Serial 2619

[Editor’s note: The FBI withheld several portions from this cable under the B6 Exemption to the Freedom of Information Act. The deleted information is indicated below in green type.]

FBI Airtel

Date 5/4/81

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)

Enclosed for Philadelphia is original and one copy of trial subpoena for Ron Javers.

Enclosed for Seattle is original and one copy of trial subpoena for Harold Cordell.

For information of the Bureau and receiving offices, US Attorney, San Francisco, has specifically requested that the FBI serve trial subpoena in captioned matter. Laurence John Layton scheduled for trial in US District Court for the Northern District of California on 7/9/81. US Attorney made request for the following compelling reasons:

The cases of major importance and the amount of media attention will be extensive. Agents serving these subpoenas in most instances will be Agents that have already developed ties with the witnesses. These witnesses have professed a confidence in those Agents. Some of these witnesses have fragile ties with the community already, and the appearance of a new phase or agency, i.e. US Marshals, could cause added hostility on the part of the witnesses. In addition, professional counseling people, psychiatrists, and psychologists in the Bay Area recommend a continuity. In addition, prosecution team in this matter may in some instances have specific request for further interview or clarification during the serving of subpoenas.

US Attorney, San Francisco, is aware of recent guidelines re service of subpoena, however, feels above are compelling reasons for exception to this policy and in an attempt to avoid a subpoena-by-subpoena review for each witness, US Attorney has requested that FBI serve all prosecutive witness subpoenas in captioned matter. FBI, San Francisco, and US Marshal, San Francisco, in agreement.



AT PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA. Serve subpoena on Ron Javers. [2 lines deleted] (Note: FBI, San Francisco, has been a telephonic contact with Javers.) Philadelphia requested to serve, execute yellow copy, and return to San Francisco.


[Half line deleted] Will serve subpoena on Harold Cordell, last known address of [line deleted]. Harold Cordell is a truck driver and parents’ last address is [deleted] telephone number [deleted]. Cordell should be advised at time of service that he should telephonically contact AUSA indicated on subpoena for exact date his presence will be required. It is also noted subpoena is marked in advance of funds authorization, which may be obtained from US Marshal, Seattle. Seattle requested to execute and return yellow copy to San Francisco.