Serial 363

[Editor’s note: The subject of this serial whose name is deleted is Joyce Shaw, who is identified in the subject line of the memorandum. The deleted information – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type. Other information which remains withheld under the Freedom of Information Act has been denoted in green type.]

0 250322Z NOV 78
FM LOS ANGELES (89-436) (3) (P)

Reference Los Angeles teletype to the Bureau, dated November 22, 1978.

Re: Joyce Shaw.

On November 22, 1978, [information deleted about Joyce Shaw], Los Angeles, California, telephone number [deleted] was interviewed re the People’s Temple, Reverend Jim Jones and any information re the assassination of Leo J. Ryan and others in Jonestown, Guyana.

[Shaw] advised she joined the People’s Temple (PT) in San Francisco during May 1970 and that she was a member for approximately six and one–half and specifically during March 1975 until July 1976, she was [information deleted]


[Information deleted] in the PT in San Francisco. She stated that PT was the governing board of the People’s Temple.

She provided the following names of individuals who are associated with the People’s Temple who are/were the confidants and ranking members in the People’s Temple:

Carolyn Layton Prokes, current wife of Michael Prokes, and the first wife of Larry Layton.

Maria Katsarsis [Katsaris], white female, possibly residing in Ukiah, California.

Linda Amos, white female, approximately 40 years, believed to be deceased in Jonestown, Guyana.

Terry Buford, white female, approximately 30 years, believed to be in Guyana.

Michael Prokes, believed to be in custody in Guyana.

Sandy Bradshaw, also known as Sandy Ingram, white female, approximately 32 years of age, location unknown.

Tish Leroy, white female, approximately 48 years of age, at one time church accountant, believed to be in Guyana.

Eugene Chaikin, white female [male], approximately 45 years of


age, an attorney for the PT, believed to be either in Jonestown or Georgetown, Guyana.

[Shaw] was not aware of any plot, plans or conspiracy to assassinate US Congressman Leo Ryan or any other federal official. However, she did state it was her opinion that since Reverend Jones had many unstable followers, individuals who are not seized could cause violence to vent anger.

[Shaw] was asked if she was aware of any individuals whose assignment in the PT was as “assassin” or “hit team member.” She could provide certain names of people who may have acted in the capacity of an enforcer:

Tom Kice; Don Sly, stated that Sly is the one whom she believes tried to knife Congressman Ryan prior to Ryan’s death; Tim Carter; Jim Randolph; Chris Lewis; and Larry Layton.

She advised that the individuals mentioned above were members of the People’s Temple security guards. They allegedly wore black uniforms and carried briefcases, with pistols or some type of weapon in the briefcase. She stated


that the security guard force was approximately 30 to 50 individuals total. She stated that Jim McElvane was head of People’s Temple security force. She described him as a black male, approximately 48 years of age and she had heard from unrecalled sources that McElvane was in Jonestown on November 18, 1978. However, she stated she has also heard he was in Los Angeles approximately four days ago.

FD-302 to follow.

Armed and dangerous.