Serial 2222

P 142327Z JUN 79

Re San Francisco airtel to Director, dated May 1, 1979, enclosing summary of activities of FBI agents in Guyana; re Bureau telephone call to San Francisco, June 14, 1979; San Francisco teletype dated March 14, 1979 and March 16, 1979 re FGJ [federal grand jury] secret indictment.

Following is a letter addressed to William Hunter, United States Attorney, San Francisco, from SAC, San Francisco.


May 17, 1979

Mr. G. William Hunter
United States Attorney
Northern District of California
450 Golden Gate Avenue
Box 36055


San Francisco, California 94102
Attention: AUSA Robert L. Dondero

Dear Sir:

Re: Congressman Leo J. Ryan
Congressional Assassination Statute

Re conversations between SA Donald R. Hale and AUSA Robert L. Dondero on May 16, 1979, in which extradition – deportation of Larry Layton from Guyana was discussed.

It is felt by the FBI that in conjunction with the United States Government’s request for extradition – deportation of Larry Layton, the following investigative desires should be mentioned in discussions between the United States State Department and the Government of Guyana:


1. .38 caliber revolver in possession of Larry Layton at the time of his arrest.

2. Signed statement of Larry Layton.

3. Guyanese national police investigative report concerning Port Kaituma assault on Congressman Ryan, DCM Dwyer, and other persons.

4. Copy of police diary for November 18, 1978.



1. Cecil Roberts, Assistant Commissioner of Crime, Guyanese National Police (supervising officer of Guyana investigation).

2. Dr. Leslie Mootoo, Pathologist who performed autopsy on Congressman Ryan.

3. Arresting officer of Larry Layton (believed to be Durga Persaud, Constable, Port Kaituma).

4. Thomas Baine, National Police photographer who took crime scene photographs and assisted in crime scene search.

Arrest – transportation:

For obvious reasons, two San Francisco agents completely familiar with all facets of this investigation be designated to interview, transport and arrest Larry Layton upon his release by the Government of Guyana.

It is felt that the above would assist in presenting a more thorough prosecution. In this light also, it would be desirous for the FBI to conduct interviews of other government officials and Guyanese citizens at Georgetown and Port Kaituma in effort to present the most complete picture of events on November 18, 1978.

Very truly yours,


Charles R. McKinnon
Special Agent in Charge
(End quote)

Administrative: On April 21, 1979, through April 27, 1979, SA Donald R. Hale, San Francisco, and Legal Attaché Robert J. Oglesby visited Guyana on official business. In addition to investigations interview and liaison above agents made courteous [courtesy] call and met with Commissioner of Guyana National Police Lloyd Barker, as well as Guyana officer Cecil A. Roberts, Assistant Commissioner of Crime[,] Eustace Augustin, Assistant to Cecil A. Roberts; Thomas Bayne, police photographer; and H.A. Providence, Superintendent of Police. Agents also met with James Mentere, Commissioner of Special Branch Guyana National Police (Intelligence); and Paul Persaud, a local news media person, with extensive knowledge concerning People’s Temple activities. Through discussions with the above persons, which included indirect telephonic communication with Guyana Chief Prosecutor handling the Larry Layton trial in Guyana, it was concluded by SA’s that Guyanese government would be susceptible to the US government request that Layton be deported and prosecuted in the United States, in the interest of justice and expediency. It should be noted that interviewing agents were not advised an official capacity that the government would


in fact extradite or deport Layton but did imply that the government’s position was that Layton’s prosecution in Guyana would present excessive workload, considerable expense and undesired publicity. Agents of opinion that GOG would deport Layton at our request, however, may put up a public front or smokescreen to save face but probably would comply with US government request.

C and E CRED 3590, Reason (2), and (3) DRD June 14, 1979.


Originally posted on November 8th, 2020.

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