Serial 2642

O 250023Z JUN 81
FM SAN FRANCISCO (89A-250) (P) (SQD. 10)

Re San Francisco teletype to Director, dated June 22, 1981, and Miami teletype to SF (intraoffice), June 23, 1981.

At motion hearing in US District Court this date, June 24, 1981, Chief Judge Robert F. Peckham continued calendar trial date in Layton matter from July 9, 1981 to July 21, 1981.

At a total surprise to and under strong objections by prosecution team, the judge also continued suppression hearing previously scheduled for July 7, 1981, to August 14, 1981. As it stands now, the following five Guyanese witnesses previously scheduled to appear at July 7 suppression hearing will be requested to now appear for the August 14 suppression hearing:

1) Assistant Commissioner of Police Skip Roberts;
2) Superintendent of Police Alvin Smith;
3) Inspector Jugmahon [Jagmahon], Guyanese police;
4) Sgt. Daby Dyal, Guyanese police;
5) Supernumerary Constable Mortimer Kansinally.

Jury selection is scheduled to commence on July 21 and trial to commence after suppression hearing of August 14.

Testimony from Richard Dwyer estimated to take place in the latter part of August, 1981.

Testimony from the following seven Guyanese witnesses tentatively scheduled for early September, 1981:

1) Assistant Commissioner of Police Skip Roberts;
2) Guyanese police Inspector Jugmahon;
3) Supernumerary Constable Mortimer Kansinally;
4) Joel Clementson, Port Kaituma citizen;
5) Dr. Leslie Mootoo;
6) Dr. Winston Gobin;
7) Eustace Lam.

San Juan is requested to advise Consul Richard Dwyer, Martinique, delayed tentative trial appearance date.

San Juan is requested to relate to American Embassy, Georgetown, and coordinate with American Embassy in seeking the cooperation of Guyanese government in the unfortunate but unavoidable delay.

Bureau is requested to relay to US State Department; Bureau of Consular Affairs, CA/SI/CCS/ARA, attention [name deleted].