Serial 893

[Editor’s note: The FBI withheld several names from this cable under the B6 Exemption to the Freedom of Information Act. The deleted information is indicated below in green type.]

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Date: 12/3/78
To: Mr. Moore
From: J. O. Ingram

Subject: RYMUR


Investigative Operations in Guyana.

The Agents from Guyana requested additional equipment and materials for investigative purposes. Appropriate personnel have been advised regarding the requests and will have the items available and ready to send to Guyana Monday, 12/4/78.

SA Oglesby was contacted regarding an article which appeared in the Sunday, 12/3/78, edition of the Washington Post. This article was entitled “How The Press Took Over Guyana” written by Lawrence [Laurence] Stern and Richard Harwood. In part the article dealt with incidents of criminal assaults against United States citizens on the streets of Georgetown, Guyana. The article specifically stated “An FBI Agent, accosted by a choke-and-robber, shot him on the spot, not fatally.” SA Oglesby advised that the matter was a false story completely without basis and was apparently generated by media personnel.

Evidentiary Items Obtained At Dover

Items of evidentiary nature were secured from victim’s [victims’] bodies at Dover Air Force Base. The items included film, a recording cassette, handcuffs, a variety of ammunition, and numerous handwritten notes. The materials are being air dried and are expected to be handcarried to FBI HQ by Baltimore after Sunday, 12/3/78.

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Ingram to Mr. Moore Memorandum

Peoples Temple Vessel the Albatross II

On 12/1/78 the State Department advised the Albatross II was in Bridgetown with PT members Charles Touchette and Philip Blakey. The vessel is registered in Panama (9741 PEXT). Registered owner is a Panamanian Corporation. This Corporation was not further identified by the State Department, nor was the connection between the Corporation and the PT explained.

Action to seize the vessel by the United States Consul, Bridgetown, may be possible under Article 18 of Consular Treaty (3 UST 3246) if a connection between registered owner and PT can be established. This matter is being followed with State Department.

Interview of [name deleted] aka [name deleted]

Dallas interviewed [name deleted] aka [name deleted]. During the interview [name deleted] advised she was a member of the PT from 1962 until 1973. During part of that time she was a member of the [information deleted]. [name deleted] stated she had personal knowledge of hit lists which were compiled at Jim Jones’ direction by PT member and inner circle elite, Jack Beam. At the time of [information deleted], 50 to 75 names appeared on the list and included select United States Senators, Congressmen, State Government leaders, heads of major corporations, reporters, and other avowed enemies of the PT. [name deleted] intimated she had knowledge of the identity of persons on the hit list, but declined to name them. [name deleted] would not state if the President or the Vice President of the United States were included on the list. She did state that the President of United States was not considered an important target since the President has very little control over the economic and political direction of the United States in the PT’s opinion. [name deleted] indicated it was a “matter of fact” that within the next 6 to 12 months after the mass suicides that elimination of persons on the hit list would be implemented by surviving PT members. [name deleted] would not elaborate but stated the recent events were part of a “larger plan” initiated by Jones and this plan would be carried out regardless of Jones’ demise. [name deleted] stated regular firearms training was conducted by the PT [information deleted]. She identified Harold Cordell, a United States military veteran as the individual providing the training. She stated that PT systematically

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Ingram to Mr. Moore Memorandum

accrued weapons from “street sources.” She intimated automatic weapons were included and stated weapons caches were maintained at various locations but would not elaborate. She stated Attorney Charles Garry assisted in acquiring firearms for the PT and that Garry was well aware of the illegal activities. [name deleted] stated she had knowledge of substantial caches of money maintained by the PT and at time of her defection she knew of $8 to $10 million maintained in various banks in Australia, Switzerland, and Canada. [name deleted] advised that Sandy Bradshaw, State Probation Officer in San Francisco, California, is a member of the inner circle and more than any other person knows the current plans of the PT Church in carrying out murders of those named on the hit list. She stated Terri Buford is known to be in charge of the PT files and the PT hit list.

Susan Jones Cartnell [Cartmell] Request for Interview.

On 12/3/78 SA [name deleted] advised Jim Jones’ daughter Susan Jones Cartnell, a PT defector, is en route to New York from San Francisco via TWA airlines and is scheduled to arrive in New York at approximately 7 o’clock p.m. She has requested to be interviewed by the FBI. New York will conduct interview.

Return of Survivors of Jonestown to the United States

New York advised that a total of 10 females arrived Sunday, 12/3/78 on Pan American Flight 228. There were 2 children ages 3 and 15. The remaining 8 women ranged in ages from 20 to 56 years of age. One of the women, a Mrs. [name deleted], had not been in Guyana during the episodes but was a relative who had gone to Guyana to bring back the remnants of her family. While being interviewed by the FBI in New York Edith Parks, a 20 year member of the PT, stated she observed Larry Layton and others kill Ryan and other members of the Congressional party. She also identified Stanley Gieg (deceased) as the driver of the tractor at the airport assassination site.

Originally more survivors were to be flown to New York on the Pan American flight. Apparently the Pan American pilot was expecting an armed American guards escort and refused to leave Guyana without one.

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Ingram to Mr. Moore Memorandum

State Department considered having a Guyanese policeman on the flight, however, Pan American Headquarters, New York, would not accept anything but an armed American. Therefore, the pilot ordered 18 males off the plane, they are to be quartered in Georgetown.

The State Department and DOJ are attempting to coordinate with Pan American Airlines the possibility of providing security through the use of sky marshals for the next Pan American flight which is scheduled to arrive in New York Wednesday, 12/6/78. On 12/4/78 contact with our New York Office indicates they have had no contact with Pan American regarding security for the flight returning the survivors to New York on 12/3/78.

Michael Abbell, Departmental Attorney, advised 12/4/78 that the DOJ had not received any request from the State Department or Pan American Airlines for security guards to accompany the survivors upon their return to the United States. Mike Abbell stated he will contact the State Department regarding the use of security guards to accompany the survivors from Guyana to the United States.

Status of Persons for whom Arrest Warrants Issued.

Identification Division advised that as of 8:20 p.m., 12/3/78, no other identifications have been effected regarding the individuals for which warrants are outstanding. Thus, 3 of those individuals remain to be identified. They are as follows: 1. Thomas Kice, Sr., 2. Ronald Deval James, 3. Wesley K. Briedenback [Briedenbach]. A total of 481 persons have been identified.

Peoples Temple Members in California

Attorney Charles Garry advised that all members of the PT at San Francisco have refused to be interviewed by the FBI.