Serial 1562-2

[Editor’s note: This FD-302 interview with Tracy Parks, who left Jonestown with her family on November 18, 1978, appears two different places, as part 2 of Serial 1562 and as part 18 of Serial 1681, the FBI’s 387-page report of January 12, 1979. While each version of the interview had unique deletions – designated by blue type – in neither interview was the subject identified. The deleted information which is known to the editor is indicated by red type.]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 1/3/79

[Tracy Parks] was interviewed at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFKIA) after her departure from Pan-American flight 228 arriving from Georgetown, Guyana.

[Parks] was advised of the identities of Special Agent [name deleted], Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Special Agent [name deleted], United States Secret Service.

[Parks] advised [Released at 1681-18: that she was born in] [date and place of birth deleted] and that her parents were members of the Peoples Temple (PT) at that time. [Released at 1681-18: When she was approximately] [age deleted], her family moved to Ukiah, California where they remained until April, 1978 when they moved to Jonestown, Guyana.

The decision was made because [Released at 1681-18: her father,] [several words related to Jerry Parks deleted]. [Released at 1681-18: Rev. Jim Jones told him he could be healed and get excellent medical help at Jonestown.] They were shown pictures depicting Jonestown as a beautiful resort and decided to move there.

[Parks] stated that she and [Released at 1681-18: her parents] were not happy at Jonestown and attended to notify other relatives that were still in the United States not to come. However, the mail at Jonestown was censored by people appointed by Rev. Jim Jones and those who wrote unfavorable comments about the Jonestown compound were ridiculed at public rallies and sent to Public Service. [Parks] also recalled being forced to write letters which were favorable to the PT.

On November 18, 1978, [Tracy Parks], along with [Released at 1681-18: other members of her family,] was leaving Jonestown with Congressman Leo Ryan and his party. Upon arrival

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BQ 89-485

at the airfield, [Parks] [Released at 1681-18: and her family] boarded the smaller of two planes with Larry Layton, Monica Bagby, and Vern Gosney (phonetic). [Name deleted] family boarded the larger plane. Before boarding the plane, members of Congressman Ryan’s party insisted that Larry Layton be searched for weapons. Congressman Ryan searched Layton, but did not find a weapon. However, Layton did not immediately board the plane and subsequent to speaking with Joe Wilson came on board. At that time, a tractor pulling a flatbed trailer arrived at the airfield and [Parks] observed the following individuals with weapons:

Bob Kice
Tom Kice
Joe Wilson
Albert Touchette
Stanely [Stanley] Gieg
Ronnie Dennis
Ronnie James
Wesley Briednback [Breidenbach]
(First Name Unknown) (FNU) [Ernest] Jones – black male, tall, and slim, lived in cottage 30
Larry Layton

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BQ 89-485

[Parks] advised that Layton brandished a handgun and fired shots inside the plane. The rest of the shooting was done outside the plane. [Tracy Parks’ mother] Patricia Parks, was killed during the shooting.

[Parks] was then asked various specific questions and provided the responses which will follow:


[Parks] advised that there were certain individuals who had a close association to Rev. Jones and identified them as:

Tim Jones
Lee Ingram
Terry Buford
Jean Brown
Mike Prokes
Tim Carter
Richard Janaro
Marie [Maria] Katsaris
Paula Adams
Tish Leroy
Joyce Touchettee [Touchette]
Charlie Touchette
Michelle Touchette

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BQ 89-485

Mike Touchette
Tom Carter

Security Force

[Parks] identified the following individuals as members of the security force:

Tim Jones
Jimmy Jones, Jr.
Johnny Cobb
Calvin Douglas
Bonnie Simon
Mike Touchette
Bob Kice
Tom Kice
Ron Talley
Joe Wilson

[Parks] had never heard the term “Angels” at Jonestown, but advised the security force was sometimes called “SAT” and “IS”.

[Parks] stated that the security force kept control of all the members at Jonestown and were armed with rifles during “wight nights”. [Parks] recalled seeing Bonnie Simon and Tom Grubbs carrying crossbows and that most of the members of the basketball team were also on the security force.

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BQ 89-485

Planning Commission

No knowledge.

Bribery or Influence Peddling

No knowledge.

Criminal Offenses in United States

No knowledge.

Soviet Association

[Parks] recalled seeing three or four Russians once visit the Jonestown complex and Rev. Jones constantly talked about moving the PT to the Soviet Union if they were invaded by the enemy from the United States. The membership was also compelled to attend Russian language classes to attend Russian language classes.


[Parks] saw photographs in the Guyanese newspaper of soldiers carrying many weapons out of Jonestown, but except for those carried by the security force, did not see any while she was there.

Firearms Training

No knowledge. Some members practiced karate.

Contingency Plan

No knowledge.

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BQ 89-485

Murder Targets

No knowledge.

Suicide Drills

[Parks] had heard that there were suicide drills conducted at Jonestown, but never participated in them.

Relocation Plan

No knowledge.

Assassination Plan

Unaware of any discussions regarding the assassination of Congressman Leo Ryan or the existence of an assassination squad.

[Parks] heard that Congressman Ryan was threatened by Don Sly with a knife while at Jonestown.

Odell Rhodes also told [Tracy Parks and name deleted, likely Brenda Parks] that Herbert Newell and Eugene Smith (members of Lamaha Gardens) were not wanted on the plane returning to the United States because she [he] (Rhodes) heard that Smith was ordered by Steve [Stephan] Jones to kill survivors of Jonestown.


The radio was used to call Lamaha Gardens at Georgetown and to order food and supplies. No knowledge of codes.

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BQ 89-485

[Parks] identified Mike Prokes, Tim Carter, and Paula Adams as radio operators.

Hit List

No knowledge.

Paula Adams

Adams worked in the radio room both at Jonestown and Georgetown. She was a very close associate of Rev. Jim Jones.


[Parks] at one time heard an explosion and shots being fired at Jonestown and was told it was the enemy.

“White Nights”

[Parks] stated she attended three or four “white nights” while at Jonestown. A “white night” was a gathering which lasted several days when Jones would preach to the membership.

“Hut C-14″

[Parks] was unaware of the contents of hut C-14, but stated that guns were stored in the radio room.

Dr. Lawrence Eugene Schact [Laurence Eugene Schacht]

[Parks] advised that Schacht was the medical doctor for the Jonestown compound and was closely associated with Jones. Schact ran the Special Care Unit (SCU), which was the medical hut and the Extended Care Unit (ECU), which was considered a hut for “crazy” people.

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BQ 89-485

Mark Lane and Charles Geary [Garry]

[Parks] stated that Odell Rhodes had told [Released at 1562-2: Brenda Parks] that Rev. Jones had wanted “Poncho” Johnson to kill Mark Lane and Charles Geary at Jonestown. “Pancho” took Lane and Geary away, but to let them go because Geary had done “Poncho” a favor.


Had no knowledge of any drug trafficking by PT members.

Future Plans

[Parks] advised [next three lines deleted]. Afterwards they will reside with [name and address deleted], Ukiah, California.

The following information was obtained through observation and interview:

[Balance of page 8 and entirety of page 9, giving description, occupation and relatives of Tracy Parks highly redacted.]