Music & Audio

(Editor’s note: See also: The Music of Peoples Temple)

Music by Jack Arnold Beam
I Can’t Pretend Anymore (2020)
Father Knows Best (2020)
40 Years Of Memories (2018)

A Message in Our Music, by Andy Brown (2010)

Cults, “Go Outside”
Cults Song Includes Temple Images (2011)
Risks of “Go Outside” Video Lead to Rewards, by Isaiah Seret (2012)
A Director Under the Influence of History, by Isaiah Seret (2011)
Talking with Cults: Conversations with a Video Director, by Don Beck, aka Eiredon (2011)

Concept Album Considers Jonestown Tragedy through Tape Archive, by Dominique Cyprès (2022)

Interpretation of Death Tape to be Released, by Blake Edwards (2009)
Interpretations of Jonestown Video Opens Possibilities (2008)
Jonestown “Home Movie” Footage Leads to Creating Audio Based on Death Tape (2007)

A Musical Soundscape, by Jacob Elkin
Jonestown: A Soundscape for Low Brass and Electronics (2016)
The Voices of Jonestown to be Captured in Electronic Orchestration (2015)

An Aural Journey with the Peoples Temple, by Brad Elliott (2003)

Concept Album Examines Power of Cult Leaders, by Elgin Foster (2012)

The Song of an Outsider, by Rebekah Griffiths (2020)

Jonestown Crows Challenges Blind Faith, by Jebadiah Halfhand (2017)

Music by Diego Harmon

Notes on white night/white noise, by Doug Harvey (2009)

“Father Cares…” by Brad Jackson (2009)

Combining dialogue and music, by Ignas Krunglevicius (2009)

All Things Under Heaven, by Douglas Lucas (2022)

“Jonestown”: A Song by Ken Risling
“Jonestown,” by Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra: A Review (2022)
The Gift of Tears: “The Ballad of Annie Moore” (2008)
“Jonestown”: Annie’s Song Launches Songwriter (2007)
“Jonestown”: The Birth of A Song (2005)

Jonestown Triptych: Reflections, by Bill Sallak (2010)
Jim Jones, Devolution, and Speech-Music (2009)

“Welcome” to Music by Peoples Temple, by Ethan Sells (2017)

Tracking Donald Freed and Mark Lane through Jonestown, by Michael Sheppard, Transparency (2006)

Making “A Shovel in Soil”: An Artwork in Audio, by Matthew Sochocki (2011)

Writing Propaganda and my work with the Jonestown Audiotapes, by Paul Steffler (2006)

Peoples Temple will forever be remembered as a cult… or will it?, by Casey Strain (2011)

“Jonestown”: A Song by Sofia Talvik
Reflections on a Year With “Jonestown” (2010)
Interview with Sofia Talvik (2009)
“Jonestown” Lyrics

The Accidental Creation of “Raga Jonestown”, by Malcolm Tent (2018)

The Power of Voodoo, by Joel Thomas (2012)

Music of Q 932 Speaks to Real Cult in American Life, by Sergey Tretyakov (2015)

Reviews of other works

“Mao Tse Tung Said” by Alabama 3: Jim Jones, Irony and Revolutionary Politics, by Barry Isaacson (2015)

Musical Notes from the jonestown report