Serial 2726

FBI Airtel

Date 2/25/86

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)
FROM: SAC, SAN FRANCISCO (89A-250) (P) (SQ 10)

Re: San Francisco telephone calls to visual information specialist [name deleted].

For information of Headquarters, captioned matter, the United States vs. Larry Layton, currently scheduled for trial commencing with jury selection on 4/15/86. Bureau should be aware that United States District Court, San Francisco, has scheduling conflicts that may effect [affect] captioned trial date. Bureau will be kept advised by San Francisco Office.

FBI Laboratory, Special Projects Section, is requested to prepare trial exhibit in captioned matter. Exhibit requested is an accurate detailed two-dimensional reproduction of the crime scene (Port Kaituma Airstrip, Northwest District, Guyana, South America). It is requested that exhibit be prepared on magnetic board with movable objects to include three airplanes and tractor-trailer. Specifications and details of exhibit have been discussed in detail with visual information specialist [name deleted].

San Francisco will keep Bureau advised of any changes in scheduled trial date.

[Page 2 is a memorandum filled out by hand to reflect request of Page 1.]