Serial 149

[Editor’s note: Several of the subjects whose names are deleted in this serial are known to the editor. Those notations have been indicated by red type. The information which continues to be withheld is indicated below in green type.]

00 220200Z NOV 78
FM PORTLAND (89-140) P

On November 21, 1978, Mrs. Ruth Ellen Reinhardt, nee Kerns, Merrill Apartments, number three, Merrill, Oregon, telephone contact (503) 798-5393, former member of People’s Temple (PT), furnished the following information:

She was a member of PT from 1968 through 1972. Her mother, Ellen Louise Kerns, nee Peterson, was responsible for her being member of PT sect. She stated her sisters, [deleted names and addresses of Carol Ann Kerns and Jeanette Kerns], California


[deleted name and address], who was member of [deleted information] (requested that this address and phone number be protected), and brother [Phil Kerns], Portland, Oregon, telephone number [deleted] can all provide information re PT. Mrs. Reinhardt stated her mother was forced into marriage to [Andy Silver] in Guyana and that her mother and sister [Carol] could possibly be two of the individuals who were murdered in Guyana. She stated her sister [Jeanette Kerns] and brother [Phil Kerns] would have additional information concerning PT. She advised that James Jones indicated he was the Messiah or God and that the governing body under Jones was the Planning Commission. Members of Planning Commission known to her are Jack Beam, Sr., who lived across the street from Hillside Hospital in Ukiah, California. Beam may have been in Guyana with Jones. Archibald Ijames, member of Planning Commission, currently living in PT in San Francisco, California. She stated that Human Freedom Center in Berkeley, California, which is under supervision of Jeanie and Al Mills, telephone number


(415) 848-1773, are dissident members of PT and they would be able to furnish valuable information concerning Jones and PT members. She stated the majority of members of Human Freedom Center in Berkeley, California, are former members who left the PT. She stated they also have Human Freedom Center in Encino, California, telephone number (213) 345-7219.

She stated members of PT had to give twenty-five percent of their income to Jim Jones and eventually, members had to sell all their property and belongings and turn over all monies to Jim Jones. She stated Jones influenced members of PT through fear and that he professed to be healer and if members during meeting would not contribute money to him, he would say they would drop dead immediately after leaving the Temple. She stated Jim Jones and Planning Commission were firm believers in unusual sexual relations, including homosexuality and lesbianism. She stated Jim Jones had number of mistresses, including Karen and Carolyn Layton,


and Patricia and Patty Cartmell (mother and daughter). She stated Larry Layton, according to a news release, is individual who was arrested for murder of Congressman Ryan. She advised PT did have shotguns, rifles and pistols and Larry Layton was individual who taught them firearms training. She stated Teddy Dallard, member of PT who is currently living in San Francisco and can be located through Human Freedom Center in Berkeley, was individual who taught PT members karate. She stated guards who guarded Jim Jones carried concealed weapons, particularly shoulder holsters with pistols and that other guards carried rifles and shotguns. She stated Jim Jones, during meeting of PT Los Angeles, California, in 1972, had two guards bring her (Reinhardt) to front of congregation and he slapped her around. She stated reason for beating was fact she was attempting to leave PT. She stated Jim Jones is racist and only black person he was close to is Ruby Carroll, Negro female, who designed and sewed his robes. She stated it is her


understanding Jim Jones had terminal illness and this is reason he took everybody with him, including his family, in Guyana. Mrs. Reinhardt stated she furnished above information to [deleted name] (phonetic), Investigator, District Attorney’s Office, Hall of Justice, San Francisco, California, approximately one year ago. She also stated she reported information to Davis, California, Police Department[.] She stated Mr. [Lester] Kinsolving (phonetic), free lance writer, wrote numerous articles to discredit Jim Jones and PT. She stated that in meeting at PT in San Francisco, California, Jim Jones bragged to people that he and group got together and set fire at San Francisco Chronicle newspaper building. He also bragged about fact he and group had bombed a train. Mrs. Reinhardt stated she and her [deleted information] who is currently working for [deleted name] in Tulelake, California, will be returning to their permanent address, 71 Artis Lane, Davis, California, around first week of December, 1978.


Mrs. Reinhardt stated her date of birth is July 4, 1955, at Glendale, Arizona, and she graduated from high school and has AA in practicle [practical] nursing from Yuba City College, Yuba City, California.

Detailed FD-302 to follow.

Mrs. Reinhardt requested FBI informed her if ascertained ther [that] her mother and sister are two of deceased victims in Guyana.

San Francisco at Berkeley, California (at Human Freedom Center), interview Al and Jeannie Mills in detail concerning Jim Jones and PT, including identity of all active leaders, name and location of dissident members who left PT. Interview [deleted name] whose address is known to Al and Jeanie Mills.

Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, interview [deleted line] telephone [deleted info] who is former member of [deleted info].

At Encino, California, interview individuals at


Human Freedom Center, telephone 345-7219, regarding Jim Jones and PT members.

Portland, report results of interview of [deleted name] Portland, Oregon.