FBI Section 113 • BB-7 • Terri Buford

FBI Section 113 – which is labelled in the Guyana Index as “Terri Buford” – comprises 266 pages. (It should be noted that there is a second folder labelled as “Terri Buford,” Folder R-1 of FBI Section 97.)

The listing below is complete for this section of the FBI’s FOIA release. The complete PDF for this section as released by the FBI is here.

As differentiated from many sections on this site, these documents have been broken down into several sections of reports and letters. As much as is possible, the reports have been arranged in chronological order.

It should also be noted that, while Ms. Buford referred to herself as “Teresa” in some of her formal writings, such as letters to government officials, she was known in the Temple usually as “Terri,” but sometimes as “Teri.” The variations in the spellings were hers, and are reflected in the documents below.

The citation for these documents should open with the FBI’s official designation of these records, which is “RYMUR 89-4286.” Each individual page in these records has a unique number. The first page of the subsection on the Jean Brown reports, for example, is marked “B-7-A49”. The complete citation for that page, then, would be “RYMUR 89-4286-B-7-A49”.

These reports were transcribed and annotated by Cole Waterman. The editors are grateful for his invaluable assistance and considerable eye to detail.

PDF page numbers

Number of pages Citations of pages Description PDF Text

The Reports of Jean Brown, Fall 1978

The Reports of Terri Buford, Fall 1978

109-112,142-148, 160-165, 208-211 21 E1-4, L1-7, O1-6, AA18-21 The Reports of Terri Buford, 1977 PDF


The Letters of Terri Buford, 1972 – 1978

Teri Buford’s “Compromising” Documents

196-197, 199, 201-202, 204-206, 227, 230-231, 235-236, 240-241, 245-250, 262-264, 113

25 AA4-5, AA-7, AA10-11, AA13-16, AA40, AA43-44, AA48-49, AA53-54, AA58-65, AA74-76, F1 Confessions and Threats of Teri Buford PDF Text
170, 198, 239, 244 4 R1, AA6, AA52, AA57 Letters of resignation from Peoples Temple PDF


166-169, 171

5 P1-Q3, R2 Buford signatures on blank documents PDF [None]

Teri Buford Miscellaneous


3 F2-4 Buford Answers to personality survey, 1975 PDF Text
184-191, 193-195, 221 12 X1-Y3, AA1-3, AA34 Buford Guyana emigration papers   PDF



4 AA35-38 Buford Liability releases PDF   Text
255 1 AA69 Buford Form of Affirmation of Membership in Peoples Temple PDF  



2 AA77 Buford PNC membership card   PDF [None]
200 1 AA8 Buford Letter to parents PDF 


261 1 AA73 Buford Letter to prisoner PDF   [None]
215, 218-220 4 AA25-26, 28-33 Scribbled notes PDF  


Other Documents

103, 34-37, 253-254, 57 8 D28, AA35-38, A67 – 68, A58 California Administrative Reports, Fall 1978 PDF


5-8, 22, 33, 256-259

10 A4-8, A22, A34, AA70a-71b Letters from Members, Fall 1978 PDF Text
23-25 3 A23-35 Fundraising letters, November 1978 PDF



1 A53 Course Outline PDF [None]
58-74 17 B1-17 Phone records PDF



5 D29-33 Temple press conference, October 1978 PDF Text
126-127 2 I1-2 Temple probe into Joe Mazor, 1977 PDF



1 AA17 Tax deposit PDF [None]
212 1 AA22 Letter to Terri Buford PDF



1 AA50 Deborah Blakey release of liability, 1975 PDF