Serial 2503

United States Government

Date: September 29, 1980

To: Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation
From: Philip B. Heymann
Assistant Attorney General
Criminal Division

Subject: Murder of Leo J. Ryan; Larry Layton

As you know, the State Department has advised that the Government of Guyana has indicated that it intends to dismiss its remaining charges against Larry Layton, resulting from the 1978 Jonestown tragedy, on or about October 6, 1980.

The Department is in the final stages of determining whether to pursue criminal charges against Mr. Layton for his role in the murder of Congressman Ryan. On the contingency that the decision will be to proceed against Mr. Layton, the Criminal Division and the United States Marshals Service are currently exploring various methods to fly Layton from Georgetown, Guyana, to San Francisco on or about October 6, 1980.

In the event the decision is made to proceed, the Bureau is requested to provide two Special Agents to assist the United States Marshals Service and returning Layton to the United States. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.