Cult – The Peoples Temple & JonesTown (History Channel) (26:56)

The Dangerous Devotion to Cults Documentary (Decoding the Past – History Channel) (PT/Manson/Aum Shim) (1:56:03)

Cults – Dangerous Devotion | Decoding The Past | HD Documentary (Nat Geo) (1:31:59)

Jim Jones Jonestown Massacre Final Report Serial Killer Documentary (1:25:00)

The Worst Massacre In American History – Jonestown Massacre- Mass Murder Full Documentary (44:45)

The Final Report-Jonestown Documentary (44:46)

Jonestown Cult Suicides – Cult Documentary (47:19)

History Channel Cults Dangerous Devotion 2015 – Documentary (1:23:53)

Seconds from Disaster: Jonestown Cult Suicide (Full Documentary) (44:59)

Seconds From Disaster S06E02 Jonestown Cult Suicide (52:18)

The Truth About Jonestown (Superstation) (35:59) (Polish subtitles)

The Jonestown Massacre
(1of4) (9:28)
(2of4) (9:29)
(3of4) (9:29)
(4of4) (9:29)

The Jonestown Massacre (Great Crimes and Trials) (23:51)

Dangerous Persuasions S02E02 Escaping Jonestown (48:39)

Return to Jonestown (ABC)
Part 1 (14:52)
Part 2 (14:15)
Part 3 (9:42)

6-07 In Search Of… Jim Jones (Part 1 of 3) (7:46)
6-07 In Search Of… Jim Jones (Part 2 of 3) (6:48)
6-07 In Search Of… Jim Jones (Part 3 of 3) (7:15)

6.7.1-Jim Jones-In Search Of… (10:55)
6.7.2-Jim Jones-In Search Of… (10:57)

Jonestown: The faithful drink the Kool Aid (CNN – Escape from Jonestown segment) (7:35)

Jim Jones Jonestown, ” Massacre Final Report”: Serial Killer Documentary (4:06) (segment)
‘Seconds from Disaster – Jonestown’ The National Geographic Channel (5:39)

Cult Commentaries Related to PT

From Jonestown to Waco (26:09)

Heaven’s Gate and Jonestown (4:45)

Scientology/David Miscavige/Int Base and People’s Temple/Jim Jones/Jonestown—Comparison (10:01)

Scientology and Jonestown (7:29)

Palmarian Church : Jim Jones & Peter II (5:21)

Psychology of cults and Jim Jones (8:58)

Cults: The Rise and Fall of Jonestown (14:19)

Branham’s 1977 and Jonestown (7:10)

Jim Jones And William Branham: The Open Door (9:09)

CONTROL: Jim Jones, Jehovah’s Witnesses, & the Watchtower (13:26) (end of Nelson documentary, with short association with techniques of Jehovah’s Witnesses)

Post-Tragedy Tours of Jonestown, Guyana

Visit to Jonestown (25 years later) (Gouviea)
Part 1a (9:54)
Part 2 (9:46)
Part 3 (9:49)
Part 4 (9:36)

Tour of Jonestown, Guyana
(part 1 of 7) (1:22)
(part 2 of 7) (2:49)
(part 3 of 7) (0:21)
(part 4 of 7) (3:40)
(part 5 of 7) (1:37)
(part 6 of 7) (1:52)
(part 7 of 7) (1:00)

Driving from Port Kaituma to Jonestown
(part 1 of 3) (3:56)
(part 2 of 3) (4:23)
(part 3 of 3) (0:46)

Pieces of Jonestown (3:28)

The Wild Coast: An Exploration of Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana (53:33)

Off Kilter Show 1 Part 3 (9:58) (SF Crime Tour, 2 minutes in)

Conspiracy and Alternative Theories

Mae Brussell: Jonestown Was a Jim Jones – Rosalynn Carter – George Moscone – Mark Lane – CIA – People’s Temple Waco (2:33)

Mind Control Experiment (12-01-1978) PT 1 of 3 (1:04:06)

Mae Brussell: Jonestown Was a CIA Mind Control Experiment (12-08-1978) PT 2 of 3 (1:02:31)

Mae Brussell: Jonestown Was a CIA Mind Control Experiment (12-15-1978) PT 3 of 3 (1:03:39)

