Serial 148

[Editor’s note: One of the subjects of this serial whose name is deleted is Phil Kerns. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type. The remaining deletions are indicated below in green type.]

0 220200Z NOV 78
FM PORTLAND (89-140) P

Following interviewed at Portland, instant date, summary of interview follows:

(1) [deleted name] advised [deleted name]] Dr. [deleted name] is ordained minister, Church of Religious Science, Van Nuys, California, telephone [deleted number]. Church located in Grenada Hills, California, [deleted name]. [deleted name] advised her mother has never been associated with sect and telephonically contacted mother on November 21, 1978, in presence of interviewing agents and mother confirmed that she has never been associated with or known members of the People’s Temple.

(2) [deleted info], Oregon,


telephonically advised November 21, 1978, that [deleted word] Darrell Eugene Keller, DOB July 21, 1949, born Eureka, Montana, was number of cult and joined cult in 1977, went to Guyana February, 1978. [deleted name] advice he received two letters from [deleted name] in Guyana, last letter approximately one week ago. [deleted name] provided only contact as Andy Silver who was supposedly leader in Peoples Temple who provided to addresses, [deleted], San Francisco and [deleted], San Francisco. [deleted name] advised he had no other information regarding activities of Peoples Temple.

(3) [deleted name and address] [Phil Kerns] Portland, however, has vast amounts of information concerning sect and provided identities of other persons knowledgeable. He listed the hierarchy of the organization as Jack Beam, Archie Ijames, and Tim Stone [Stoen]. Other persons listed as one time followers and very knowledgeable were Penny Dupont, Carol Kerns, Neva Sly, Don Silvers, Grace Stone [Stoen], Mr. and Mrs. Myrtle [Elmer and Deanna Mertle], Larry Layton, and Jeanette Kerns.

[Phil Kerns] was reluctant to furnish identities of persons above, however, stated that many would still be uncooperative


and might cause reprisals toward him if there were known he provided such information.

He identified Neva Sly, address Human Freedom Center, 3028 Regent Street, Berkeley, as person being the most knowledgeable defector of those listed. Neva Sly allegedly should have information concerning possible assassinations, fraud and other violations. Larry Layton was identified as a “psycho,” was used by Jones as a “hit man.” [Kerns] had no specific information concerning activities of Layton however. Mrs. Myrtle, residing in Berkeley, address unknown, was writing a book concerning the activities of Jones and had much of the “helter-skelter” type of information on Jones. [Kerns] thought that Myrtle would be vital source of information. [Kerns] will be thoroughly debriefed in the next several days for all information available because he too is writing a book concerning Jones and was very active in attempting to remove his mother from the sect.