Serial 2629

[Editor’s note: The FBI withheld several names from this cable under the B6 Exemption to the Freedom of Information Act. The deleted information is indicated below in green type.]

FBI Airtel

Date 6/15/81

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)
FROM: SAC, WFO (89-570) (P) (C-4)
(00: SF)

Re FBIHQ tecall to WFO, 6/15/81; Headquarters teletype to WFO, 6/15/81.

Attached hereto for SF are the following items:

(1) One brown envelope sealed and signed by [name deleted] containing pre-trial or trial transcripts obtained from Dept. of Public Prosecution, Georgetown, Guyana.

(2) Five (5) death certificates from Guyana.

(3) One set of 5 photos, postmortem – Leo Ryan, from Guyana Police Force.

(4) One set of 3 photos, postmortem – [Greg] Robinson, from Guyana Police Force.

(5) Original and 6 copies of an FD-302 of [name deleted], Consul, Embassy of the US of America, Guyana.

The above items were obtained from [name deleted] at the Dept. of State, WDC. [2 names deleted], Room 4817, Dept. of State, advised that sometime during week of 6/22-26/81, that the postmortem photos pertaining to Don Harris, Bob Brown and perhaps Patricia Parks will arrive at the Dept. of State via courier pouch. [name deleted] advised that she will contact WFO upon their arrival and these photos will be forwarded San Francisco upon receipt.