Serial 2589


Date: 11/24/80

To: Mr. Revell
From: [name deleted] [Mr. Gilbert]
Subject: RYMUR

PURPOSE: To advise of the return of Lawrence [Laurence] John Layton from Georgetown, Guyana, to the United States by the US Marshals Service (USMS), on 11/21/80.

RECOMMENDATION: None. For information.

DETAILS: On 11/21/80 Layton was expelled from Georgetown, Guyana, by the Director of Public Prosecutions. He was escorted to the United States by the USMS via British West Indies Airline (BWIA) arriving JFK Airport, New York City, at 11:50 PM on 11/21/80 at which time he was arrested by the USMS. Layton appeared before the US Magistrate, Eastern District of New York, on 11/22/80, represented by prominent Defense Attorney William Kunstler and waived removal to San Francisco, California. Layton is scheduled to be removed to San Francisco in the custody of the USMS.

As you will recall, on 11/18/78 Congressman Leo J. Ryan’s entourage, which included defectors from the People’s Temple (PT), Jonestown, Guyana, was assaulted by PT members which resulted in several deaths including the death of Congressman Ryan. Subsequent investigation developed Layton as one of the subjects.

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Memo Gilbert to Mr. Revell

On 6/5/80 SA Donald R. Hale, San Francisco Division, filed an authorized complaint in the Northern District of California (NDC) at San Francisco charging Lawrence John Layton with violation of Title 18, US Code (USC), Section 351 (A) (D), Congressional Assassination Statute. On 10/9/80, a Federal Grand Jury, NDC, San Francisco, California, returned a sealed indictment charging Lawrence John Layton with violation of Title 18, USC, Section 351 (D) – Conspiracy to Murder; Section 351 (A), Section 2 – Aid and Abet Murder of Congressman; Section 1117 – Conspiracy to Kill an Internationally Protected Person; and Section 1116 (A), Section 2 – Aid and Abet Attempted Murder of Internationally Protected Person.

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Memorandum for Identification Division

Date: 11-26-80
Bufile: 89-4286
Name of Subject: Laurence [Lawrence] John Layton
Fugitive Index #: 96115