Laughing with Liane

A letter from Liane Harris
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I had a wonderful friendship with Liane. I remember it so well, I can see it.

It started during some trips from Redwood valley to church meetings in San Francisco. After the meetings, Liane would always buy a soda and we would begin joking around. I started calling her 7-Up – like the drink – and she called me the same. I had considered myself kind of a tomboy, and I was drawn to others who were too. She had a funny walk about her, and I liked that too. Plus, we both loved wearing blue overhauls and bandannas!

At some point she came to live at East House in Redwood Valley, and we shared a room ­– of course with others – but that really started us hanging out and carrying on! We had a record player in our room and we used to listen to The Average White Band and to Diamonds and Rust by Joan Baez, which Grace gave me.

I also remember driving her to town for a job she had at JC Penneys. We always had a great time in my car singing and joking. We had this ongoing conversation about our fathers being so cheap. It went like this: One of us would say, my dad gave me five bucks and said, here, go buy yourself a new coat! Then the other would come back with something more ridiculous. Then we would do some Marx Brothers jokes!

Each time I watch a Jonestown documentary on TV, I’m so happy to see her smiling face. I hold her very close in my heart and miss her dearly. Next to Marylou Clancey, Liane was my best friend.