Serial 2457

O 061515Z JUN 80
FM SAN FRANCISCO (89-250) (P) (SQ. 1)


For information Bureau and Legat Bogota, on June 2, 1980, secret federal grand jury indictment of Larry Layton was dismissed [by] United States District Court, Northern District of California in closed session. Dismissal order was sealed and will remain sealed. Also on June 5, 1980, authorized complaint and warrant filed on January 12, 1979, by SA Donald R. Hale before US Magistrate Frederick J. Woeflew, charging Larry Layton with violation of Title 18, USC, Section 351 (a) (d), was dismissed by same magistrate in closed session and dismissal of complaint and warrant was sealed.

On June 5, 1980, SA Donald R. Hale filed authorized complaint


before US Magistrate Frederick J. Woeflew, charging Layton with violation of Title 18, USC, Section 351 (a) (d) – Conspiracy to Commit Murder and Murder of a Congressman. Complaint filed San Francisco and no bail warrant issued. Complaint with supporting affidavit and warrant were placed under seal.

United States Attorney’s office obtained certified true copies of complaint, affidavit, and warrant, which it is sending to Ambassador [George] Roberts, American Embassy, Georgetown, Guyana, via Department of Justice, State Department and diplomatic pouch. Department of Justice is giving instruction to American Embassy that above documents are not to be disclosed to any person or court without direct instructions from Civil Division, Department of Justice, after concurrence with United States Attorney, San Francisco.

Bureau is requested to relay to Legat Bogota for his information.

Armed and dangerous