Dr. Peter David Beter Audio Letter 40 : Jonestown; Battle of Guyana; Nuclear War – November 30, 1978 (51:42)

Jonestown – CIA Mind Control (19:30)

Jonestown – CIA Mind Control 1 of 2 (9:44)

Jonestown – CIA Mind Control 2 of 2 (9:44)

Mind Control Project – The CIA Linked to the Jonestown Massacre 1/2 (15:00)

Mind Control Project – The CIA Linked to the Jonestown Massacre 2/2 (4:10)

The CIA Linked to the Jonestown Massacre, Jim Jones, Suicide or Murder? | The Truth Talks (20:21)

Jonestown And The CIA: The Kool Aid Deception (Truth Talk News) (41:33)

Jonestown Was A CIA Experiment Of Mind Control On Black People (35:59)

Jonestown CIA Mind Control Experiment 1 2 (9:44)

Jonestown: Successful MKUltra Drug Trial (6:23)

MK-ULTRA Cults: Church of Set, Jonestown, the Process Church, and the Franklin Conspiracy. (10:23)

Perp Studies 101 – Part I – Jonestown: A Perp Bench Test (55:41)

What They Won’t Tell You About Jonestown – Part 1: Joseph Holsinger: Legal Aid To Congress Leo Ryan (7:58)

What they won’t Tell You about Jonestown – Part 2: John Judge: Jonestown Investigator 5-23-80 (5:30)

John Judge Jonestown Massacre – MK Ultra (5:32)

RFK, Jim Jones and the CIA (29:53)

Jonestown (Conspiracy) (35:13)

Other conspiracy and alternative theories appear here.

Peoples Temple/Jim Jones in 21st Century

How The Jim Jones spirit lives on in False Prophets [Altha Maclin | Ruth Thompson] (9:47)

Comparing modern day preachers to Jim Jones Cult Leader Part 1 (10:08)

Comparing modern day preachers to Jim Jones Cult Leader Part 2 (8:30)

Jim Jones Cult – Parallels to Obama Movement (6:02)

Jim Jones & His Ties To The Democrat Party – Only Idiots Like Socialism (9:37)

Jim Jones, The Most Admired Democrat of The 1970s, Censored Info (10:10)

Reverend Jim Jones’ Battle Call For Marxist Democratic Socialist Revolution! 2016! (11:36)

From Jonestown Democratic-Socialist Revolution To Newtown Remix 2016 (5:23)

Jim Jones & Jonestown – Devolution from Political Force to Revolutionary Suicide (9:38)

Jonestown:Paradise Lost/ Sandy Hook, Newtown/ Faithful/ Peoples Temple Remix 34 Yrs After (15:00)

Modern Religious Utopias (1:47:30)
(2013 video lecture by Amy Koehlinger at Oregon State University comparing Father Divine’s Peace Mission and Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple)

The Son of Man speaks on Jim Jones (aired Sunday, Nov 18 2012) (2:59:30)

Christians have Jim Jones mentality, bigoted, cultic, and intolerant..!! (6:22)

False miracles and prophecies in the bible.wmv (5:52)

Fake Bible Poison Miracle Killed 900 Christians.

How ISIS Resembles the Doomsday Cults of the 1970s (2017) (9:35)
New York Times Retro Report

Music & Art

Cults – Go Outside

Mao Tse Tung Said-Alabama 3
(Live) (6:05)
(Live) (6:21)

Music of Diego Harmon

Dedicated to Socialism Dad’s Instructions
Rev. Jim Jones (Filthy Capitalists)
Jonestown People Threatened by Mercenary Killers
Rev. Jim Jones parachute in on us deluxe
Rev. Jim Jones Congressman Ryan Music Video
Jim Jones: Lord of the Primates
Rev. Jim Jones (Loves good guns better)
Rev. Jim Jones (Trying to leave Jonestown)

Rev. Jim Jones (Congressman Ryan) (4:21)
Rev Jim Jones (Filthy Capitalists) (4:10)

Hyacinth (piece of poetic nonfiction) (7:38) (also at

Other music videos appear here.

Other videos

Student videos appear here.

Foreign videos appear here.

Miscellaneous videos and commentaries appear here.

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