Serial 2422

United States Government

March 14, 1980

To: Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation
From: Philip B. Heymann, Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division
Subject: Larry Layton; Guyana

The Criminal Division has received information from the Department of State that it anticipates that the trial of Larry Layton will commence in Guyana on April 1, 1980. The Director of Public Prosecutions, Emanuel Ramao, has indicated that he anticipates that Layton will plead not guilty and therefore he will require the presence in Guyana by April 2, 1980, of American witnesses Vern Gosney and Odell Rhodes.

On March 12, 1980, a Criminal Division attorney, Roger Cubbage, discussed these matters with SA Don Hale of your San Francisco office. Roger Cubbage requested Don Hale to contact the above mentioned witnesses to determine their willingness to return to Guyana for trial. Mr. Cubbage also requested that Mr. Hale contact potential witnesses, Dale Parks and Monica Bagby, to determine their willingness to return to Guyana in the event their testimony is needed. Mr. Hale stated that he would contact these people and keep Roger Cubbage advised of his progress.

Mr. Hale has advised that Vern Gosney is willing to go to Guyana for the trial. However, he requested that an FBI agent be authorized to travel to Guyana with him for the trial. It is anticipated that other witnesses will make the same request. You will recall that the witnesses’ request an agent of the FBI travel to Guyana with Vern Gosney and Odell Rhodes on a previous occasion for hearing in the Larry Layton matter. Therefore, it is requested that a special agent of the FBI be authorized to travel with Vern Gosney and any of the above mentioned witnesses to Guyana for the trial of Larry Layton.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Roger Cubbage at 724-6893.