Daren Janaro, Darius Wheeler, Mauri Janaro, and Kaluga
  1. Memories of Liane Harris
    1. About my sister Liane, by Adam Harris
    2. A Life of Dignity and Inspiration, by Mike Cartmell
    3. Laughing with Liane, by Kristine Alles
    4. My Younger Sister Liane Harris, by Laura Johnston Kohl
    5. Remembering Liane, by Jordan Vilchez
    6. Liane: The Teacher, by Don Beck
    7. Reflections of an Uncle, by Jeff Plotnick
    8. My Daughter Liane 2011, by Sherwin Harris
  2. Remembrances of Temple Kindergarteners, by Don Beck
  3. Remembering the Beikman Family, by Thomas Beikman
  4. My Friend, Patricia, by Denise Davenport
  5. Miss Frankie – Remembering a Friend, by Glenda Bates
  6. Alice Inghram: A Remembrance Of A Best Friend, by Laura Johnston Kohl
  7. Evelyn Leroy: The One Who Died In My Place, by Laura Johnston Kohl
  8. Before The Wind: Remembering Annie Moore, by Ken Risling
  9. My Father, Oliver Morgan, Jr., by Zelma Morgan
  10. Her Silence Carries a Message: Remembering my Sister Darlene Ramey, by Glenda Bates
  11. Charlie Touchette: Our Back Brace, by Neva Sly Hargrave
  12. Remembering Dick Tropp, by Dorothy Field
  13. My Buddy Joe Wilson, by Linda Mertle
  14. Deitrick, by Teri Buford O’Shea

The Jonestown Memorial List includes a feature that allows you to leave a remembrance about a loved one, friend or anyone else you knew who died in Jonestown. When you click on the name of anyone on the list, the link leads you to a biographical box which includes photographs, information on dates and places of birth, and the names of known relatives.

Under the Temple membership and/or passport pictures is a highlighted “Submit Remembrance” bar that invites you to write as much as you like about any person. In posting your remembrance, you may decide whether you wish to include your name. If you are a relative or a friend, however, the editors of the jonestown report may wish to follow up and ask for an article for this section.

Thank you.