A Jonestown Trilogy

Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood is a Baptist pastor, theologian and activist living and working in North Carolina. In 2020, he published a ten-volume collection of Jim Jones’ sermons. He has also produced three volumes of commentary in the last three years.

The three volumes include:

The Slaughter of God: Theologies from Jonestown 

Date of publication: June 28, 2017

On November 18, 1978, over 900 people died in Jonestown, Guyana. Some perished willingly and others did not. Regardless of the means, Rev. Jim Jones was the killer. Though evil reigned, the community did not die alone. God was there. In this exegesis of their last words, you will discover a faint light. It will guide you home


The last words the people of Jonestown ever heard were recorded.  The Rev. Jim Jones’ words are beyond disturbing.  Evil resonates with every syllable.  Even in the midst of the terror, I refused to believe that God was absent.  Knowing that God is found in times of death, I’ve decided to seek the divine in the last words Jonestown ever heard.   In these words of death, may there be something for us.  This is not about Jim Jones.  This is a search for God.

Systematic Theology/Shit: Revelations from Jonestown

Date of publication: March 12, 2020

Jim Jones committed evil. The people of Jonestown committed evil. Surely that’s not the end of the story? God is bigger.


Music is a baptism.  We begin.  We start to move.  We go down.  We come up.  We move.  We shake.  We quake.  Nothing can stop us.  “Something’s got a hold on me…”  After communion, I shouted that I was ready to be baptized.  Though I didn’t know what I was being baptized into, I knew that water called me there.  The face tried to stop me.  “There was no stopping me now.”  I slowly walked down the steps.  I knew the water and the water knew me.  God was there.  I waded for a bit.  The music played.  I could feel it in my soul.  I knew something beyond and something beyond knew me.  I looked at the face.  I wasn’t going to let that face keep me from meeting God.  In spite of that face, something happened.  The roof opened up and love fell on me.  Love upon love upon love.  I didn’t know if it was touching anyone else.  I just knew it was touching me.

Five Visions of Jim Jones/Jonestown

Date of publication: March 14, 2020

Five visions. Five Jim Joneses. Five Jonestowns. Phenomenology / Healing & Rev. Jim Jones. The Resurrection of Jonestown. Microphones Ain’t Antennas. Dreams and Nightmares: Prayers to the Father. God is not silent. Five liberations? Five salvations? Five?


“Another one, gone.”
– Rev. Jim Jones, Q919

I examined her hand very closely. There was no cyst. There was no question that she believed. There was no doubt that everybody else did too. Did belief make it real? I don’t know. I do know it felt real to me.